Runway to Room

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Although I often admire runway to room posts like the ones my friends Cass and Anne create, I have never posted one…until today that is. I just saw this fun post on the At Home in Arkansas Magazine Blog that compared this fabulous outfit by designer Marc Jacobs with my work below.

I have to admit that the comparison is quite good, if I could only be so lucky as to inspire the super talented Mr. Jacobs. I can see why my friends enjoy these fashionable posts. I think I might have to give it a try myself sometime soon!

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9 Responses to Runway to Room

  1. Not bad for a first-timer…not bad AT ALL!! 😉

  2. Laure says:

    Love this post!

  3. Viera says:

    Nice transition.

  4. Great comparison! I can definitely see a similarity in the forms and shape.

  5. Tobi says:

    Thanks Ladies! Glad you like this. I can’t take credit for the comparison, just the room design. But I do think I may start a few runway to room comparison’s myself. It is really fun!

  6. That is spot on!

    I can see myself living you your beautifully designed room much more easily than I can see myself in that dress though 🙂

    Tricia – Avolli

  7. Kimber says:

    Fabulous! The room and the compliment!

  8. michael says:

    Congrats- way to go!

  9. Katrina Lynn says:

    Love posts like this!