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Design in Conversation!

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I’m still bustling around NYC, but I wanted to share with you a really fun conversation I had with Zak Graff as part of the brand new podcast series, Design in Conversation.

It’s a sprawling exchange and we discuss everything from the business of design to Oprah to flank steak! The interview can be downloaded from iTunes and supplementary materials (including recipes!) are all found over at the Design in Conversation site. AND there’s a Pinterest board with images and links relevant to the recording!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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p.s. In the interview, I mention my upcoming Getting Published and Social Media Strategy events, and you can still get the Bring a Friend for $500 special offer, but only until November 18th!! So don’t drag your feet…come learn exactly what you need to know to really launch yourself to widespread visibility!

A.W.O.L. Blogger!

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Hello, there!

I’ve been A.W.O.L. for a few days, but I want to give you a quick behind-the-scenes peek at my 12-hour day of shooting yesterday with everyone’s favorite garden guru, P. Allen Smith! We filmed some great conversations for his shows, Garden Style and Garden Home, and we also had a lot of laughs.

I have more to tell you about our shoot coming up soon, but here’s a taste for now!

Tobi and Allen 1 Tobi and Allen 2 Tobi and Allen 7

More soon!


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Happy Memorial Day!

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I think this was quite possibly the perfect weekend. The beginning of Summer. Time with Friends and Family. Bar-B-Q and Bubbles.




This weekend I had Farm Time.



Followed by some Lake Time.


And then I had Hammock Time in my Garden…all in one weekend.


Now I am enjoying some quiet time with a little Watermelon, a cool glass of Pellegrino, and the cool sounds of Dean Martin, Harry Connick Jr. and other Ultra-Lounge tunes helping me wind down.


I hope your weekend was amazing, too. And I hope you took a little time to remember all the troops that have fought for our Freedom so we can live such a glorious life. Without them, we wouldn’t be living the American Dream!


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At Home with Kim Hoegger, a Pinterest Feature

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Hi, there, and Happy Monday!

(Don’t think for one second that these images are just random…the common thread will be revealed. p.s. All are linked.)

I hope you had a very “lucky” St. Patty’s Day yesterday and that you weren’t pinched (that is…if you didn’t want to be!).

Firstly, I just want to express my deep gratitude for how welcome you have all made me feel as blogsitter for the week! Now I know what keeps Tobi blogging through thick and thin: you are a warm and generous bunch of readers! So: mwah! And thank you.

Now for something very exciting. I know Tobi has told you about her work as a coach for creative business owners. And I also know that she has told you about Mastermind Consulting Group, which is a wellspring of inspiration to her and a crucial source of community and empowerment for all of our members!

And as part of a new exercise for the group, Tobi has featured a number of these members on her Pinterest account, by hosting shared boards that really allow them to develop their brand concepts and their vision for the business of their dreams! Exciting, right?!

And I just thought it would be really fun for you to get a sense of the diverse brands these amazing creatives are building and to open the door for you to be inspired by each of their signature styles.

And the first Mastermind member whose board I want to share with you is Kim Hoegger, an interior designer who draws on her past experience as a restaurateur and hotel designer to create home spaces that invite you to be perfectly AT HOME.

All of the images in this post were pinned to the Tobi/Kim shared board, and you can explore more by checking out the board itself, HERE.





Just lovely, right? Are you getting a feel for what Kim’s aesthetic is?

I have two more boards from other members coming up later in the week, so stay tuned for more inspiration!

And tomorrow…MORE of Tobi’s thoughts on vacations while she’s, well, on vacation.

Much love,


Bunny Williams Inspires Me!

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Bunny Williams is, of course, one of the design icons of our time, and she is a great source of inspiration to me. If you are in or near New York City (or planning to be on March 21) I really think you should not miss Keith Grannet’s live interview with Bunny Williams at the Tishman Auditorium. She is not only a brilliant designer who can make very grand and exquisite spaces even MORE grand and exquisite; she also has a sharp business sense!

Here are some more of my personal favorite spaces designed by Bunny…enjoy!





p.s. As you look at these designs, ask yourself…”What makes them photograph-friendly? What about the styling makes them ‘read’ well on the page?” If you want to learn how to achieve a look that will appeal to design editors of print and virtual publications, Join me along with special guests Krissa Rossbund of Traditional Home, Ronda Carman of All the Best blog, Sandy Gilbert Friedus of Rizzoli Books, and celebrated professional photographer Nancy Nolan! Lean more HERE. I’ve made two special offers that will definitely make this event a no-brainer!!