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My New Partnership with Duralee

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This summer, I was thrilled to partner with Duralee for the Hampton Designer Showhouse! They have been one of my favorite vendors for years, but getting to work so closely with them was great. Their team was an absolute dream to work with – and now I am even more excited to announce that we’re going to continue that partnership with a new Duralee Designer: Tobi Fairley fabric collection! I am over the moon to be the next designer in Duralee’s amazing line up of Designer partners. My collection is set for debut at the wholesale Fabric Show, ITMA Showtime, in December 2015 in High Point, NC, and will be available to the Interior Design Trade in April of 2016. So that means by Spring of 2016, you can buy my fabrics from your favorite designers and manufacturers around the country.

IMG_8289 (2)

We have been hard at work on my fabric designs since last summer, and the process has been fun and fabulous! I can’t wait for you to see the patterns and colors that we’ve come up with – but I can tell you that the fabrics will definitely fit my brand of Bright, Bold, and Tailored! The gorgeous fabrics I used for the Showhouse (shown above) are from Duralee’s Bailey and Griffin Collection. And you’ll be excited to know that my Duralee Designer: Tobi Fairley Collection will have equally large-scale fabulous prints and bold colors that are right in line with my Tobi Fairley style, perfect for your pillows and drapery. Plus there will be brightly-colored woven geometrics and florals that are hard-working and perfect for your upholstery!


As you know, I’ve been producing my own fabrics for a few years now. You can see those patterns above. But it is SUCH an amazing opportunity to move onto a national stage with a premier fabric company like Duralee. They really get what designers need and ultimately what consumers want in their interiors, and together we are going to produce fabrics that are fashion-forward and essential!

I’ve formed some terrific partnerships this year – including those with CR Laine and Soicher Marin. And you’ll be able to see those incredible collections at the upcoming April High Point Market. With Duralee added to that list, all three of these companies really fit my brand and my aesthetic. But they also are just terrifically great people to work with – and that’s what is really important to me and the people in my company. And look for at least one more company to join up with us for this fun ride in the near future and round out the great offerings I am bringing you for your home.

Thanks for coming along with us!










Nautically Nice

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With all of this warmer weather we’ve been having lately, I’m already dreaming of summer and can almost hear the ocean calling my name! It’s never to early to start scouting for some fresh updates for your home or wardrobe and get ready to ring in the season of sunshine and sandy beaches. These nautically inspiring finds will have you saying “anchors away!”

1. Catamaran Stripe Breton Red/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug by Dash & Albert Rug Company  2. Chevron Oval Lamp by Jill Rosenwald Studio  3. Flavin Stripe Skirt by Marc by Marc Jacobs  4. Chambray Blue Stripe Pillow by Barclay Butera  5. Overboard Red Navy by Naughty Monkey  6. Katie Double Wrap by Marc by Marc Jacobs  7. Hilary Duffle from Scout by Bungalow  8. America’s Cup Napkin Set by Dabney Lee Home  9. Nautical Sailboat Invitation Set by Dots & Dahlias from Etsy  10. Antibes Chevron Navy Fabric by F. Schumacher  11. Rope Bin Collection in Cobalt by Serena & Lily  12. Rockabilly Pin Up Navy & White Stripe with White Anchor Nautical Sailor Hair Bow Clip by Lulu in the Sky from Etsy 13. Jacobson Stud Bangle by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Need more Nautical? Head on over to Pinterest and check out our Going Nautical board!

Design Camp Session 2: Inspiration Boards and a Contest too!

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Design Summer Camp session 2 is all about what inspires you.  Campers will be taking the things they love and turning them into a stepping stone for a beautiful room.

Here are some things that inspire me…

White Peonies

Blogs (this image from Coco +Kelley)

Classic ornamentation

Other Designers creations

Bold, geometric fabrics

Pure, gorgeous color


DIY projects

Entertaining in Style

Now don’t you think these are the perfect pieces to inspire a beautiful room?

So here’s the fun part. I will be bringing my favorite inspiration boards from my Design Campers here to the blog later this week for a vote and the winning board gets a fabulous spa package from Ava Bella Day Spa. What a way to find some inspiration, Right?

And now for even more exciting news…You can be a winner too! Email your very own digital design inspiration board to us at by noon this Friday July 16th and I will select one of you to win free tuition to an upcoming Design Camp Weekend Session (travel and lodging not included).  This prize is valued at $500 but the design skills you will learn are priceless!  So get to work on your board today.

