A New Tobi Fairley Look Coming Soon…

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I am very excited that the Tobi Fairley online presence will soon have a brand new look. We have been going through a “makeover” of sorts for quite some time and I’m almost ready to launch the new website and blog. 

Sort of like the menu of “makeover” services at your favorite spa, we will have a whole new menu of content and features to inspire you and keep you in the know about the latest and greatest in design, style, entertaining and more.


Now that I am determining the perfect mixture of content for my readers, I am wondering exactly who all of my readers actually are. Are you designers, design enthusiasts, or Do-it-yourselfer’s? Are you fashionistas? or foodies? Entertaining gurus? What are your passions and what would you like to learn from me?

So here’s where I ask you a favor (pretty please)…Leave me a comment and let me know what your story is. Tell me how I can add value to your day.  And I am talking to ALL of you.  Especially those of you who are reading regularly and have never left a comment.  Now’s your chance to let me know who you are so I can cater my sites to you. I’m not meaning your names, but rather your design identities. It can be a one word answer or much more.  But please, take a moment and let me know.

And while you are at it, now would be a good time to follow me on twitter too! We are going to have some AMAZING give-away’s on Twitter in July ( a few are actually spa related) leading up to our website launch in August. So be sure and follow now so you will be eligible.

Thank you all so much for being loyal readers, followers and fans!! I cannot wait to bring you a new and exciting website and blog really soon.

xoxo, Tobi

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46 Responses to A New Tobi Fairley Look Coming Soon…

  1. Beth Dotolo says:

    Actually, I’ve been following you on twitter and facebook… but, shockingly this is the first time I’ve been to your blog! I’ll be reading from now on!
    Can’t wait to see the new makeover…

    I’m an interior designer out of Dallas, Texas and am constantly inspired by your fb & twitter posts.

    Have an interior design blog http://nestdallasdesign.blogspot.com/ and lifestyle blog http://www.hellosplendor.com/ of my own.

    I would actually love to interview you for my design blog!! Let me know if you’re interested!

  2. Lauren says:

    I’m an interior designer, and I enjoy reading about your designs, favorite trends, events, etc. Can’t wait to see the new look!

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m excited to see your changes! I’m an interior designer in London, I love your blog as I love seeing how other designers do things, I’d love perhaps a studio tour, to see how you work and where, who you work with, systems you have in place etc.

  4. Trianna says:

    I make jewelry, and enjoy fashion, design, crafts and fixer uppers.

  5. sarah says:

    Hi Tobi, I am not a designer, just a single professional mom, who is trying to achieve a great look on a limited budget so I am more of a do it yourselfer. I have used a local designer once and was really dissatified at the result but am definitely looking forward to your inbox service. I follow you on twitter and facebook and especially love your question of the day. Cheers!

  6. Anne says:

    Hi, Tobi,
    I have a small staging and interior redesign company in Northern Virginia. I also have a passion for all things related to interior design. My favorite blogs/posts show photos of interiors rather than lifestyle, entertaining, etc.

  7. Hi Tobi. We’re FB friends and I follow you on Twitter too. I read your blog as well. I am a designer in the Dallas area and a new blogger. I’d love for you to visit DivineDistractions and let me know what you think. I’ve even posted some of your photos! Can’t wait for your new site!

  8. Hi Tobi, I am an interior designer in The Woodlands, TX, a suburb of Houston. I like to keep in touch with other designers via blogs to help spot trends and keep up to date. It’s nice to see an Arkansas girl make it to the big leagues. Congrats on Traditional Home’s Top 20 List!

    I’d love to see your workspace, hear more about how you work with clients and the type of projects you enjoy.

  9. Emily says:

    I’m not a designer but definitely an enthusiast at heart! I love coming to your blog for inspiration and that comes in the form of design, fashion and food for sure. Can’t wait to see the new look!

  10. kelly says:

    Hi Tobi, I check out your site all the time and love your work, I am a stay-at-home-mom and love to check our your blog for ideas for my own house, I guess you could say I’m a do it yourselfer on a budget:) Thanks for all the wonderful photo’s you post and allowing us to peak into your amazing porfolio of work!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Hey Tobi,
    I’m at SAHM whio loves good design, but won’t be able to afford a designer again for another 5 years (either when I go back to work or Hubby finishes pharmacy school), so I’m a do-it-yourselfer for now.
    So excited for all of your changes!

