A Room with a View:Mary Douglas Drysdale

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I am so thrilled to have gotten to know Mary Douglas Drysdale recently thanks to our upcoming participation in the Richmond Symphony Orchestra Showhouse and our relationship built via social media (Yes, one more thing I owe to social media). Here we are outside the RSOL Showhouse with the gorgeous James River in the background.

Mary is an icon in the Design Industry and I have been a fan of hers since my college days. So how much fun is it that I now call her my friend and even better than that, was invited as her house guest on a recent trip to Washington, DC? She had fresh Washington Cherries on my bedside table and I devoured most of them before I even took this photo…yum!

Mary even had a little fun on Facebook prior to my trip and asked for advice on how to paint the guest room in preparation for my stay. Ha! Like Mary Douglas Drysdale needs design advice, right?

As we designers well know, all projects take longer than expected and when I arrived, my room was still a work-in-progress.  But what was even more fun than if the room had been complete, Mary styled my room as a little “inspiration board” with samples displayed so I could see a glimpse into her vision for this beautiful room with a view. So thanks for all you who weighed in on the color choice, but Yellow it is!! A perfectly sunny color for this light-filled space.

Mary happens to live in an AMAZING old brownstone in the Dupont Circle Area.  And Mary happens to be a genius when it comes to architectural detailing. So the glorious 5 story structure is the perfect place for Mary to do her magic and make this house a showplace!

In addition to Mary’s design savvy, she is also the proud owner of an impressive art collection.  Mary has spent years compiling a stunning body of art work that seems to fit perfectly in this classic abode.

An extra special treat in the guest room was this handsome secretary that is a Mary Douglas Drysdale original.  How fun will it be to see this piece come to life on a future visit when Mary takes it from primer white to one of the gorgeous signature colors for which her work is known?

Seeing the exquisite details of the piece are evidence of Mary’s love of architecture, symmetry and balance.

This graceful antique chair (in MDD Yellow) adds the perfect touch of feminine to contrast the structured lines of the secretary.

And as if it were the real workspace of this talented design icon, Mary’s plans for adding classical architectural elements to the doorway of the room were loosely displayed on the secretary for me to review. What fun to get into the mind of Mary Douglas Drysdale!

This lovingly worn antique in Mary ‘s signature hue, was the perfect place to sit with my laptop and enjoy the view.

I look forward to my next visit so I can bring you the progress on my little yellow room!  And stay tuned for Mary’s gorgeous work that will be adjacent to mine in the Richmond Symphony Orchestra Showhouse opening mid September.

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3 Responses to A Room with a View:Mary Douglas Drysdale

  1. what a wonderful trip; love the bones of that room, will be fun to see the progress. I was ogling the art work–both the painting and the sculpture.

  2. JeanetteS says:

    Mary never ceases to amaze me. How brilliant to include the plans while the room is a work-in-progress. The secretary, I LOVE! MDD is a woman after my own heart when it comes to design.

  3. liz morten says:

    The floors are spectacular. It makes me want to see the entire house. I love the secretary. I am sitting at one in waxed pine. All my nooks and crannies are stuffed with papers and photographs–time for a tidy-up!