Images: Inspiration Board via House and Home  , Room from Coco +Kelley, Door knocker via Grant Gibson, Green leather chair from House and Home  , Pillows by Caitlin Creer, Fashion from, DIY project via Lonny Mag, and tablesetting from This is glamorous.

Day 21 of Things I Love: Fabric

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I love the idea of having a Muse for my work! World-renown artists, fashion designers and musicians have always had a Muse! The idea is sexy and mysterious and downright exciting!

And to be honest I have a Muse myself…Fabric!

But let me be more specific here! I LOVE colorful print fabrics!! Cottons, Linens, Florals, Damasks…they float my boat!! Prints are my muse for all my designs! They are what inspire me to do what I do! They are what drive every project I design, every room I create, every space I transform. And even more fun is the idea of a gorgeous, sexy and mysterious woman wearing these fabulous prints! Now this is truly an inspiration, not only for my designs but for my own personal fashion style! Creating the imaginary storyline of this gorgeous lover-of-prints living in my bold and dramatic interiors is all I need to be re-energized to create fantastic interiors!

My good friend Michelle Adams, designer of the AMAZING eco-friendly fabric line Rubie Green has created this so-called Muse for me along with her friend, photographer Patrick Cline. They have gone so far as to actually photograph this mythical woman I envision, and she sits above on the bar with her tea in my very favorite fabric of Michelle’s, “Marilyn”.

This bold and sassy rose print has an amazing hand. It’s a cotton canvas-like sustainable fabric.  And it is just what the doctor ordered for my guest room makeover! I just received 40 yards of this lovely print yesterday and it has been put into production asap to get my room ready for receiving a Special Guest later this month!!

When it comes to selecting a fabric for me, the more color the better! And a bold pattern…ooh la la!  There is nothing I adore more! People often ask me how I make color and pattern work in a room with such success. I admire textile designers who are savvy at walking that fine line between doing color and pattern well versus those who can’t. The right combination of color and pattern can be gorgeous and sexy and fun or it can look cheap! Great fabric designers make my job so much easier!

Michelle’s other patterns (some shown above) are equally daring and sophisticated but I am still partial to my girl “Marilyn”!

Another sassy fabric line that is going outside the box in color and also in novelty patterns is Of the Young and the Restless.  I first heard of them several months ago on Michelle Adams’ blog M.A. Belle and I had a flashback of my soap-watching days of college. But these fabrics are nothing as dull and traditional as you might see in the home of some outdated soap star! These fabrics are super unique!!

Not for the faint of heart, Of the Young and the Restless marries unique and pure color like in their bright coral “Nesting Shells” print contrasting with strong black detailing!! And the result for me…I am in LOVE!!! And I also happen to have a thing for birds and they hit the mark with their “Birdhouse” pattern that comes in two colorways, colonial and floridian!

Another of my dear textile-designing friends, Michael Devine, is right up my alley with his stunning overscaled prints on linen!! I am crazy about Gramercy in every colorway but am especially fond of the yellow!!

The uber-sophisticated Aerin Lauder loves Michael’s Gramercy too and covered her bedroom in the black version as evidenced in the July/August 2009 issue of Elle Decor.

Michael does a beautiful job with his collection offering a variety of geometrics, novelties and damasks!

Designer Charlotte Moss is fond of Michael’s work too! She covered her Kips Bay room in it this year with fabulous success!

And from another Interior Designer Extraordinaire, Windsor Smith, comes the great geometric print collection for Kravet.

Windsor’s clean and crisp style comes through in the simplicity of her fabric designs! Though some of the color ways are a bit more muted than my typcial style, I love her line as an option for more serene settings like bedrooms or when I am looking to create more of a spa retreat.

I am using her “insignia” print in my yoga room at my new Design studio that will be complete later this year! I promise to post pics!!

Also new to the Kravet Fabric family is a collection from my Friend Barclay Butera. You all know how crazy I am about Barclay’s wing chairs. I use them as often as I can, including in my own home!

I am anxious to see more about Barclay’s Kravet fabric collection soon! You can watch a great video of Barclay’s inspiration for his line from the Kravet website. Here’s a link to the Barclay Butera Video.

And be sure to become a Fan of Kravet on Facebook where you can see Barclay’s video, another video about the Windsor Smith Collection and other interesting happenings from Kravet including an upcoming article by Yours Truly on Social Networking from a designer’s perspective!

Another company that knows both color and pattern and can executive them with extreme style is Quadrille!! Their website is a testiment to their gorgeous textiles with it’s showcase of these beautiful designer projects below!! I love the room with the red sofa by the great Carlton Varney who was mentored by Dorothy Draper.

