Designer Mailbag, Calling all Design Dilemmas

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Don’t forget about my new series “Designer Mailbag” where you send me all your design dilemma’s.  I will pull one out of the “bag” each month and solve your design problem.

So here’s your chance to get a free consultation from me.  Email your particular design question and a photo of the space to me at and maybe you will be lucky and get your design dilemma solved right here on my blog.

Can’t wait to see more of your questions roll in soon!!

Happy Weekend. xo, Tobi

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One Response to Designer Mailbag, Calling all Design Dilemmas

  1. hallie says:

    Tobi… you had to know I’d be emailing you the second I saw this! I am actually in sf for the weekend, but i have a few pics in my phone, so I am emailing them over to you… if you have any tips – feel free to be brutally honest! 🙂