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I was very honored to be invited to be part of a panel discussion at the Pacific Design Center on September 23 to talk about the Past, Present and Future of Interior Design. The event, in Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Traditional Home Magazine, was moderated by Senior Editor of Traditional Home, Candace Manroe. I was joined on the panel by an extremely distiguished group that included Joe Lucas of Lucas Studio , Shane Reilly creator of, Textile and Interior Designer Peter Dunham and the amazing Windsor Smith.

We spoke to a great crowd in the Silver Screen Theater about the latest trends in the industry including everything from innovation to color and the emergence of social media.

All of the presenters were charming, witty and didn’t take themselves to seriously which made the event such a pleasure. I especially loved Windsor Smith who was extremely gracious, complementary and also funny.  And both Joe and Peter left the crowd laughing with their one-liners about the industry and the economy. I feel like I will have long term friendships with each of these talented designers. I look forward to using more of Peter and Windsor’s products and learning about Decorati and how it can make the design process more convenient for those of us not located close to a design center, like me.

Thanks Traditional Home, editor-in-chief Ann Maine, and Senior Editor Candace Manroe for this wonderful opportunity!

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3 Responses to Traditional Home at the PDC

  1. Jaime says:

    Go get ’em, you are everywhere! Btw, I love Peter’s work, I am using one of his interiors in an upcoming post. Congratulations again!

  2. vitania says:

    Hey there Tobi – Congratulations. What a stylish group! Anywhere we can catch the highlights of that discussion?

  3. It is wonderful to see u have such an amazing career. I have watched u from afar for quite some time, I used to shop in your beautiful store with that beautiful Parakeet color on the wall! I am looking forward to shopping in the new store. You have been and will continue to be my inspiration, especially since I have now begun my own design firm. Thank you for always being so successful.

    Sakinah Abdul-Jaleel, IDS Member
    Little Rock, Arkansas