Pumpkin Painting Party

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The pumpkin painting party I had with my daughter and her friends last week turned out to be a great success!

Thanks to Target, our decor was festive but not too pricey.

Of course the children loved sprucing up their pie-sized pumpkins.

Then a few rounds of pumpkin ring toss (with glow sticks used to make rings) were in order with candy and treats as a prize for winning.

Followed by a fierce competition of toilet paper mummy race.

And then at snack time the adorable treats, orange crush and goodie bags were a big hit!!

I think the vampire teeth might have been the favorite treat of the party! Or should I say trick?

Hope you’ll try some of these ideas for your kids.  They were goulishly fun. To see all the details for creating this party for yourself, check out this month’s entertaining feature.

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2 Responses to Pumpkin Painting Party

  1. Looks like the had a great time. Kids love to play all those fun games and Target IS the place for great party goodies. Great memories you are creating! You are such a cool mom!


  2. Fontaine says:

    This is so adorable and fun! Great job. I am so going to be a copy cat! Meow…. 😀