I am a fan of all the Quadrille Collections especially their signature Quadrille line and also the China Seas collection!! They do toiles and ikats like no other!

Always one of my go-to companies, Schumacher has especially been on my radar since the launch of their Celerie Kemble collection and their new indoor-outdoor designs by fashionista Trina Turk!

I used Celerie’s “Hot House Flowers” in mineral on my own headboard. And I am head-over-heels with the Verdance color way below!

And I just covered some great Hickory Chair Wings in them for my shop! I will be sharing photos of my showroom in an upcoming post.

I have been using the Trina Turk line liberally for clients as well! And I had a blast using it for the IV party Charity Even in May.

There are so many amazing color schemes for Trina’s line, I can’t decide which ones I like best…black and yellow, bright blue and lime, red and orange.  They are all spectacular and I would expect nothing less from this fab fashion designer whose boutiques are an interior design extravaganza themselves!

But one thing that I can decide on is that I LOVE Fabrics!! Bold, dramatic, colorful, delicious Print Fabrics!

And on This Day #21 of Things I LOVE…I am inspired to create a line of my own so I better stop blogging and get to work!!

It’s not easy being Green!

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I know the Green movement is in full swing! And I am a huge fan of it! One of my favorite books is Green Chic—saving the earth in style by Christie Matheson. And as Matheson so profoundly says “Being Green isn’t a fad…it’s timelessly chic!” I am on board 100% and I am so glad that luxury design products are finally starting to take notice and offer some options for environmentally-friendly products with a lot of style.

But today, I am not talking about the Environment. I’m talking color.  It’s such a personal thing. And often your taste in color changes as you age and mature.  My early design work was full of bold colors, often on the walls and in fabrics.  I was younger then with a lot more energy, and loved the stimulation that color gave me while I was working long hours to build my business. Color is also a great way to hide a multitude of sins with walls that are not so perfect.  And it can add visual interest to spaces that are not architecturally exciting. So when we could not afford a beautifully detailed space, color was a great way to vamp it up a bit.

Now, almost 10 years later, I still love color, but I usually use it in a little more subtle way.  Don’t get me wrong, I can still pop a bright fushia floral print drapery, or a rich blue velvet sofa in a space, but for the most part, walls are toned down, furniture finishes are a little softer. I attribute this to not only my experience and age but also to my need for serenity in my home in contrast to my extremely busy lifestyle.  Keeping up with 40 clients, 8 employees, dozens of vendors and one vociferous 3-year-old will make anyone yearn for a retreat!

Now, I like almost every color, though some better than others.  And when I was developing my own design scheme for my new home last year, I wanted to select something that I had not used very often. A color that would seem new and fresh and exciting, while at the same time give me that relaxing retreat that I longed for. So what did I choose…Green!  What color could be more fresh than green? It is natural and organic. It is cool and calming.  And certain shades of it happen to rank right up there at the top of my Favorites.

As Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green”! Green is a tough one for many people to get their arms around, and especially their furniture. Most people either love it or they hate it. And believe me it is a dangerous one to execute in a design scheme.  If not used just perfectly, it can look like a science experiment gone extremely wrong.  I even have it on good authority that one of my favorite government leaders doesn’t care for it at all.

But my family and I are really pleased with the way Green came together in our home.  Our living room and dining room are two of our favorite spaces! Especially our Barclay Butera Wing Chairs and of course those beloved Spitzmillers! One of my personal favorites, the amazing crewel paired with chartreuse vinyl on our dining room chairs by Hickory Chair.

See how beautifully they photographed! And they look even better in person.

And I think green is being used really well right now by several of my favorite furniture and textile designers.  I would love for you to see some of my favorite pieces.  Had I known about any of these when I was designing my home, I would have certainly planned a space for many of them.  And who knows, I might still sneak one or two of them in when my husband isn’t looking! I hope you like these things as much as I do. And if you are going Green Chic, whether the color or the movement (I advise doing both), best of luck with your project!

Jan Showers’ AMAZING Green Venetian Glass Lamps! I am dying to put these in a project!

This William Switzer table is spectacular with its Baroque influence.  And if you don’t care for the Lime Green top, you’re in luck! It comes in several standard colors and for an extra charge can be customized in any color.

The Beautiful New Fabric Collection by London designer Trisha Guild is a tribute to historical fabrics of English Royalty.  I am crazy about many of the large-scale damask patterns but the green color way is my favorite!