  12. Tricia Heliker says:

    Although interior design is not a full time job for me it is my full time passion. I have done some very big design projects for people I know and who love what I do. I’m also a big DIYer and I love taking furniture, or light fixtures and transforming them. I have rehabbed three 3 story brick homes from top to bottom. (sold two and live in the third). I am getting ready to take on a commercial building to create living quaters on the second floor with a shop/workspace on the first floor.

  13. creativetype1 says:

    Would love to see more of what inspires you…swatches etc.

  14. CarrieC says:

    Hi Tobi, I don’t remember how I discovered you but I am glad I did. I love all things to do with interior design and decorating (my home is always a work in progress). I also love to entertain and am always looking for new ideas and inspiration there. I also enjoy the spa whenever I get a chance (never enough) and all things relating to spa-ing.
    Thanks for all you do, xoxo

  15. karen says:

    I’m a textile & product designer. I follow you on Twitter and only recently discovered your blog. I’m just in love with Interior Design and your spaces as well. Would love to see how you make a room come together, inspirations, etc.

    Thank you,


  16. Hi Tobi, So interesting to read the other personal descriptions. I am an antiques and decorative arts dealer (and paintings that call to me). I am constantly expanding my frames of reference and your blog adds one of the facets. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  17. Zoe Borrowdale says:

    I am a stay at home mum living in Sheffield UK. In my past ‘life’ I studied Textile design, and visiting blogs such as yours gives me my daily design ‘fix’.I don’t have to scrimp and save when it comes to decorating my home but it just goes against the grain to pay for something when I can could do it, or make something myself. myself

  18. Hi Tobi,
    We chat some on FB, and you were so kind to follow my blog through there on Networked, that was a big thrill to me! So Thanks!

    From reading my blog, I am sure you read my story, so will not go over it all. But I am a DIY decorator , just for me , my friends and my family. I have had a passion for decor for about 20 years now, and more than likely longer than that and did not realize it. I have tried over the years to obtain high end style on a low end budget and am always on the look out for inspiration….and you have been a driving force in my latest decor look….little hints here and there are in my apartment. If I ever won the lotto or Publishers it would be a dream to have you do a room in my space! I just admire what you do and how you do it so much.

    I am a home maker, and also love to entertain, and love tips on how to do it with style…again being pretty good at seeing something that is out of my budget and re-creating it to fit what I have to spare.

    I like the others enjoy seeing what inspires you, the creative process, the before and afters are always a neat thing, and maybe from time to time a high end /low end feature would be wonderful ,not to undercut what makes you a living, but just for us fans that would like to achieve the same feel in our space.

    Again thanks for reading my blog on Networked…and hope to add a thumb nail of your blog to mine so my readers can see who inspires me!

  19. Debbie Minarik says:

    After working in a real estate related business for over 30 years I was laid off. This allowed me to focus on my passion and I have enrolled in a respected interior design program to obtain my credentials and a BFA. My design experience is varied. My husband and I have purchased and remodeled 5 houses in the last ten years. I have also designed a restaurant for my son and several commercial office spaces. I have just started following interior design blogs and discovered yours because you were named in the Top 20 list at Traditional Home. I am thrilled to read your blog, questions of the day and tips. It is great to have a format to share ideas and information. I hope to meet you some today in person. I hope with hard work and original ideas I will make a Top 20 list in the next 15 years. Your design style is one of my favorites and I look forward to watching your journey as I begin mine. Thanks for your inspiration.

  20. Alan Karlin says:

    I’m an interior designer in Kansas City. I look to your blog for inspiration and as a regional example of how Interiors look between the coasts.

  21. Hi Toby, I own a drapery studio and work with interior designers. I’m a bit fabric obsessed and love seeing the way you use them ! Can’t wait to see your new look.

