28 Days of Love: Day Twelve – Tart Cherry Juice

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Today my love is going out to Tart Cherry juice! Sip this sweet and tart beverage and you’ll see benefits like: pain relief, reduced risk for heart disease, and easier sleeping! It’s a powerful antioxidant in a league of its own.

And the sharp tang of this healing beverage has me thinking about emotional pain relief and detoxification. Life’s not perfect; it’s just never going to be, no matter how enlightened we are. There will be setbacks and dissapointments aplenty, but if we can strengthen our emotional “immune systems” to move through those experiences, learn from them, and then leave them behind, we can still access true happiness even in tough times. Don’t you think?

So, if you’re having tough times, learn to see them as an opportunity to taste both the tart AND the sweet in life!


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