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I have so much to tell you. My trip to Vancouver, my visit from Ronda Carman, the new arrivals in my shop, my weekend entertaining in my home and much, much more. But unfortunately it will have to wait a bit.

I am off to New York City in the morning for a few fabulous days of girl time! My mom, my daughter, my fabulous assistant Ashley and my friend Queenie from North Carolina are joining me for a trip up North. On the agenda…a day trip to the Hamptons to see the showhouse, visits with a few friends in the city, lunch at the American Girl Store and the Lion King on Broadway for my little followed by a fabulous train ride up to Kinderhook to spend an amazing weekend with Michael Devine and Thomas Burak.

So until I return, please visit (or revisit) this post from my friend Brad Ford. He is a fellow Arkansan living the fabulous life of a successful interior designer in New York City and he has just created this gorgeous retreat in the Hamptons Showhouse.  I can’t wait to see it in person and I will share my thoughts on it and my other fabulous experiences with you soon. See you then.

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9 Responses to Off again…

  1. Hi Tobi,

    I would like to join your Blog.

    I love, love, love your work and you inspire me to keep going in the design industry.


  2. Clint Smith says:

    I saw this showhouse last week. Brad’s room was the very best! I’m dying for those sconces. Also loved the wallpaper in Katie Ridder’s butler’s pantry.

  3. michelle says:

    Have a great time Tobi! Looks like a great showhouse.


  4. Have a FABULOUS time! It sounds like oodles of fun surrounded by some wonderful people. As a transplanted LaungIslander (you’ll soon get that accent):) LI is beautiful. I look forward to hearing all the stories and updates when you get a chance. Till then, enjoy every moment! Hugs, Laura

  5. Ruth Olbrych says:

    Enjoy what sounds like a fabulous trip Tobi. Planning on visiting the showhouse as well, but will be early Sept….want to see for myself the green art deco desks that Kat Burki purchased from Antiques by Zaar and used in the Dressing Room.

  6. Brillante says:

    Hi Tobi, enjoy every moment in NY and report everything to us!

  7. Emily says:

    I hope the showhouse is as good as it looks in the pictures! Your blog is fabulous and a few weeks ago I was watching an old Designers’ Challenge on HGTV (from 2006 I believe) and saw you in the NYC apartment challenge. Your ideas were my favorite and wish I got to see them come to fruition!

  8. Ivan Meade says:

    Brad is the best – I am so glad to see his work in your blog.