A Little Color Inspiration with Eddie Ross

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As I mentioned last week, I have been on a mission for a little inspiration. And more specifically, some color inspiration.  I am working on a guest post for At Home in Arkansas Magazine’s blog in conjunction with their annual color issue. So I have been immersing myself in all things color, which is a fun task for me since color is the hallmark of most of my work.

Well it didn’t take me long to become truly “Color Inspired” this week. All I had to do was pop over to my blogger friend Eddie Ross’s site and see the fantastic and color-filled design he created to represent Elle Decor Magazine in the Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge.

You probably know Lifestyle expert and former Martha Stewart Editor, Eddie Ross, as one of the finalists in Bravo TV’s Top Design Season 2. Or maybe you read his gorgeous blog full of DIY projects and amazing tips for finding the best Flea Market finds. Or possibly, you are even a fan of Eddie’s recent Halloween Block Party and Celebrity Holiday Homes Specials on HGTV.


But in my opinion, Eddie’s design for the Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge is his best work yet!! I mean seriously…who else but Eddie could make splatter paint look so phenomenal??

Editor in Chief of Elle Decor Magazine, Margaret Russell, was a judge on Top Design when Eddie appeared on the show. So she knew just who to call on when looking for the perfect designer to represent Elle Decor in the Big Window Challenge.

Eddie’s task…to create a space that represents a truly modern woman.  The inspirational character that “inhabits” Eddie’s design is the “founder of her own fashion public relations firm with offices in Paris, Milan and New York”. The result is a space where she and her family can live “boldly, joyously and with fearless panache”.

Well, Eddie was definitely fearless in his use of color and his confident pairings of fabrics, furnishings, accessories and art to create a very unique and tres chic space that I, for one, would love to inhabit!

The idea of a modern thinking woman with traditional values, speaks to my own personality. And I love how Eddie interpreted this concept by mixing current pieces with gorgeous antiques to represent a sophisticated and savvy woman who surrounds herself with things she adores, who values family above all else and who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

One glance at Eddie’s window design and you totally buy into the scene where his jet-setting home owner returns home, kicks off her fashionable shoes and takes a break with a few of her favorite shelter magazines before she has to dress and host friends for cocktails later in the evening.

Inspired by Eddie’s design?? Love what he’s done with color?? Well join me in supporting Eddie and Elle Decor in the Big Window Challenge by voting.

Visit Apartment Therapy to see more photos of Eddie’s design and his 2 challengers rooms (who are also beautiful and stylish) and vote for your favorite. Yes, I know Apartment Therapy doesn’t make it perfectly easy to vote. But if you registered to vote for me and your other favorite bloggers in the Homies Awards a few weeks ago, then you already have a login and are ready to go! You can vote online once a day, everyday through January 28th.

You can also text one vote (America Idol style) per day. For Eddie text the number 1 to 89800. 

So don’t forget to vote twice per day, once online and once by text, to help Eddie’s or your other favorite design win the Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge!!

And pop over to Eddie’s Blog to read all the details about the imaginative story behind the design. And in true DIY style, Eddie will even show you how to create the stunning artwork over the sofa. 

Happy Voting!!!

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13 Responses to A Little Color Inspiration with Eddie Ross

  1. Eddie Ross says:

    TOBI WOW!! that is so sweet! thank you so much for all of your support! It measns so much to us and to ELLE DECOR!! big hug!

  2. Michelle says:

    He really went out on a limb with so much pattern, but I was also delighted…it made me smile. I can see all of us bloggers sharing a drink and stories in that setting…it’s great watching people evolve…I like whre he’s going.


  3. Dick gentry says:

    Great site and article Tobi! I have also been on a color journey of late. I will have a few posts coming out in the next two weeks on my site, http://www.GentryConnects.com; Heimtex and then travel/style musings in Rome. I have really been in the “Slow Travel” mode as I broke my leg skiing before leaving for Europe. I traveled Heimtex on an electric scooter. Quite an experience!

  4. Tobi says:

    Dick, So sorry about your leg. But sounds like you are making the most of it. I will have to check out your upcoming color posts. Thanks for leaving a post on my blog!

    And Michelle, I KNOW what you are saying. I was also so delighted to see Eddie’s daring mix of color. I consider myself a color expert of sorts because I have been using so much of it for so many years. But I am not sure I can even combine so many shades with such sophistication. Makes me want to try though, doesn’t it do the same for you??

    Like you, I love to see good things happen to good, hard-working people. And nothing is more fun than seeing the evolution of style in a designer. People have been saying that about me for years and I think probably the same has been said about you while you have found your style over the last several years. Fun to be on hand wathcing this sort of transition as Eddie continues to “come into his own”. I think he definitely just took a huge leap with this design. And those of us who are enjoying looking at it thank him.

    Now let’s all gather and have that drink in this chic space! much love to you in Vancouver!! xoxo Tobi

  5. Margaret Russell says:

    Big thanks for your support of Eddie and his ELLE DECOR/Bloomingdale’s window display; we think he did a terrific job–
    All my best,

  6. Tobi says:


    Thank you so much for your comment, I am honored! It was a pleasure to cover the gorgeous collaboration between Eddie Ross and Elle Decor!! Best of luck in the Big Window Challenge. I think you are certain to win!!


  7. Karena says:

    Tobi, I am so excited for Eddie and Jaithan, what a team. It is great to have ones I know in the competition! Vote, vote, vote!!

  8. Dana King says:

    Love your blog. Love your style. I will subscribe. Thanks for inspiring me. Dana

  9. Kathysue says:

    Hi Tobi, This is a great post on Eddie, I really enjoyed it. I am such a fan of his, had the opportunity to meet he and Jaithan and fell in love with both of them. Talented and endearing young men. I know he has a great following and rightfully so. I am looking forward to your post on color. You are a wonderfully talented designer, I have many of your photos in my inspiration files. Kathysue

  10. Maria Bartelot says:

    Fantastic Blog. So glad I found you through Eddie Ross..Off to browse..Maria

  11. Chelsea says:

    I just love your blog and your interiors are always fabulous. Today I highlighted a few of my favorites on my blog. You always inspire me!


  12. The 3rd picture looks fabulous! Love it! It has a classical elegant look yet would look great on any type of home. Thanks for posting this. Love your posts!

  13. The 3rd picture looks fabulous! Love you work, it has a classically elegant look. Thanks for posting this.