Latest Podcast Episode:

Ep #221: Stop Hiding, Start Showing Up with Judith Gaton

Latest Podcast Episode: Ep #221: Stop Hiding, Start Showing Up with Judith Gaton

Be at home in your own life.

Get the ultimate blueprint to successfully balancing health, wealth, and the spaces you live in each day.

How Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Business

Be at home in your own life.

Get the ultimate blueprint to successfully balancing health, wealth, and the spaces you live in each day.

Hello friend,

Our brains are powerful things. Research shows that we think somewhere between 12,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day. That’s a wide range, but even on the low end, 12,000 of anything in a day is hard to imagine.

For many of us, we can get caught up in negative thoughts and feel like we can’t find a way out of this way of thinking. Maybe you feel like you’re not good enough, you’re never going to be able to grow your business, or have enough time, or insert whatever it is you worry about here.

We all struggle with negative thoughts and I’m here to tell you, I have too. It wasn’t until I truly learned the power of positive thinking that everything changed for me, both in my personal life and in my business.

In fact, I got so into learning about positive thinking (because I saw all the awesome results I was getting from it!) that I spent years researching and learning more about it—and even ended up becoming a life coach, because I knew thinking this way was helping me to create a better life for myself—and I wanted to share that with others too.

The truth is: Thoughts drive everything we do. You think a thought, it causes a feeling, which causes you to take an action (or an inaction) and from there, you get every single result in your life.

If you haven’t become aware of your thoughts, which most people haven’t, you are at the mercy of your brain all day every day. And when you think the same thoughts for days, weeks, months or even years as many of us do, they become patterns that are deeply entrenched in our identity and what we stand for.

A belief is just a thought that you have thought over and over until it’s even more than a habit. It feels like a part of your core and it becomes a part of your mindset.

Your mindset is the lens through which you view the world, which is created by all the chatter and thoughts happening in your brain.

When you think positive thoughts, you’ll have a positive mindset. And the same is true for negative thoughts. When you get stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, you’ll have a mindset that isn’t going to get you the results you want to see.

But what you may not realize is that all thoughts, and therefore beliefs, are optional, even though they often don’t seem like they are.

In any moment, we can choose a thought that makes us happy or sad, anxious or motivated, worried or at peace. When we learn this powerful ability to choose, and we begin to choose wisely, we can create the life and business that we really want.

When you learn how to cultivate more positive thinking in your life, your business will see the results. Changing your mindset by replacing negative thoughts using the mindset tricks I explain below will yield big time results for you! For me, I was able to double my income, just by applying these methods and learning to control my negative thoughts.

We all have goals, things we want to achieve, whether at work, in our relationships, with our health or at home. There’s probably something you’d like to improve in most areas of your life!

As a creative entrepreneur, your mindset is directly linked to the success of your business, including how much money you’re making! You might have goals around your business, around your health, around your relationships—whatever they may be, since your business is YOU, all these areas of your life directly play into how successful your business will be.

The thing we all want to know is: How do we reach our goals? How do we make more money?

The simple answer is: by managing your mind. Everything starts with your thoughts! The brain is going to continue thinking, whether you manage it or not. Those thoughts are going to create emotional states and feelings that will drive action at work, at home, and at play.

So if every thought we have creates a feeling, then we end up taking action based on those feelings. If your feelings cause your actions, then knowing how you want to feel is important in getting what you want.

I cannot stress this enough when I say: Positive thinking is EVERYTHING when it comes to your business—and you’ll be amazed by how changing your mind can literally increase your profits! (Want to get a head start? Download my free Mindset + Profits 101 guide now!)

You will see so much growth in your business when you learn to manage your mind. Literally, once you have your mindset dialed in, it will solve all the main problems you’ve been struggling with—whether that’s not enough money, not enough time, feeling uncomfortable or fearing what other people will think.

After years and years of my own mindset work, I want to walk you through exactly how I manage my mindset and share a valuable tool that you can download for free and start using right away?

Ready? Let’s get started…

Replacing Negative Thoughts: How Negative Thoughts Can Impact Your Results

When we think a thought about anything, that thought then creates a feeling. And whatever feeling that thought creates can affect how we take action. We might often find ourselves not following through on certain tasks, not finishing projects, and only doing what we feel like doing, all based on our feelings.

Do you see how negative thoughts can impact your results? If you’re stuck in a negative mindset, you’re more likely to not follow through on the actions that will lead you to achieving your business goals.

So, how do we shift out of negative thinking and replace these negative beliefs that are holding us back?

Well, in order to get different results, we have to start picking different thoughts. Every bit of our success comes from our mindset. Sounds easy, right?

And what we may not realize is that there are those thoughts that we think, that are in opposition to our goals and dreams and that can derail us without us even noticing what really happened. This is the concept of Obstacle Thoughts. So what are obstacle thoughts?

They are the thoughts that immediately come to mind any time that you step outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself or try to change.

When you start to go after a new goal, immediately fear, doubt or shame will come up, and maybe all three. This happens because you are having thoughts you haven’t had before and trying to achieve things you have never done and your brain doesn’t know what to do with new thoughts at first. It’s always going to try to shut down new ideas, in the beginning, which sounds crazy, I know. We thought our brain had our back, but it doesn’t—at least not in the beginning.

