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Moving Out!

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It’s finally here! This is the week that I move out of that gorgeous, exasperating, and soon-to-be fabulous home that you see above. Renovations will start next week – which is incredible!

I know I’ve been talking about this “new house” for what seems like forever, but it’s time to get the show on the road. And I can’t wait! I’ve told you how I love the “bones” of this house, but it’s just a functional disaster. With the help of my amazing contractor, we’re about to transform the house into my dream home!


So what do we have in the works? As you can see in my marked-up drawing above, we’re going to gut the kitchen and the master bathroom on the ground floor. We’re also switching the study and the dining room, and transforming that study into a library.


On the second floor, we’re going to redo all of the bathrooms and – this is my favorite part – we’re adding a yoga/workout/massage room! I can’t wait for that!

But this week, it’s all about packing up my house and moving some of it into storage and some of it into a condo that we’re renting during the renovation. Moving can be such a crazy time, but I’ve developed some great systems for packing things up, and I thought I would share them with you here!


Tobi’s Moving Tips

1. Systemize it. This is so key. I not only put room names on every single box (dining room, bedroom, etc.), but then I also number them. That way, I know for sure that I have 15 boxes for the living room and 10 for the guest room. You don’t want to lose a box along the way!

2. Add color. Also consider color coordinating your boxes. It’s easier for the movers if they can quickly see that all the boxes with a yellow stripe go in the kitchen and all the boxes with a black stripe will go in storage.

3. Lists are your friend! Be sure to not only put numbers/room names on each box, but to keep an inventory list of what is in each of the boxes. It never fails that the one thing you’re looking for is in the last box of 30 that you open.

4. Valuable advice. Put your jewelry, expensive objects, important papers, and computers in your own car. Those valuables can (and should) be handled by you rather than a moving company.

5. Use your luggage. Be sure each family member has one suitcase for “immediate need” items like toiletries and a couple of changes of clothing, and use other suitcases to pack up your closet.

6. More is better. Get way more boxes than you think you’ll need. Because you’ll probably use them all – and you can return what you don’t use to most moving companies.

The key to a quick and easy move is to really plan and get organized! So now I’m off to finish packing up before the movers get here! And I probably need more packing tape. Yikes!







My BIG Move

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Well I’ve been in my new home about 10 days now but I’m far from settled in. During the excitement last week I un-earthed a few of my favorite books and treasures to make this place feel a bit more like home.


But that’s when real life settled in, I went back to work, and today many boxes remain unpacked and artwork is still bubble-wrapped and leaning precariously against many a wall. And might I add, many a wall with unfortunate paint colors.


Plus I haven’t even mentioned the long list of renovations and improvements I intend to make in the coming months including updating or removing the 1960’s paneling in the living room and a complete kitchen remodel just to name a few.


And then there’s the subject of where and how to place all my furniture and the next question…to reupholster or not to reupholster? Or maybe just sprucing some pieces up with new pillows like these geometric beauties above.


Still the good news is this–I’m going to take my time and truly enjoy the process. Slow and steady is my motto for this house. I want to be very mindful of each and every design decision in a way I haven’t done for my own home before. And I know I will find that some things translate perfectly from my old house to the new, and others just won’t work at all. But what a great excuse to mix things up, right?


And the even better news is that I am going to document the entire process right here on the blog. That’s right! The behind-the-scenes, real world design process of this designer’s own home in real time. I’ll even be asking you to weigh in on some of my design decisions. Will you help me out? Should be fun, right?

So here we go friends–let’s get the creative juices flowing. My new house awaits.


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On the Move…

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I didn’t mean to go silent on you this week, but a lot is going on around here. Besides the FABULOUS new and improved Mastermind Consulting Group we had this week followed by a fantastic client meeting, I’ve been a little busy at home as you can tell from all the boxes.


The impending move is starting to seem real when I see a room like my living room (that you all have seen so many times) looking like this.


My favorite green chairs are in a sea of boxes too. And I’m beginning to bid farewell to my lovely drapery.


The Dining Room is hardly a place for dining anymore!


And even my shell art, so synonymous with my Family Room, is packed and ready to go.

It’s never easy to move with all the memories and moments that are attached to a home. But there’s no looking back now. And boy are we going to have fun renovating our new abode!

Ciao for now. I’ve got some packing to do.

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