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I have been in love with the idea of Blackberry Farm for a long time, though I have never actually gotten to visit.  I even wrote a blog post about the Farm around this time last year.  Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Little Rock called the Tale of Two Farms that joined chefs from Blackberry Farm with Arkansas native P. Allen Smith and his amazing Moss Mountain Farm.  I will have more on this fantastic weekend in a few weeks, but this little taste (pun intended) of Blackberry Farm was just enough to get me excited about the to-die-for resort in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee all over again. I am now working on planning a visit to the farm in April 2010 and crossing my fingers that it all comes together. And as you can imagine, I was extremely excited when Suzanne Kasler told me she had some amazing photos of her work at Blackberry Farm that had not ever been published.

Suzanne has received great compliments on her design of “The Barn” which is the restaurant at Blackberry Farm. It is my great pleasure to bring to you these GORGEOUS photos of the Barn and more at Blackberry Farm by Suzanne Kasler. I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and take in these fabulous spaces….Enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Suzanne Kasler’s work at Blackberry Farm.

For a real taste of the farm, you cookbook lovers would enjoy the Blackberry Farm Cookbook. It might be just the perfect gift for you or someone you love. You can purchase one through my Amazon recommendations in the right sidebar of the blog.

And if Suzanne’s Interiors are what is on your wish list this year, register to win an autographed copy of Suzanne Kasler Inspired Interiors. Send your contact information to me at for a chance to win. Drawing will be held tomorrow at noon CST.  Good Luck and Happy Holidays.

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8 Responses to Suzanne Kasler and Blackberry Farm

  1. Steph says:

    Did all of the photos come from the book?

  2. Tobi says:

    These Blackberry Farm photos are not in Suzanne’s book. These are images that Suzanne sent to me for the post. Aren’t they lovely?

    But there are many gorgeous photos of Suzanne’s residential interiors in the book that are equally inspiring.

    Thanks for reading the blog.

  3. Victoria says:

    Tobi, These are extraordinary photos of Blackberry Farm. I, too, have dreamed of visiting Blackberry Farm. Maybe I will see you there next year.

  4. What a treat to see these pictures! Blackberry Farm is definitely on my list of places to go. They have a no children policy with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I will just have to find someone to stay with the children and take a weekend away!

    I love seeing how versatile Suzanne can be – she does not have a signature style as far as I can tell.

  5. Jaime says:

    As expected, another beautiful interior! I recognize the HCC monogrammed dining chairs as well as the, now famous, Bobo Coffee Table. Well done, thanks for sharing these with us Tobi!

    Happy holidays,

  6. I can imagine a romantic, snowy weekend there! In my 13 years of living in Atlanta, I always meant to go, but my kids were young then. I love the decor and I believe the artwork in the second picture is from Andrew Saftel? I have an amazing piece from him, as well. His brightly colored works are amazing in neutral settings. Thanks for sharing these inspritional photos!

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  8. We are meant to be friends! I too have a crazy obsession with Blackberry Farm, own the book and love it. We were supposed to go last year with my parents but we had a family situation that prevented us from going..I am aiming for this summer! BEAUTIFUL picturesque is it? Stunning….something similiar on a much smaller scale is Twin Farms in Vermont and we went to the Mayflower Inn and Spa in CT. which is smaller but along the same line, ultra luxurious in a dignified laid back country way. You might want to check them out since we seem to have the same ideas! I am glad I found your blog….please visit me, I just started one less than 2 months ago about the building of our new home and my love for decor/design! Hope you will stop by….