Candy Cane Dreams

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My daughter loves Candy Canes! In fact she feel asleep last night with one in her hand.  I can only imagine the sweet dreams that she had as a result, not to mention the sticky sheets!! I have to admit, I really like candy canes too. What is it about the candy cane that makes it so appealing?? Well for my daughter it may be that they come in every theme these days that you can imagine including Disney Princesses, Spongebob, Dora and Barbie.

For me I think it is because they have that handsome design that is so classic, yet still so much fun! Here are rooms that I think perfectly fit that description…red, handsome, classic and still very much fun! A few are mine, others are not, but they all certainly inspire me to continue to use one of my favorite color palettes, red, whether for the holiday season or year round!!  I love how the bedroom above, designed by Sarah Richardson, is reminiscent of candy cane stripes, it is sweet and refreshing all at the same time!

And handsome is the perfect description of the study that I designed for the 2007 Susan G. Komen Showhouse that was featured in Traditional Home last April!!

I love this space by designer Suzanne Kasler!! It is fresh and classic!

The home of ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and his wife, Alexandra Wentworth is fantastic!! It was created by interior designer Jon Barman of Washington, DC.

And I love these next 2 spaces by Jamie Drake! He and I share a love of color in most of our work.  This breakfast space is a little more modern than his typical work but great, just the same.  And the library is warm and relaxing!

I love the clever mix of finishes on this bath vanity. It was the creation of designer Glenn Gisler.

The always timeless work of designer Victoria Hagan.

And two of my all-time favorite red spaces by designer Thomas Pheasant of Baker Furniture fame!

This quaint bedroom is the work of my friend, designer Mark Cutler, from Los Angeles.

And finally a great space by designer Phillip Gorrivan.  I am a big fan of his fabric line for Highland Court!!

I hope seeing these spaces will bring you sweet dreams too!

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