Day 14 of Things I Love: Art

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I am an art lover! I can’t help myself! My Art History classes in college were some of my favorite in all my 9 years and 3 degrees!! Just looking at Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring makes me want to get my art history textbook back out to start studying all over again.

When I travel I always make time for museums and galleries! My last trip to the louvre (pictured above) was about 10 years ago. I have been so fortunate to check off many of the notable museums from my “Places to See” list including The Met, Frick, Guggenheim and MOMA in New York, The Louvre and The Orangerie in Paris, The Accademia and Uffizi in Florence, The British Museum and the Victoria and Albert in London, and The Chicago Art Institute. I’ve been to Giverney where Monet lived and found his inspiration for garden and water lily paintings! And to the Vatican City to see the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum.

Though I appreciate most forms of art,  I am especially a fan of modern paintings. Here are just a few of my favorites from the Moma Collection…

Ellsworth Kelly’s Dominican


And Kelly’s Running White

Kenneth Noland, untitled

 Robert Motherwell’s Little Spanish Prison

Wouldn’t they look great in a room together? If I only had a few million I would make that happen!


Art collecting is a hobby of mine! My husband and I love selecting paintings together when we travel. Some of my favorite locations where we’ve purchased paintings are Maui and San Francisco! Both of these cities have a plethora of galleries that I love visiting! 

I have a wish list of Painters whose work I want to add to my collection.  They include Wolf Kahn, Peter Max, Michalopolous, Lisa Lala, and Wendaline Matson. Because of their price points some of these are obviously a short-term goal and others will be on my “long-term” list!

I also love collecting Arkansas artists and artists from the Southern Region of the US. I happen to own an art gallery as a compliment to my design business. My gallery represents 20 Artists from the Southern Region and I am always looking for additions to our group. Some of my gallery’s most popular artists include


Sheila Cotton

Andy Reed


Arden Boyce


Virginia McKimmey

Matt McLoed


Rod Moorhead

Ashley Saer


Robyn Horn

 We have recently added Steve Martin from New Orleans whose work is collected and used by many notable Designers like Bunny Williams. Also new to my gallery is Mary Lambert, a TV and Film producer from Los Angeles who grew up in Arkansas.


Steve Martin


Mary Lambert

We are working on our new gallery website and it will be up soon. In the meantime, become a fan of the Tobi Fairley Gallery on Facebook.

Day 14 of Things I love….ART! What an Inspiration!

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10 Responses to Day 14 of Things I Love: Art

  1. Me too! Guilty as charged!

  2. michelle says:

    Robert Motherwell’s work is amazing…if one only had the space! I learned recently, some of his works are over 10 x 14′! wow. Matt McLoed’s work is also amazing…thanks for the introduction!


  3. Tobi,

    I love your list of things you love- and your blog is fabulous, so glad to find it! Love your design style!
    Take Care!

    Zuniga Interiors

  4. Hi Tobi
    Glad to hear that you are a lover of art. You will have to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery when you are here. They are showing an exhibit of Vermeer, Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art Masterpieces from The Rijksmuseum. Look forward to meeting up with you when you are here.

  5. I love that you did this. I am always so excited to discover new artists! It would be great if we could share everyone’s favorites and help some of those starving artists climb up to the top quicker. Thank you.

  6. vitania says:

    Tobi, this selection of art is just beautiful. I can’t wait to share this with some of my friends. I checked out your Arkansas Gallery a while ago, and I have it bookmarked for inspiration !!

    This post is my favorite of the “Things I love” to date.. So grateful that you are sharing this.


  7. We need to work on your line with hickory chair!! Then you will have the millions you need to buy all the art you want!! If I get in with a Target I will buy you a piece of art!!LOL

  8. Great post I love art too, it’s like the jewlery of the room.

  9. Brillante says:

    I agree with Patricia about Vancouver Art Gallery where there are also several other important exhibitions: The extraordinary Andreas Gursky’s photographs and the fun, interesting “Ought apartments” (sections of six apartments furnished with discarded items from 1950 to the present). Hope the weather will behave!

  10. I love the painting by Ashley Saer that you posted. The colors and strong image speak to me.

    Tricia – Avolli