Day 23 of Things I Love:Books

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I Love Books. Reading is a passion of mine and I am old-fashioned about it! I like hard-back books. I love leather bound editions.

Books are probably my favorite thing to collect. Maybe because they are so multi-purpose. They are entertaining, interesting, and beautiful all at the same time. They are definitely one of the things I cannot live without. And because I have a passion for learning, I never feel remorse for spending money on books. It is like spending money on education.


Books are a huge part of my interiors. I think Bookshelves are for books, not a lot of Tchochkes. I love them on tables and desks and benches. Books make me happy. They make interiors feel loved and used. They make people feel welcome.


There is nothing that I like better than lying around all day and reading a book. It is not very often that I do this anymore so I relish the opportunity even more. I read most these days when on a plane, on a trip, or on the beach, which is one reason I like to travel so much. It gives me an excuse to stop working for a bit and relax with a book.

Last year I became conflicted a bit over my love of books, because I am also a lover of technology. This all started when I found’s Kindle Reader. What’s a book-lover like me to do? Would my beloved novels become a thing of the past? Could I possibly be such a traitor to my favorite hard-backs?  Well I am ashamed to say the answer is…Yes!

The kindle has changed my life. It has made my suitcases and carry-ons so much lighter. I love that I can have 10 books going at the same time if I wish and I sometimes do. I had to come to terms with my affair with the kindle. How did I do it?

I reminded myself of a similar situation between the cork versus screw top wine bottle. Early on I swore I would never be a convert. I loved my old-fashioned and romatic corks and these “new-fangled” screwtops just were not for me! After all, I am the girl who is trying to bring back day dresses with pearls and pumps. I am trying to revive the tradition of afternoon cocktails. I am the one on a mission to reinvent the trend of wearing large-brimmed hats on a regular basis! How could I possible discard my faithful corks? But you know what? I did! My favorite wine is now Ferrari Carano’s Fume Blanc with a screw top. Crazy I know!

But at the end of the day, kindles and screw tops aside, there will always be a place in my heart and my home for books, (And corks too for that matter)

Day 23 of Things I LOVE…books! And for some of my favorite reads, check out my Amazon store in my blog sidebar. Hope you like my selections!

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2 Responses to Day 23 of Things I Love:Books

  1. susie q says:

    Love this post. I’m a techie and book lover and have been very conflicted about buying a Kindle. You just helped me make a decision. Love your blog!

  2. Hi Tobi, Cute blog, and I’ll be sure to tell Sarah, our winemaker, that our Fume is your favorite…it’s my favorite summer wine too! And by the way, do day skirts, pearls and cowboy boots count? Because if yes, I’m so in!
    If you’re ever in wine country, be sure to call and come by the winery!