Day 13 of Things I Love: Watermelon

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Watermelon…quite possibly the world’s most beautiful food! It is that fabulous lime green on the outside, a gorgeous yummy red on the inside and just the perfect amount of sweet to taste! 

This delectable fruit, “Water-marilyn” as my daughter calls it, is one of my very favorite parts of summer! I have been known to eat a watermelon a week this time of year and hardly a week goes by that there is not some of this melon sliced and chilled in my fridge!

I like both the seeded and seedless versions, my only request…sweet and not too ripe!

The National Watermelon Promotion Board has a great website for Watermelon lovers at . It’s full of great recipes and tips and Spokesperson Katie Brown adds her two cents about this fabulous summer-time fruit.

Some of my favorite recipes from the site are the Shrimp and Watermelon Watercress Salad

And the Dilled Baby Shrimp and Watermelon Napoleons. Both of these recipes would be beautiful additions to summer luncheons or brunches!

I am also a fan of Watermelon Sorbet! I like Rachael Ray’s recipe! It has just a few ingredients and doesn’t require an ice-cream freezer or machine, just a food processor.

If you think Watermelon is just too much trouble to cut up and deal with, I have perfected an easy and quick way to slice watermelon just right for snacking!

First slice the melon length-wise

And then slice each half again length-wise resulting in quarters.

Next run your knife along the rind, just under the red flesh

And slice into triangles

Transfer to a plastic container, or for me, a zip-lock bag and you are ready to chill and eat!

And one of my favorite quick recipes…Watermelon, mozzarella and basil skewers drizzled with a hint of balsamic vinegar! Yummy! It’s just a little something I made up and it is oh so divine!

Or for a hot Arkansas afternoon, there is nothing more refreshing than a Watermelon Margarita compliments of Emeril Lagasse! Cheers!

Day 13 of things I LOVE is my sweet, red, yummy Watermelon!

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5 Responses to Day 13 of Things I Love: Watermelon

  1. Marie Cole says:

    Oh my gosh, now I must have some watermelon! You have truly inspired me.

  2. That’s definitely my summer fave as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing, I got loads of inspiration!

  3. Chic Coles says:

    That watermelon sorbet would be perfect right about now for a 4:00 snack…anything watermelon is great for the summertime!

  4. carrie says:

    Oh WOW! I thought I loved watermelon before but whoa, you just gave me SO many new great ideas for how to enjoy it. I said recently in one of my posts “eat as much watermelon as you can, it makes summertime feel even better” and I plan to!!


  5. Brillante says:

    Mozzarella and anguria (watermelon in Italian)never tried but it sounds delicious. What a great idea…I will try it tomorrow.