Design Camp Inspiration Boards: Vote for your Favorite!!

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During Week 2 of Design Camp, our campers learned how to create inspiration boards as a jumping off point for designing a room.  Of the 26 campers, my staff and I voted for our favorites and we have narrowed them down to these 4 finalists.  Please help us select a winner by leaving a comment for your favorite!  The winner receives a spa package from Ava Bella Day Spa with a $195.00 value.

We came up with some fun names to help you identify your favorites…

Board #1: Nesting

Board #2: Around the World

Board #3 Glamarama

Board #4: Paradise Found

And here are the 3 boards created by the Tobi Fairley staff that the campers voted best. These are not up for any prize, but we would love to hear your thoughts.

A. Design Diva

B.  English Gentleman

C. Fresh and Lovely

Be sure to vote for your favorite camper’s board (#1, #2, #3, or #4) by end of Day this Friday, July 30. And if you are interested in winning a free tuition to an upcoming Design Camp, see our Inspiration Board Contest here.  You also have until Friday end of day this Friday, July 30 to submit yours to .

We will announce the Best Camper Board, Best Staffer Board and the Winner of our Inpsiration Board Contest next Monday, August 2nd. 

Good Luck!!

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69 Responses to Design Camp Inspiration Boards: Vote for your Favorite!!

  1. April says:

    #1 Nesting!!!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    #1 Nesting is fabulous! So soothing and beautiful…just lovely

  3. Kathleen says:

    I LOVE #1 Nesting!! It is just so tranquil!! Love the cute little blue bird!!

  4. Amanda Ferm says:

    I love the nesting board, #1. That is a bedroom I want to curl up in!

  5. Gabrielle says:

    #1 is my choice!

  6. Betty says:

    #2 gets my vote. Around the world.

  7. Timi Ray says:

    Love # 1!! Conforting, clean, just beautiful!

  8. Sharon says:

    #1 Nesting is my favorite. I love the colors, the patterns, the fabrics, the birds … Beautiful!
    From the staff boards I choose Fresh and Lovely. I love the polish, the peonies, the door color and the cupcakes! Fun!

  9. James says:

    #4 Paradise for sure!!!

  10. Lee Anne says:

    I love all of the boards, but my favorite is #1..NESTING!I love the fabrics and the room shots. It is not only the best design, but very neatly put together as well. GOOD LUCK!

  11. Laura says:

    Love love love #1 nesting!

  12. Jeanie says:

    #1 nesting is my pick!

  13. Laura Comer says:

    Love love love #1 nesting

  14. Chanel says:

    I LOVE #1 Nesting! Just love the colors and the birds!

    And Fresh and Lovely, too! Good Luck! 😉

  15. Candice says:

    #1 Nesting!! Love it!

  16. JG says:

    My vote is for Nesting. #1

  17. Candice says:

    They are all lovely but I like Nesting. Just lovely!

  18. maureen cline says:


  19. Chris says:

    #2 Around the World is my pick!