  22. Frances says:

    Major design enthusiast…I think I missed my calling! I’m 35, single (can I say that instead of “divorced”), have children, work full-time and love all things Southern because I’m from the South!

    I don’t get to be super creative at my job so design offers me an outlet for that. And a challenge because I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

    Tobi, I just discovered you and I’m hooked. You’re cute, you’re Southern, and your interiors are to die for!

  23. Jennifer Ford says:

    I am a SAHM to 6 kids under the age of 10! I love interior design and search the web daily for inspiration for my own home. I guess that would make me a DIYer/ Design Enthusiast. I strive to keep up with what’s current and my personal style would probably fall under updated traditional with a hint of sparkle.

  24. EM says:

    I am a future potential client. I would love if it you would occasionally post on what makes a good client. With all the home decorating and DIY shows, my view and expectations of a designer is probably distorted, especially as they relate to cost. For example, if a designer buys something at auction and charges a 20% markup, is that based on the hammer price, or the final price that includes the auction house’s 20% buyers premium, taxes, and shipping? If you use your own collections in a client’s home, is the client expected to pay your commission on top of the retail price? Lastly, what should a client know before they pick up the phone to call you? How can a client get an idea of how much things cost when many goods are to-the-trade and and there are non-standard craftsman costs? How should they budget for the work they didn’t think they needed?

    Things like that.

  25. Barbara says:

    Hi Tobi:

    I’m an Accredited Interior Decorator in Toronto, Canada and have been following your blog for a while now. I am in the process of launching my own blog and obsessively read yours, Vicente Wolf, The skirted Roundtable, A schematic life and Patricia Gray’s.

    I found you through the Canadian Ladies, Michelle and Patricia and was instantly hooked. I love your sense of style in design, travel and wine. You are fearless in your philosophy and that is very inspiring.

    I am looking forward to hearing you in New York in September. I;ll tell you how I accidently met Patricia Gray while shopping in Bellingham, Washington and how that mushroomed into a little network of design professionals. Of course, we will talk about shoes and maybe even enjoy a glass of red!

    See you at the Rosevelt

    Barbara Cole

  26. Sharne says:

    I am a new interior designer – looking for inspiration. I would love all the above things, but also the process you go through – how much you change from mood board presentation to the actual final room. Thanks for a great place to visit each day.

  27. ryepye says:

    Hi Tobi – I’m a stay-at-home mom that is on a budget, but would love to have a comfortable home. I feel I’m horrible at accessorizing – picking the wrong pieces or never knowing how to complete it. I’m starting to accumulate a stash of mistakes. So now I just leave it bare. Hope you can help me!

  28. MP says:

    Love your blog! I’m a professional in the science field but love looking at the beautiful rooms. My favorite blogs are your entertaining, travel, and lifestyle posts. Btw our favorite wine is also Ferrari Carano fume blanc too! (one of the first posts I read you mentioned it and I was hooked on your blog!)

  29. Ashley Reddmann Spencer says:

    Hi Tobi,
    I don’t know if you remember me or not but we were KKG’s together. I am a stay at home mom and work part-time but I enjoy reading your blog to get ideas for my own house and to keep up with the trends. I love your work!

  30. Bethany says:

    Hi- I am a designer. I loved your interview on the skirted round table and have been reading your blog ever since. I am usually reading to learn more about the design business and to see beautiful photos of your work – or other designer’s work that you appreciate.

  31. I am a decorative painter, working on walls, ceilings, furniture and whatever unusual request comes my way!

    I’d love to see you cover the wide range of interior design topics, including not only the befores and afters, but the uglies in between which we all go through to get to the glorious result!


  32. marianne says:

    Hi Toby: I love your blog, I am just interest in design ideas for my new home. Love to look at newest trends and ideas—Love the fashion trends as well

  33. Hi Tobi,
    I am a designer from Alberta, Canada, and have been following your blog for a year and it has inspired me to start my own. I also follow you on twitter & facebook. I haven’t met you personally yet, but I am also a member of Designing Profits. I love hearing about how you run your design business and seeing the wonderful projects you work on. Your Skirted Round Table interview really changed the way I run my business and I am so grateful that you shared your ideas. You are also a fabulous design talent, and your projects are so fun to see. Congratulations on all your recent accolades and media coverage. Nobody deserves it more then you.

