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Traditional Home in Arkansas

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The wonderful Candace Manroe of Traditional Home magazine was recently in the Natural State on two photo shoots.  One of those shoots was for an upcoming feature on my home in Little Rock.  While driving down to Little Rock from the gorgeous Victorian village of Eureka Springs, she found a wonderful antique store in rural Leslie, Arkansas.

Head over to the Traditional Home Editor’s blog to read about her experience at Old Mercantile Antiques.  Also, if you missed my post yesterday, there are great incentives for signing up now for the upcoming design camps!

Announcing Exciting Design Camp Incentives!!!

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Well you knew I would offer something fab, right?

As if Design Camp, with it’s hoards of design how-to’s, hands-on design training by yours truly, and delicious food isn’t fabulous enough, I have 2 special incentives to get the rest of our spots filled up for design camp pronto! Last camp I offered one camper a behind-the-scenes look at a magazine photo shoot when Traditional Home was on location in my house.

I want to offer some equally exciting perks for our two upcoming camps, so here they are…

First, for all of you interested in our one-day, action packed Design Camp on September 18th, anyone who registers before Friday, August 20th will be entered into a special drawing. 

Two (that’s right, I said two) lucky campers will be invited guests for a special dinner party at my home on Friday Night, September 17th.  I am photographing and videotaping an entertaining segment for our new blog and website and two of you will get to be part of this exciting event!!! 

We will enjoy a delicious 4 course meal, lovely wines and gorgeous decor and you will get to have your debut in one of my new video segments on the all-new Tobi Fairley Website and Blog. You will even get a fabulous party favor for being one of my special guests! And you can see first-hand, my fun and colorful home that was recently photographed for an upcoming issue of Traditional Home Magazine.

Now for those of you who are registering for our Fall 6-week Design Camp that will be each tuesday evening from 6-8:30 pm beginning October 12th, I have a special incentive for you too!  Get registered before September 1st and you will be entered to win a free ticket to an exciting event at my home on Wednesday evening, October 27th.  I am hosting a cocktail party to benefit the Fine Arts Club of the Arkansas Arts Center with Special Guest Eddie Ross!!!!!!

So hurry up and get your spot for the Fall session before we fill up and get your chance to meet and mingle with the amazing Eddie Ross in my home in October.  Of course I will be going all out with the food and decor for this event too. With Eddie being the master entertainer that he is, I can’t let my party miss the mark!


Both of these fabulous events will be covered on the brand new Tobi Fairley blog and website launching this Fall.

So come on campers, fill the rest of our Design Camp spots today for a chance to attend one or both of these fabulous events in my home.  Both camps are filling up, with Texas in the lead with the most registrants for the September Class. If you are coming from out of town, be sure to let us know.  My favorite hotel is offering special rates and complimentary transportation to and from the airport. Call us at 501-868-9882 or email us at today. If you have already signed up, you will automatically be entered into these drawings too.

Can’t wait to see you in design camp!

Before & After Decorating

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Before and after decorating: That’s one of the most fun things about design blogs and magazines, right? I mean, who doesn’t love the pictures of those horrible rooms with popcorn ceilings and orange shag carpet and busted linoleum that suddenly turn into breathtaking bathrooms or comfy family rooms? They’re like Cinderella stories, only the glass slipper is a perfect Christopher Spitzmiller ginger jar lamp.

“Before and After Decorating” also happens to be the title of a cool, new-ish Better Homes and Gardens book I just found.

And whaddya know, four of Tobi’s rooms are used as examples in this book. It features some seriously cool projects, and gives very practical design tips. Everything from using color to liven a space, to rearranging furniture for a fresh look, to completely redoing cabinetry. The projects are large and small, but all very doable. And there’s something for every room, taste and budget in here. Plus, it hits my main before-and-after criteria: great pictures and great explanations.

(And all of these great tips and pictures and practical projects reminds me of oh, I don’t know, Design Camp maybe?)

So I highly recommend grabbing a copy. Lots of online retailers carry it. Here’s a tip: Search for it by ISBN number. It’s 978-0-470-48803-4.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed having me around this week. Thanks to Tobi for letting me take over the blog, and thanks to y’all for reading and commenting! Speaking of commenting, you have two homework assignments for the weekend. Go over here and comment so you can win a cool prize, courtesy of Jackie Von Tobel. And then email me to get registered for Design Camp. This is fun homework. I’m nice like that.

