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It has been such a fun week profiling Cathy Whitlock and her fabulous new book, re-de-sign. Now for the big news…I am excited to announce that the winner of my first-ever give away on the Tobi Fairley Blog is…(drum roll please)

Victoria Austin from Bedford, Texas

Congratulations Victoria!! We will be sending your autographed copy of Cathy’s book to you later today. And thank you to the more than 100 people who entered to win.

Now back to Cathy Whitlock.  I want to introduce you to Cathy’s next book project, Cinema Style. As you will hear today in my first podcast interview ( a lot of firsts happening with my blog today), Cathy Whitlock has long had a love affair with the movies and more specifically, movie sets.

So much so, that she recently began writing a blog about Cinema Style as a compliment to her new book with Harper Collins that is coming out next year.  Please check out Cathy Whitlock’s Blog, Cinema Style to find out more about her love for this area of design.

And while there, see Cathy’s recent post on the amazing upcoming movie It’s Complicated, Starring Steve Martin, Meryl Streep, and Alec Balwin.  This Nancy Meyers film (of Something’s Gotta Give fame) set to debut on Christmas Day, pairs the amazing style talents of production designer, Jon Hutman and set designer, Beth Rubino who created the much talked about and often published 2003 set of Something’s Gotta Give.

Cathy also wrote a beautiful piece for the current issue of Traditional Home on this movie and it’s set. So be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine to read more interesting tidbits about the movie and the design.

And speaking of this month’s Traditional Home, I hope you will see the feature on how Designers do Christmas. I am thrilled to be included in this look at how 23 of the top design professionals in the country celebrate the holidays. Other designers featured in the article include Celerie Kemble, Barry Dixon, Barclay Butera, Joe Lucas, Nathan Turner and many more.

So now sit back for a few minutes and listen to my very first podcast on the Tobi Fairley Blog. See the link below. This interview with author and designer Cathy Whitlock gives us a real look at why she wrote re-de-sign, her thoughts on social media, her love of the Cinema Style and much more.

Cathy Whitlock Podcast

Stay tuned for week 2 of the Designer Book Series Give-away. My feature next week is Jan Showers and her new book Glamorous Rooms.

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  1. Tobi,

    Glad to be on the inaugural podcast! Had a great time and thanks so much
    for allowing me to be your first feature and sharing Cinema Style with your readers. Looking forward to hearing your future podcasts.

    All the best,