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I had such a great time with my last nail polish post, I thought I would do it again. Essie’s new Resort Collection (available May 1) reminds me of some of my favorite rooms.

Couldn’t you see the Marjorie Skouras turquoise chandelier in an island space? Essie’s “Turquoise and Caicos” brings to mind a relaxing island retreat and I think my breakfast room from House Beautiful would certainly fit right in.

The campaign detailing of this space is so relaxing. I would love it to be my beach house.

 Essie’s “Playa Del Platinum” conjures up the ideal locale of such a retreat.

 And if my beach house had a porch, these swings would be the perfect place for my afternoon siesta!

 This yummy purple paradise is on my list of favorite glam retreats.

I’ll take a “splash of grenadine” on my toes and in my drink while resting in this beautiful boudoir.

Moorish, Moroccan, whatever the inspiration for this gorgeous respite, the result is a luxurious one.

Essie’s “Lapis of Luxury” is the perfect compliment.

And what if you brought the entire resort collection together in one space?

Pure perfection…by Jamie Drake, of course!

Essie’s 2010 Resort Collection. Coming soon to a salon (or interior) near you!


photos by Tobi Fairley, Tom Scheerer, Brad Ford, unknown, and Jamie Drake.

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21 Responses to Essie Resort Inspiration

  1. Soooo fun, Tobi … and what great pictures!!

  2. Bozena says:

    The purple & off-white bedroom is amazing – so soft and feminine. Can’t wait till May 1st for the grenadine nail polish…

  3. The turquoise chandelier is absolutely fabulous. Love the turquoise nail polish too!

  4. Hehe, are you sure you’re not sponsored by Essie?? Great post!!

  5. Just beautiful images. Love that lavender bedroom. I have it in my files. Hope you are well.

  6. Such a fun post–great way to start the day. Happy!

  7. Splenderosa says:

    Tobi, after your Chanel green I noticed EVERY young “with it” girl on TV was wearing a version of this shade. I mean, why not? This post is delightful with the interiors and the polish. Too cool. xx’s

  8. What a fun post! Made me look at my week old manicure and realize they could use a refresh! BTW, I passed on a little blogger award to you on my blog this AM. I love your work and your blog.

  9. Lauren says:

    I love this post! Such great room/color combos, nice job!

  10. Great post, love the rooms and the polish. Thanks for sharing

  11. Mona Thompson says:

    I’m in love with the porch swings. Had to keep a copy of that image.

  12. cheryl says:

    Love this post. Paying closer attention to my nail color the next time I am at the salon. It just might inspire that next room.

  13. Love the colors – so vibrant!

  14. OMG I need the turquoise and caicos – it is so pretty! and it is my logo color so it would be such a great little promotion accessory 🙂

  15. that just makes me realize how i need to spice up my nail polish…..and actually take off the polish that is currently chipping as we speak!

  16. Although the room may be too cute for my taste, the sight of the color azure always eases my eyes. Looks great over all.

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  18. lindsay says:

    Love this post~ so cute & clever!! It’s funny the place you can get inspiration from!

    A Design Story

  19. Nice colors and perfumes. Thanks for your sharings…

  20. Great pictures and great colours!
    Thanks for sharing