  34. SK says:

    I am a recent college grad, and love looking at your blog for inspiration in my do-it- yourself projects! I love your design style and style as a whole, as I really enjoy your fashion and beauty posts too (I’m an Essie addict as well!) I also like learning about other designers from your blog- keep up the good work!

  35. shannon says:

    Hey Tobi,
    I am an interior designer in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I am a ‘blogaholic’ and love visiting your site for great inspiration! Looking forward to your new site!

  36. HI,
    I have a small interior design business. I have done some big projects, but I have always been on my own. At times, it can get lonely!
    I also started blogging last Oct. and I find it very relaxing. I blog about design too, but, honestly, I read your blog because I like following what a designer who has hit the the big leagues does with her work!
    Best, Lynn

  37. Alison says:

    I am a serial renovator and so am constantly looking for inspiration and your blog is that and more. I appreciate your insight and thoughts and love seeing the beautiful images that you post. Looking forward to your new site! Thank you.

  38. Tracy F. says:

    Hi Tobi, I’ve been enjoying your blog for a year now. I’m a design enthusiast, who would have loved to have been an interior designer. I’m also a foodie, which is unfortunate for my figure!

  39. Hi Tobi~ I’m on ur FB page. I am an Intuitive-Empath (psychic). I also write an inspirational weekly letter called Friday’s Child & a blog Friday’s Child – The Blog. As an empath I tend to “take it all in.” My environment is extremely important to me. I want myself (& others) to feel welcome in my home & I like the invitation to start from the outside in. From the curb thru the house and all the way out the back door! I appreciate all the “design” it takes to make this welcome feeling happen. Many years ago when I was still married I also did interiors. My husband at the time had an interior business. I enjoyed it then & even though “my day gig” is being a Psychic Reader…the design habit is one habit I could never ever break. Lovin’ this blog!

  40. Vicky says:

    Ever since I had the pleasure of hearing you speak in High Point over a year ago, I’ve been following your blog. As an interior designer, it’s always fun to read casual design commentary. Inspirational blogs have become my go-to source for the latest and greatest in the industry. Keep up the good work!

  41. Kim says:

    I am a qualified interior decorator who recently started a decorating business in Ontario, Canada. I love your style and I study your photos for accessory placement, balance, fabrics etc. I would love to learn more about your process and business tips.
    Thanks for taking the time to feed my passion.

  42. L says:

    I am a photographer and I love fashion and interior design. Along with the beauty of the work displayed on your blog, I am inspired by the photography. I love to receive your email message amidst the boring email one receives. It provides beautiful inspiration.
    Thank you.

  43. Ashley says:

    I’m a stay at home mom who is passionate about design in every form – furniture, art, clothing, interior, landscaping…I am married to an artist (Kyle Floyd) who puts up with my constant painting and rearranging with such patience, and even picks up the brush most of the time. I love your work and was brought to your blog through my friend, Liz Owen’s. I’ll be sticking around!

  44. Viola says:

    Hi Tobi, I am a fan on Face book and Twitter. I also have been following your blog for a while now. I love all of your design ideas and articles. Something that I would like to see is more rustic, nature, Rocky Mountain type decor ideas. I love most all decor types, but my husband is more into nature, horses, wood, metal, browns, tans, etc. if you can get the picture. I have searched online, but don’t find much that is from decorators that would suite him. My office-art room is more garden, shabby chic. Thank you so much for your inspirations. Looking forward to seeing what you have to inspire us.

  45. Norbridge says:

    Tobi, I’m looking forward to the launch of your new look on your website and blog. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook and always look forward to your posts. I’m a design enthusiast for both interiors and gardens. I’d like to see more about slipcovers. I’d also like to see something on picture hanging. Living in the North, I’m always drawn to fireplaces.

  46. Susanna says:

    I am trying to improve my small living space on a budget. Love your use of color & symmetry in your designs! I love the inspirational photos of your work. Also tips on how you put colors together in a room. Thanks for inviting me to comment!