Design Time with Tobi Fairley:A new look with slipcovers

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Today on KATV’s Design Time with Tobi Fairley, I talked about refreshing your home for the new year with slipcovers.

When you take down your holiday decor, everything looks drab and boring and you just spent a lot of money on Christmas gifts, so who has the money to go buy all new furniture? My suggestion, don’t forget about slipcovers!

The store bought slipcovers are much better than they used to be. The photo above is from Pottery Barn and they look pretty great! But another option if your budget allows, is to get your local upholsterer to make custom fitted slipcovers.  Depending on the fabric you choose, they can still be much more affordable than new furniture, plus it’s more eco-friendly than just tossing out your old furniture and buying new.


But even easier and less expensive, is just slipcovering your sofa pillows.  You don’t even have to buy new pillow inserts.  You can just make new covers with zippers and zip them right on the pillows that came with your sofa.

And be creative! Look around your house at the other things you don’t think about covering and see if a slipcover could give them new life.  One of my favorite things to slipcover is dining chairs. 

They are great for holidays, special occasions, and dinner parties!!! Just covering the back of your chairs and leaving the seats exposed can be enough to brighten your spirits this spring and make your house look fresh and new!

Happy Slipcovering and Happy New Year! See you in January for more of KATV’s Design Time with Tobi Fairley.

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3 Responses to Design Time with Tobi Fairley:A new look with slipcovers

  1. Karena says:

    Tobi great advice and exactly what I want to do to freshen up a loveseat!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Great idea to refreshen after the holidays! Love the Lenox hill fabric on those chairs!


  3. That’s a great idea to quickly refresh your home! Love the idea of customized slipcovers…the pic of the dinning room with names for everyone in the family is too cute 😉 thanks for sharing. All the best for 2011!