The Adventures of Tartan Scot

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I have been meaning to do a blog post on my friend Scot Meachman Wood, San Francisco designer extraordinaire and author of the blog The Adventures of Tartan Scot ,for quite some time.  Now that he went and gave a little shout out to my Design Summer Camp today, I thought this is as good a time as any to make it happen.

I love the rich, masculine and cozy feeling of so many of Scot’s interiors.  I want to curl up on that sofa with a hearty Cabernet and a good book.

The colors Scot chooses are regal and his furnishings always handsome.

A little bit of plaid makes it into most every Tartan Scot design.

And he has mad entertaining skills.  I want to dine al fresco in this black and white beauty.

If you haven’t seen Scot’s website and blog, do check them out.  And to hear his amazing vocal skills and so much more about Scot Meacham Wood, listen to his great recent interview at the Skirted Roundtable.

And I hope like Scot you are intriguied by my Design Summer Camp.  I think Scot should fly over and be a camp counselor for a week or two…Don’t you??

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7 Responses to The Adventures of Tartan Scot

  1. Ivan Meade says:

    Very exciting to see Scott going places. He totally deserves it. Mr.Tartanscot talent is natural.

    Iván Meade

  2. Scott’s blog was one of the first blogs I found when I started looking, and I loved the masculine slant he put to his work. His spaces are really lovely to look at (and so is he!!)
    Your design classes sound fun. I’ve taught a few in my day, and it’s always so much fun for design-lovers to exchange ideas and learn from each other. I hope you have a great series.

  3. So nice of you to acknowledge Scot. I have known him for long time, back to the Ralph Lauren years…. Scot is not only a talented designer, but also a most stylish gent and charming and witty conversationalist, as his blog proves. Well deserved post.

  4. Beth says:

    I love that room with the two sofas back to back! And I’m very excited about Design Camp! I signed my mother-in-law and myself up earlier this week. Thanks for doing this! Can’t wait!

  5. carrie says:

    Beautiful spaces!! Love it! 🙂 Wish we could all dine on that patio! 😉 And wish I could go to design camp!

  6. Love Scott’s sense of style.

    Wish I could go to your camp too!


  7. Boudica says:


    New to your blog. I like it!
    I love masculine interiors too. Very nice pictures. I will absolutely check out his blog, thanks!

    I saw your camp plans, wish you a nice trip!