Packing for Successful Camping Expeditions with ABCD Design

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Well, hello there! Happy Summer to you campers! I trust everyone had a great 4th of July and are ready to take notes on how to pack for successful camping expeditions. My name is Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo (ABCD!) and I write a blog called ABCD Design. I am so honored that Tobi would ask me to be a digital “camp counselor” while she is off teaching design campers the ins ‘n’ outs of interior design. Before we start, did everyone pack their bags?

Okay, okay – I have to admit, I am not the camping type. I went to camp for one night with the Brownies in the second grade and quit our troupe the following week out of fear they’d make me camp again. Maybe I wouldn’t have detested camping so much if it was more like this…

I spent the next four years angsting over the fact that I would have to camp (yet again!) in order to pass the 6th grade – this time the requirement was a whole 5 days in the woods! I didn’t quit the 6th grade the following week, but my camping scars remained well into adult life.

No need to pack a bottle raid. I attract mosquitoes like a Citronella candle – which will keep you bug bite free. Would you mind bringing an extra box of tissue? I am allergic to just about every grass, pollen and weed in nature. Oh, and I can’t do anything about sun protection for you either. I’m the type who gets sunburn indoors on a winter day. So, don’t forget to pack your Straw Sunhat!

I moved to New York City in 1999 and managed to avoid all camping-like activities for nearly 11 years. That is, until recently. I have decided to take my fear of camping head on. You see, me and the Mr. recently purchased a cute little house far out in the woods.

We’re renovating it before we move our belongings in – so I only arrived withthe bare necessities. I did what every good camper does, I packed a Nespresso espresso machine, a couple of ikea mattresses, and had an eco-friendly gas grill delivered.

Luggage? Check. Sunblock? Check. Camp bedding that converts to a super-cool, over-sized ottoman (which once the renovation is complete) becomes extra sleeping area for future house guests? Check. Did I forget anything?

If you need any more tips on how to pack for your next camping trip, you can find me in the hills of Connecticut. Happy Summer!

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9 Responses to Packing for Successful Camping Expeditions with ABCD Design

  1. sharon laxon says:

    Hilarious! at least you know what your tolerance are Amy!!! Well done!

  2. What a fun article, Amy! I think we share similar camping experiences. LOL! (My mother was our Girl Scout’s troop leader and there was no escaping the camping badge.) Of course, interior designers believe certain items are de rigueur for roughing it! Here’s my solution to camping out, in “Travel Trailer Chic”

    Tobi, I love that you are doing a design camp! So nice to help people create a lovely environment in an obtainable way. – And to have great fun in doing so!

    All my best to you both! Wanda S. Horton

  3. As always Amy, entertaining and informative. What a fun take on a rather “messy” activity. I’ve not camped since about 6th grade either, and I’m perfectly happy with that! Minimum of a 3* hotel for me, please!
    Love following your Connecticut adventure.

  4. Irene Turner says:

    HA, I’m with you Amy…one of the reasons I noticed my husbands profile on when we met is specifically because he said “I like to hike and spend time in nature, but at the end of the day I want a soft bed and a warm shower”. And, when I was 10 “they” sent me to camp and I hated it so much I developed a kidney infection and was sent home…
    I must say however, that I will go camping at one of those fabulous Italian owned safari camps in Kenya…but then of course, they do it with the style you show here. It’s all about comfort and style! You go girl

  5. Tobi says:

    I went to camp once in the 6th grade and was MISERABLE!!! I swore I would never return. I wrote my mom these pitiful letters every day about how sad I was and why didn’t she send me elaborate goodie bags and gifts every day like the other parents did to bribe their kids to stay there. The kicker was that I couldn’t call her on the phone but once a week (we still talk about 3 times a day everyday and I’m 38). I think I cried myself to sleep every night. I will try to find one of those hilarious letters from me to mom and post it here. We could all get a laugh with that one!

    I tell everyone my idea of roughing it is roasting marshmallows over the firepit at the four seasons! 🙂

    A HUGE Thank you to Amy from ABCD Design blog for her hilarious and fun post to launch our Month of Design Summer Camp fun!!!!!!


  6. ABC Dragoo says:

    Thank you Tobi for asking me to kick off your “camp counselor” series! I had to laugh when you asked me to write about camping… something I am far from familiar with!

    Seems however I struck a chord with your readers? Maybe people gear themselves towards a life in interior decoration when they realize they’ll never be one to “rough it” out in the woods?!? winkwink

    Thanks to everyone who commented ~ I see several of my Twitter friends here (Irene, Wanda, Sally) and Sharon, I look forward to popping by your site too!

    Thanks again Tobi, and all the best to you at Summer Camp! I wish I could come down like we spoke about … this renovation has the best of me. Today, we start installation of the poured concrete floors. Eeeeks! I am so excited I could pop!


  7. Tented walls work fine as long as the floor is wood and the mattresses are comfy!
    Love these visuals, sort of the Out of Africa camping experience.

  8. Tori says:

    Loved the (chic) honesty Amy! Love your style, but I must admit I also LOVE to camp — in the woods, with the bugs ;).

  9. ABC Dragoo says:

    Tori – you are a stronger woman than I! ; )