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It’s a small world.  We all know this to be true.  But what is so interesting about the blogosphere is that it really isn’t any bigger! I know the internet is far reaching and it’s possibilities are endless. But the World of Design blogs is like a small close-knit community! Sort of reminds me of Arkansas.

When I started this Blog in September, I was unknown to seasoned blog writers that were an inspiration to me like Ronda Carmen at All The Best and her good friend, fabric designer and blogger Michael Devine.  But it did not take long for them to find me out on the web and I am happy to now call them friends!!

Though I may not have been on Michael’s radar until I entered the blog world, he was definitely on mine because of his glorious fabric designs. I discovered Michael’s line a couple of years ago while on one of my quarterly trips to New York.  I have had many of his samples in my design workroom since then and pull them out every chance I get.

So now that I consider Michael a new found friend, I wanted to include him in my features this week so he can be introduced to you. Michael received great accolades for his collection in 2007 and 2008 and you may have even seen some of the amazing press he has received. But just in case you missed it…meet Michael Devine!

Here is a Fabulous shot of Aerin Lauder’s bedroom with Michael’s Gramercy pattern! I LOVE this!

And here is a lovely photo of his quaint shop in New York at Christmas time!

Now the exciting news is Michael is just releasing several new patterns and he was so kind to email them to me last week so I can share them with you!!! So take a look at them below! I love the color palettes! The Reds are to die for and I am glad to see that the Gray and Lavender tones are still holding strong as evidenced by Michael’s stylish introductions!

Be sure to check out Michael’s website, Michael Devine Home, and his blog, The Devine Life, where he chronicles the exciting happenings in the world of textile design!

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3 Responses to Manhattan Material:Michael Devine

  1. LindsB says:

    I LOVE that chair with the yellow fabric- so so beautiful! All of his designs are amazing, I want them all!!

  2. all the best says:

    Wonderful post!! Michael is the Best!! We all need to meet up in NYC.

  3. Alexandra says:

    I had the opportunity to meet Michael Devine at Holly Hunt in Los Angeles and again at lunch the following day. He is a great talent and a wonderful person!