Think Pink…Hot Pink!

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Valentine’s Day is really a holiday designed by women for women! Ok so maybe we girls at least buy a little something for our male counterparts, but do they really care about this holiday?? I venture to say no!

On the same note, the Pink Room, in particular the “Hot” pink room, is something that is pretty much reserved for the female gender.  Now I realize that there are probably some men that are in touch with their feminine side enough to co-exist with a lovely lady in a pink room, but would it ever be their preference???I seriously doubt it! So in honor of this month of Love, here are a few rooms that I think were designed with us girls in mind!

Images: Flickr, Drake Design Associates, Point Click Home, Alessandra Branca, Google Images

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3 Responses to Think Pink…Hot Pink!

  1. LindsB says:

    I love the 4th picture down, If I my own huge closet and dressing room, this is how I would want it to look, lots of pink! What a fun post!!

  2. shima says:

    i like ur design in pin colours…so amazing…
    hope u’ll publish more than this design soon…