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Happy Memorial Day!

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I think this was quite possibly the perfect weekend. The beginning of Summer. Time with Friends and Family. Bar-B-Q and Bubbles.




This weekend I had Farm Time.



Followed by some Lake Time.


And then I had Hammock Time in my Garden…all in one weekend.


Now I am enjoying some quiet time with a little Watermelon, a cool glass of Pellegrino, and the cool sounds of Dean Martin, Harry Connick Jr. and other Ultra-Lounge tunes helping me wind down.


I hope your weekend was amazing, too. And I hope you took a little time to remember all the troops that have fought for our Freedom so we can live such a glorious life. Without them, we wouldn’t be living the American Dream!


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Falling for Fall

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Good Saturday Morning Everyone!

Today is the first really chilly day of Fall in Little Rock and my little one and I are up early and sitting by the fire in the Living Room while I enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

This first cool October day is in my top 5 favorite days of the the entire year!  The day that I can finally tell that Fall, my favorite season, has officially arrived.

Just yesterday we  loaded up my car with pumpkins and mums for our front porch, an official beginning of our Autumn celebrations!

I adore Fall. The clothes, the weather, the smell of a fire in the fireplace and cooking comfort food on the stove. It all makes me feel so nurtured and cared for. And then there’s my favorite Holiday…Thanksgiving. I love that time of reflection and gratitude for all the blessings in my life!

But this year, Fall is even better than usual for me. Why is that you ask? Well it’s because I have a few things to be especially grateful for. I have made some major changes in my life. I have gotten healthy, both mentally and physically, I have a sense of peace and serenity that I have never had.  As a result, I have gotten really happy. Blissfully happy. And it’s having a real trickle down affect on my family, my staff, and others around me.

Do you remember my series of posts 9 months ago stating my Resolutions, Plans, and Dreams for the year? Well if you missed them, follow the links above for a refresher. And since we are winding down 2012, I thought now would be a great time to see just how many of them I accomplished.

Did you write resolutions? Well if you did, pull them out and meet me back here tomorrow and let’s grade our “resolutions report card” and see what else we want to make happen in 2012 while we still have time. Plus it’s not too early to start thinking about 2013. It’s truly just around the corner.

Wishing you a Happy Fall and Happy Weekend. Don’t forget to nurture yourself and those you love during this special time of year!

Until tomorrow… xo, Tobi

P.S. You can find these lovely Fall photos on my “Falling for Fall” Pinterest Board.  And if you are looking for a creative way to celebrate Fall and nurture yourself, why don’t you come to Camp Tobi Fairley for our Design from A to Z Camp? You can learn more about it and sign up here!

Weekend Wow: Abstract Art Projects for Any Age!

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This weekend’s WOW provides a brilliant solution to two very common problems:

Problem # 1: By this time of the season, the excitement of summer break is starting to wane for the kiddos, and they could probably really use a fun and creative project to keep them engaged.

Problem # 2: When you’re working out the budget for a redesign or redecoration of your home, kids’ rooms don’t typically command a very substantial chunk of the money, and for good reason: it’s typically understood that children’s rooms will grow with them as they do.

So…I’ve rounded-up some of the most inspiring do-it-yourself abstract art that I’ve seen around the web. You can get the kids involved and use the attractive results as original artwork to hang in their rooms! The source links will take you to step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!

Crayon Rainbow Melt

This is one of many versions of this idea floating around out there. It’s easy, the result is very bright, and it will teach kids about the color spectrum!

IMG_3453-1(Source: Whatever…)

Potato Prints Two Ways (a classic!)

Talk about easy…create stamps in any shape you want by cutting a potato stamp, add paint, et voila! Oh Happy Day!)

(Source: Strawberry Chic)

Bubble Wrap Prints

Anyone can be a little Warhol and create this lively and fun pop art with bubble wrap!

(Source: Fun Art 4 Kids)

Abstract Painting With Stripes

Good old fashioned messy kid paintings are made into masterpieces just by taping-off patterns and borders.

IMG_6742(Source: White House Black Shutters)

Let me know how your summer art projects turn out!
xo, Tobi

Weekend Wow: Pretty Pantry

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Change is good, right?? Well, we are mixing things up a bit here on the blog and bringing you a few new series, including Weekend Wow. Every month, I’ll share some small crafty or DIY-like project that I’ve enjoyed creating recently. The best part? It’s something that didn’t take me forever — in fact each project only takes a weekend’s time (or less!). Let me know what you think about the first one! xo, Tobi

Life is generally pretty great in our office. We all get along, we enjoy lunches together and we get A LOT done! We did have one small (and rather unsightly) problem at TFID  though… an out-of-control, mess-and-a-half, growing-mountain-of-groceries pantry. Trust me, it was bad. If I had a before shot, I would not publish it. I mean, who knew eight girls could create such chaos in a pantry?

We ignored the problem for a while until my dear, sweet mother, Bebe, realized we needed help and made an emergency trip to The Container Store. Praise the Lord! She came back from the shopping excursion with super durable and stylish baskets — one for each of us. Now, being the creative type I couldn’t stop there. Crafting soon ensued as we all thought of ways to personalize our baskets, finally settling on individual name tags.

We took to our scrap fabric and each of us found a piece that was “her.” Our house mother–ahem, office manager–Margaret, made tags and we each spent a few minutes crafting these labels to personalize our bins.

Pretty cute, huh?

Here’s mine…

When we were all finished the organized display looked a little something like this…

Now all that’s left to wonder is how long it will stay like this!!

Happy Crafting!
– Tobi