Latest Podcast Episode:

Ep #227: Navigating Life’s Transitions

Latest Podcast Episode: Ep #227: Navigating Life’s Transitions

I’m Tobi!

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Let’s focus on what matters

Your  family, your  business, your  health, your  home…

Each  of  these  is  so  very  important  to  you.
They’re  why  you  work  so  hard.

And yet, you also know how hard it can be to balance it all. Overwhelm has become a basic part of your everyday routine, and you’re starting to lose track of what matters most.

The truth is, at some point every successful woman struggles to integrate all the parts of her life. I know this first hand.

I’ve personally experienced the stress and the guilt that comes with trying to be so many things to so many people. And although it took a little while, I’ve also figured out what it takes to put the right things first in order to take the stress out of everyday life.


Hi, I’m Tobi!

I help smart, talented interior designers and creatives like you say no to “busy” and create a business and life you love.

Not so long ago, I decided to quit hustling to prove my worth. Instead of pushing and trying to prove myself, I chose to embrace who I really am and what I really want in life.

I chose my own authenticity over perfectionism.

And can I be honest? Changing my mindset and focusing on what was really important to me and to the people I love has transformed the way I live my life and do my work.

It is possible to be
healthy, happy, and profitable.

I’m grateful to say I’ve achieved a lot. I’m proud of my design firm, my fabric and furnishing lines, and the training programs I’ve created for design professionals and entrepreneurs, but it all came at a price.

I was constantly pushing myself to accomplish more and I’d say “yes” to just about everyone and everything. And, while I would have told you that my marriage, my daughter, and my health were still my top priorities, my personal life suffered.

It took a big wake-up call for me to slow down and look at what I’d created for myself. Sure, there was a lot of outward success that I wouldn’t want to give up, but I was running myself ragged and losing track of my real priorities.

I tried to have everything, be everything, do everything. It didn’t work. In that effort to have it all, I almost lost what matters most.

It was a painful realization, but it taught me my life’s most important lesson. It taught me what a healthy, integrated life could look like and that this kind of life starts from the inside out.

Choice is the most powerful force I know.

Through these challenges, I’ve discovered the power of choice and what it means to choose a life of clarity and truth rather than hustling and overwhelm. And, when I combine these insights with everything I’ve learned as an award-winning designer, coach, and entrepreneur, I’m able help you put systems in place that grow your business, enhance your home, and remodel your health and relationships.

My goal is to help you design the kind of life, business, and house where your reality lines up with your dreams. I’m passionate about helping you discover how to feel at home within yourself and to live into goals you didn’t believe were yours for the taking.

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