How negative thoughts might be showing up in your life

Every week I encounter so many people who are quitting on themselves, and it’s so easy to recognize in other people when they are listening to their own obstacle thoughts. But it’s very hard to see it in our own thoughts and ourselves.

So, what happens when an obstacle thought comes up? Unfortunately we often quit.

For example, we decide we are FINALLY going to get healthy, and we start a new healthy eating plan and a few days in, when it gets hard, what does our brain tell us?

This Is THE worst idea you’ve ever had. What were you thinking? No one could survive this plan. Why do you even have to be healthy or slim anyway? Why can’t you just be happy? Sounds familiar, right?

And then we easily justify quitting. The problem with quitting is it slows you down, because typically you will eventually decide you really did want the goal, and then you have to start over AGAIN! And look at all that time you wasted by quitting. If you had stayed the course, you might already be at your goal by now.

Our brains can be lazy, and they sure do like to take the easy way out. So they will give us EVERY reason NOT to do something new and amazing.

The only 3 things we must understand are these…

  1. Obstacle thoughts may come up, but we don’t have to listen to them.
  2. They are NOT the truth.
  3. They have no power over us unless we let them.

Here are some of the big obstacle thoughts that come up for many of us regularly and stop us year after year, from being who we really want to be…

  • I don’t have time for this.
  • I can’t afford this.
  • Someone else didn’t do what I needed them to, so I may as well quit too.
  • I don’t have support at home (or work) so this will never work.
  • I’m not tech savvy.
  • I’m not good with finances, I will never be able to make money.
  • I am not a good public speaker, I will embarrass myself.
  • I’ve never been able to lose weight, why would I be able to now?
  • I don’t know how.
  • I am not capable of this.
  • This is too hard (life, weight loss, building a business, recovering from an illness or divorce, dealing with clients, learning a new concept, skill or way of life)

So if our #1 job to grow our business is to overcome our current thinking (which is mostly obstacle thoughts usually) by turning them into strategies, what do we do when that’s not totally working? Does it mean we created a bad strategy? Well not necessarily.

A 5-step Plan to Change Your Thoughts

Luckily, there is a proven process to make these mindset shifts. When you can identify the obstacle thoughts, and overcome them, that is far more magical than even reaching the goal. That’s when you show yourself how much power you REALLY have.

I’ve been using a framework called the Thought Model to shift my thoughts—and this process has been critical in getting the results I want from my business. It helps me to see how a thought creates a feeling, which leads to an action that is responsible for my results. So ultimately, our thoughts create our results.

That’s how powerful our thoughts are. In the thought model, the result always proves the thought. So often, it’s not just one thought keeping us stuck. We are usually spinning dozens of thoughts at once.

The most important first step, if you are not getting the results you want in your business (or any area of your life), is to identify whatever you are thinking that is getting you your current results. Because, when you can become aware of your thoughts, and the results they are causing, you can change them.

A great way to start this is by learning how to use the Thought Model and going through the 5 steps to change your thoughts. I created a free workbook for you, the 5 Steps to Maximizing Profit by Changing Your Mindset, and you can get started on this right away!

How to Change Your Thoughts When You’re Skeptical

Now, sometimes you can’t go from a very negative thought to a perfectly positive thought in one step. Sometimes you need a bridge thought like “I am learning that if I just exercise while I watch Netflix, even when I don’t want to, I can get closer to my weight goals”. And over time, your “I’m learning to” thoughts will become “I will” or “I do” thoughts.

When you know you want to change your thoughts, but you’re feeling skeptical and might not fully believe the new thought that’s replacing your old negative thought, then a bridge thought will come in handy, helping you to believe you can be successful, even when you’re wary.

For example, maybe you want to grow your email list, but you aren’t sure you know how to do it and you feel like you don’t understand the technology behind it. Instead of thinking “I don’t know how to grow my email list,” you can replace that with the bridge thought: “I’m learning that if I just spend a few hours each week focused on my digital marketing, even when I’m unsure, I can get closer to my business goals.” This will eventually become “I will grow my email list to expand my business.”

How Your Mindset is Impacting Every Area of Your Life

It is truly as simple as that. Selecting our thoughts on purpose.

And the model doesn’t just work on our health. It works on our thoughts about our finances, our goals, our relationships–truly any thought about any part of our life can be put into the model to show us what results our thoughts are creating.

In my DesignYou StarterKit, there’s a wonderful exercise to help you take stock of each area of your life, so you can get clear on where you want to see improvement. If you want to make more money, then you’ve got to shift your money mindset. If you’re ready to lose weight, then it’s time to look at self-care in a whole new way. If you want to live in a home that makes you feel supported, then you have to take time to design a home that serves you from the inside out.

Can you see already that you might have at least one negative thought in at least one area of your life that is getting you results you don’t want?

This is where positive thinking can make all the difference for you. So many times, we think it’s about having more self-control, but it’s truly about changing the way you think. Once you’re able to do that, you’ll see BIG results in your business and all the other areas of your life too!

If you want to figure out how your mindset is affecting your bottom line, I created this free downloadable workbook with the FIVE steps I always follow to manage my mindset to increase my profits. Once I started following these steps, I saw my income double in less than a year! Get your free 5 Steps to Maximizing Profit By Managing Your Mindset guide now!

I hope this is helpful for you! Leave me a comment below and let me know what obstacle thought you’re struggling with—and what the NEW thought you’re going to choose is, by working with the Model!






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