Add a little Energy to your Pillows…

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When putting together the daybed for the Energy House Sunroom, I decided at the last minute that the white pillows needed a little something more.  We had throw pillow covers made from white Rubie Green organic denim to match the organic Lee Industries daybed that is the focal point of the space.

To add a bit of color and design, I decided to add ribbon stripes on the pillows.  This is an easy and quick project that anyone can do, so I thought I would share  with my readers this fun decorating how-to.  Just a quick trip to your local fabric and crafts store and your ready to get started!

Items needed:
Satin or Grosgrain ribbon
Heat-set fusible tape
1.      Cut your ribbon to the length you need.  Be sure to add a little extra length to each ribbon piece so that you may fold over the ends and have a smooth edge. You can create squares or other geometric designs, but I opted for simple stripes.
2.      Placing the heat-fusible tape between the pillow cover and the ribbon, run your iron over the ribbon.  Be sure to follow the directions provided with the fusible tape you purchase.  I used straight pins to help hold the ribbon in place during this process.
3.      Voila!  You’re done.  Most heat-fusible tape is a permanent bond which is washable and dry cleanable so there’s no need to worry about cleaning.

Now these are pillows with a kick!!

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14 Responses to Add a little Energy to your Pillows…

  1. What impresses me most is that with all you have going on in your life, you make time to post a DIY project for fellow bloggers to try! I also have to comment on the Rubie, Rubie post since orange is my new fav color. The orange tulips were a great punch of color. I am having drapes made using Liz Claiborne’s Breda Nectar. It is just like apricot velvet and it changes colors when the light hits it. Way to go to land the cover.

  2. ashlina says:

    wow. super cute idea. those look great.

  3. Mary says:

    This is such a great idea! I’ve seen it before but was unsure how it was done. I am definitely going to try this sometime soon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazingly beautiful. It REALLY adds that drama that you needed. Thanks for the inspiration!
    By the way, I loved the Skirted Roundtable!


  5. you make this look very easy to do…

    great pics – your cushions certainly look the better for having their new stripes…

  6. Karena says:

    Great idea!! Very unique, classic and can be done with any pillows!

    Art by Karena

  7. Cindy says:

    This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.
    I was wondering where there unique accent pillow came from. Would you share that info.

  8. I just listened to you on the Skirted Roundtable and have to tell you I think you’re adorable!

  9. Tobi says:

    Those great teal and white accent pillows are from Ankasa. Love them!!

  10. Hi Tobi, That color combination is so pretty and fresh. I really like the white denim and the way you spruced the pillows up ! Enjoy this beautiful weekend, I’ll have to check out the smoker your hubby likes for cookouts.

  11. hallie says:

    Hi! Where are the green and white floral pillows from? Thanks!

  12. Tobi says:

    The teal pillows with the white embroidery are the ones from Ankasa. Aren’t they great?

  13. Tobi, I love everything you did in the showhouse. Thanks for sharing such wonderful eco-friendly ideas. This pillow trick is especially fantastic, and was exactly what the daybed needed! Soooo beautiful!