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Out on the Rock for the Rep!

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Here are some shots from the Startin’ Early, Staying Late event at the Governor’s Mansion this week.  This fun and casual precursor to the Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s Saints and Sinners Ball has become a must on my social calendar!  Thanks to Governor Beebe and especially to Mrs. Beebe, my fellow Rep board member, for graciously opening the Mansion to so many great causes, not to mention greeting us at the door and actively hosting the event!!!

Off to the Ball

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I am off to the Saints and Sinners Ball this weekend to support the Arkansas Repertory Theater! Much prepping and primping are in order over the next two days.  Wow, isn’t there a lot of work that we girls put into these sorts of events…nails, hair, wardrobe, shoes…and the list goes on!

So while I am glamming it up, I hope you all have an equally fab weekend!  See you on Monday!!!! xoxo

My Sunshine

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With all these gray days and cold weather, I am yearning for just a tiny little ray of sunshine to come into my life!

I’m not asking for miracles here, just a day or two that have that shot of gold to take the chill off!

But don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t pass up a day more sunny than not!

 And a week of all out sunshine would be just what the doctor ordered!

But until then, I will be daydreaming of such a day and will hopefully feel just a bit warmer because of it!


Photos courtesy of Jake Curtis, Tim Evan-Cook, Jamie Drake, and Phoebe Howard.

My Little Hostess

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It is so much fun when you see characteristics of yourself in your children! My sweetie, who is only 3, is proving to be the little hostess with the mostess!  A girl after my own heart!!! She LOVES parties and was determined, while she and I were iced in at home on my birthday, to perfectly orchestrate a party for me.

It started with making birthday cookies from the dough we were saving for Valentine’s day.  With a little help from me, they turned into adorable hearts and flowers (her idea) in two fabulously complimentary shades of pink…”blush and bashful” one much deeper than the other.

And then a birthday candle was a must! I showed her a little trick with melting some wax onto the plate to make the candle stand up on its own…a trick she was especially impressed with! And certainly no party is complete without a vocal performance of “Happy Birthday”.  And with her being a performer (when she is not being a hostess, that is), she was very happy to oblige!

And to top it all off, the tablescape was lovely with matching hot pink tulips! She must have been in cahoots with her grandparents to make sure the flowers they sent were consistent with her theme!

I definitely think this little hostess has many more soirees in her future! And she made one Mommy’s birthday just perfect!

Things are Shaping Up

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Country Living

Trends…I think they are so interesting! And what is even more interesting is what those in the design industry and the design blogosphere think are trendy or rather, on their way out! I have said many times that there are a slew of design motifs that I love, trendy or not! I loved them before they experienced a surge in popularity, I loved them while they were in the midst of it, and I still love them on the tail end and for that matter, after everyone else has moved on to the latest and greatest.

Country Living

Silhouettes are on my list.  And I can’t even tell you where they are in the trend lifecycle at the moment.  They are certainly not on the cusp but they are definetely still holding strong! You can find them on fabrics, artwork, wallcovering, accessories, fine stationary, and a multitude of other decorative elements.  I am still enjoying every minute of their popularity!  And I am not the only one….so take a look for yourself!

Amanda Nisbet

Domino Magazine

Sixx Design


Simply Silhouettes

Osborne and Little’s Folia Wallcovering comes in more than five color ways. This palette is going in my daughter’s bathroom as we speak!

Osborne and Little

Barbara Barry and Thomas Paul are among the designers that think them classic enough to adorn these fantastic tabletop selections.

The options for wall decor are as varied as the faces who adorn them!

Trace Face

Super Deluxe

Petite Prints

Fountaine Maury

And Accessorizing is a snap with pieces like these!

Modern Dose

Petite Prints

when it comes to stationary, the possibilities are endless! 

Amy Squires

Petite Prints

Stacy Claire Boyd

I have silhouettes adorning some of my personal stationary and calling cards. They are so fun and chic! I am finding myself looking for excuses to use them!  Molly and I created the custom design via Mr. Boddington to compliment my personality and my home to a tee! And keep in mind  Molly’s Paperie is the Arkansas source for Fountaine Maury too!

I know this nostalgic motif is not a fit for everyone, but if you are old-fashioned at heart like I am, give this design a try.  I just think you will love how it takes shape!!