Design Camp, From a Camper’s Point of View

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So you’ve heard Tobi talking about her Design Camps. She’s told you about what topics she covers, all the great information you’ll be given, how quickly the camps have filled up, etc. That’s all good and well. But if you’re like me, you always like to hear from people who have actually experienced Design Camp. So today, I’m going to share some of their stories with you.

Taking lots of notes the first day

Taking lots of notes the first day

First, I’d like to share a bit of a message that a sweet camper sent to Tobi. She said “I wanted to tell you that I really, really enjoyed your class. The fact that you are so willing to share your tips, style principles, etc. demonstrates a level of confidence that I wish other designers and professionals even in other fields had.” She’s already signed up for our six week class this fall!

Another camper had one complaint about Design Camp. “It was too short!” she said. “I felt like it was over when we just started to scratch the surface!” Yeah, that’s what we were a little afraid of. That’s why we decided to do the longer courses, because we knew that we couldn’t cover everything in just four classes.

We also surveyed the campers to see what their favorite topic was. “Fabrics” was the most popular answer, with “paints” being a close second. I thought that was interesting. I think it’s because choosing these items can be pretty intimidating, and Tobi gave clear and easy instructions on how to choose and use fabrics and paints in your home.

Playing around with paint colors

Playing around with paint colors

I also heard from a few people who said how great it was to meet new friends. This past group of campers was really diverse — college students, retirees, newlyweds, new moms, stay-at-home moms, professionals in different fields, decorators and more. And everyone got along great. Also, it was a very collaborative camp. Everyone worked together, bounced ideas off each other, and learned from each other.

And I’d like to give my testimonial, too. You see, I was there for every camp. Although I was technically at work, I was thrilled to also get the chance to hear all of Tobi’s tips. I’m probably like many of you — I think I have pretty good taste, I try to decorate my home nicely, and I love Tobi’s work. But I can’t ever make things come together just so. Well let me tell you, these classes were inspiring. I haven’t told Tobi this, but each Tuesday night, as tired as I was, I went home and made some little change to something in my house based on what I’d learned from Tobi that night. And even though I was behind-the-scenes, I still had a blast meeting all the fabulous campers and getting to know everyone. I was so sad to not see them this past Tuesday night.

Oh, and did I mention the food? The food was really good. Especially the desserts. Of course we ate well at camp — we are in the South, after all!

What a spread!

(Which reminds me, I need to post some recipes for that food on the secret Design Camp blog. Yes I said “secret blog.” If you go to camp, you get access to a private blog with tons of cool stuff on it.)

So I’m here to tell you — from the point of view of someone who’s not a decorating novice, but is certainly not a design pro — CAMP ROCKS. It’s so worth your while to attend. Please come join us at one of our upcoming camps and see for yourself!

Have any questions about camp? Want to know more? Need travel tips if you’re coming from out of town? I’d love to talk to your personally. Please email me, and we’ll chat!

Tobi’s Latest Magazine Cover

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You may remember that yesterday I mentioned both Tobi and Laura Day were in this month’s At Home in Arkansas. (What’s that? You missed yesterday’s blog? Well you’d better get over there, because we’re having a giveaway!) What I didn’t mention is that yet another of Tobi’s design projects made the cover!

“Family Friendly in the City”is a great article on this home. As a mom myself, I enjoyed how this article — and Tobi’s design for this home in particular — really focused on creating livable, durable spaces for families. Let’s face it — good design sometimes falls to the wayside when kids’ needs and family members’ differing tastes are involved. Budgets, the never-ending onslaught of toys and the wear and tear on furniture and floors can all make beautifying your home seem overwhelming. But with this home in Fayetteville, Tobi did a great job of creating a space that all family members can use and enjoy.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots:




So head on over to At Home to check out the other pics of this great home. And while you’re there, stop by their blog. Tobi’s latest Traveling Designer post is up today!

(Photos courtesy of At Home In Arkansas magazine and photographer Nancy Nolan.)