With Every Season there is Change

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There are many wonderful things about living in Arkansas not the least of which is the change of the seasons. We are so fortunate in our small Southern state to experience all 4 seasons and the weather, good and bad, that go with them. 

 My very favorite season of the year is Fall. It brings with it so many of my favorite things including football games, cooler temperatures, turtlenecks, crackling fires in the fireplace, trips to the pumpkin patch and my favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving.


Fall is the time of the year that I cook the most. Many of my favorite recipes are associated with this time of year. It is with that first hint of Fall weather that you can find me in the kitchen making soup or chili and baking goodies like Fresh Pear Cake or Sweet Potato Cake with White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Icing.


For me, Fall and Back-to-School are sort of like my mini New Years Celebration. It is a time to get on a schedule, get organized and get in shape before the holidays.  It is a time to start any of those resolutions that you planned for the year and haven’t gotten around to and it is a time to reflect on and celebrate the things you have accomplished since the New Year began.

I find that many of my most successful projects and endeavors begin in the fall. One such project was my blog. It was this time last year that I was preparing for my first post.

So in keeping with this idea, Fall 2009 will mark the beginning of many other new and exciting endeavors for me including the launch of my charity foundation and several other “things” that are in the works. I will be introducing more exciting news really soon, but for now I want to share with you the first of my Fall 2009 “projects”.  As of today, I am pleased to announce that I am the author of my very own lifestyle and design column in partnership with AY Magazine.

AY, whose tagline says “It’s All About You” , is a great little lifestyle publication that has been around in Arkansas and the South for over 25 years. With a readership of over 35,000, AY is a regional publication that covers everything from Travel and Gardening to Home and Cuisine.  It has regular columns by Jill Connor Brown, more popularly known as “The Sweet Potato Queen” and Gardening Guru P. Allen Smith. I am so honored to be in the company of these two talented individuals.

My semi-monthly column will cover a variety of lifestyle and home decor topics including this month’s feature on How to buy and hang artwork, an upcoming Holiday decor feature in the November issue and a segment to kick off the New Year about giving your interiors a fresh, new look.   I promise to write about many of the things that are near and dear to my heart that have made many of you fall in love with my blog, so don’t be surprised to see AY articles on entertaining, travel and more.

On the AY website you will find my AY blog with the article and “bonus material” like Frequently Asked Questions that will make “Tobi’s Tips” even more valuable to our readers. And if that is not enough, with each issue I will have posts on my Tobi Fairley Blog that support and expound on our featured topic.

So with the kick-off of this, my favorite time of the year, I invite you to help me kick-off my new partnership with AY Magazine.  For those of you who live outside the region visit the AY Website and find my article and Tips under the “Tobi’s Tips” Department.  And while your browsing, be sure to check out the Arkansas Football and Tailgating features, P. Allen Smith’s focus on transitioning your late Summer Garden into Fall and AY’s Fall Gardening Checklist. Plus you won’t want to miss the gorgeous feature on the Viking Cooking Experience and Alluvian Hotel in Greenwood, Mississippi. This cooking school and spa are the perfect weekend destination for you culinary enthusiasts and It might just cultivate the “Julie and Julia” in those of you who are still just trying to learn to boil water.

If you prefer the old-fashioned version of the magazine, be sure to sign up for a subscription while you are on the website. I think you will love getting a taste of the South with AY, Jill, Allen and me.  And don’t forget to let us know what you like about the magazine and website because remember with AY “it’s All About You!”

Now on to my Art Buying and Hanging post below…

Happy Fall. xoxo Tobi

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7 Responses to With Every Season there is Change

  1. Suzette Davis says:

    Hi Tobi,
    Your website is great! You have been working really hard – I can tell. Hope we get to work together soon. The Heflin’s house is going to be fantasic.

  2. congrats tobi!! yet another thing added to the plate (but how could you NOT!?) i’m looking forward to your articles my dear! and, by the way, fall is absolutely my favorite as well… xoxo

  3. Wow, is it almost fall!

    I will have to drop by the AY website too. Your advice is always welcome!!!

    cristin @ simplified bee

  4. This does look beautiful as does your blog (my first visit) – and I am indeed outside the area but will still tune in to it from here, looks great!

  5. Shani says:

    That IS happy fall news!! How very exciting, and I can’t wait to read your articles!

    Also, I love your use of color in the project photos you posted. Actually, I love your use of color in every example of your work that I’ve seen. You are so talented!



  6. jane says:


    Love everything, always! …I have a dilemna that is a ranch style home that needs some style. Do you know of a Web site or do you have any pics of something really fabulous for a 50’s rancher?

    Thank you in advance for your reply…or from your readers!


  7. Victoria says:

    I am so thrilled to have found your beautiful blog via Canadian designer, Maria Killam’s Color Me Happy Blog. I had no idea that there was an amazing designer in my home state of Arkansas. Your colorful designs make my heart sing! Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent with us. I’m a greatly inspired homeowner looking for a major change and your designs give me hope!


    Victoria in Texas (but still a Razorback fan!)