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Why I Love Sherwin-Williams’ Relaxed Khaki…

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Each month when my House Beautiful arrives in the mail one of the first pages I flip to is the “Color” section. This may not come as a surprise to you since we know I’m all about color. However, it was a delightful surprise for me to be featured alongside some of my favorite designers in the May issue’s “Color” story on living rooms.

When I was first contacted about this piece, I thought I would most likely choose a bold color. But after I thought about it, I decided that Sherwin-Williams’ “Relaxed Khaki” is truly my go-to color for all living spaces, because it doesn’t make you choose just one palette. It plays nice with all colors from aqua to red, orange to plum. It’s one of the most versatile and easy-living colors you’ll find anywhere!

Wondering what other colors I love? You can get a free download of my Top Ten Paint Colors when you fill out the web form to the right of this post. The download will be emailed to you, plus you’ll be in the loop on all my upcoming design camps, product launches and speaking engagements.

Ok…so I told you my go-to color. What’s yours??



Sunday Showcase: Mottega Lamps

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Confession: here at TFID we are slightly – er, okay majorly – OBSESSED with Mottega lamps. If you’re not already familiar with this fabulous, innovative company (which was created by Mark Moussa who also happens to be the creator of Arteriors Home!), allow me introduce you to one of the best ideas in lighting history!

This highlight from House Beautiful in 2011 is a great illustration of what Mottega is all about — configuration! On Mottega’s user-friendly website, you can mix and match lamp “anatomy” and colors until your heart is content! It’s like Legos for grown-ups. Ha!

There’s truly something for everyone, and the possible combinations are endless!

Some like it with gloss… (photo source: Apartment Therapy)

… and some like it with glass!

Here’s a few configurations I put together for you as a little demo:

Cool, right? So head on over to the Mottega Configurator and design the lamp of your dreams!



Amanda Nisbet’s Dazzling Design Book!!

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I first met Amanda Nisbet back in 2004 at a business coaching session we were both attending in NYC. It would be an understatement to say we hit it off immediately!

I think one of the reasons we clicked was our shared love for both color and pattern. That, and neither of us take ourselves too seriously!!

Here are just a few of her AMAZING designs that I love.

Since she has such a gift for using color, what better way to showcase her work than a book, right??

That’s why I’m so excited to say her first book, Dazzling Design, will be released September 15!

Congrats to my dear friend, Amanda! I hope you will pick up a copy as soon as it hits shelves (or reserve a copy through the pre-sale now!!). I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

Happy Reading,


P.S. If you’re attending High Point Market this week, I hope to see there! I’ll be speaking on the “Branded: Making a Name for Yourself and Increasing Your Business” panel on Monday at 10 am at the High Point Theater. Drop by and say “hello!”

If This Room Were A…

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Last year I used lots of bright, happy shades of coral in a bedroom I designed for The Hampton Designer Showhouse.

Everything about this color makes me want to smile. So, I thought it might be fun to deconstruct this room see what other things remind me of this vibrant coral. Here are a few treats I found to remind me of this bedroom.

If this room were a bag…it would be the Boardwalk Tote from J. Crew. Doesn’t it scream BEACH DAY!?!

If this room were a fragrance…it would be Melon Daiquiri by Philosophy. I am not sure what I love more – the decadent scent or the delicious recipe on the bottle!

If this room were a jelly bean…it would be a Sunkist Pink Grapefruit Jelly Belly.  Hopefully the Easter Bunny will leave these for me in my Easter basket!

What does this room bring to mind for you?


- Tobi


Essie Color Inspiration

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You know I love color! Maybe, that’s why I’m in love with all of the vibrant colors in Essie’s 2012 spring collection. These little bottles of nail polish go to show that nothing is too small to inspire a big transformation! I love the palette so much that I decided to match each color with some favorite spaces that I’ve spotted recently.

To see more on Essie’s spring collection, click here. To read more about the inspiration photos pictured, click on the corresponding links below.

Color makes me happy? Don’t you agree?



(1. House Beautiful: Kitchen by Gideon Mendelson & Elle Decor: Dining Room by Françoise and Yves Gastou 2. Traditional Home: Living Room by Julie Massucco Kleiner & House Beautiful: Girl’s Room by Allison Paladino 3. Elle Decor: Office by Kelly Wearstler & Drake Design Associates: Bedroom by Jamie Drake 4. House Beautiful: New Orleans Home by Hal Williamson 5. House Beautiful: Bedroom by Smith Hanes & Houzz: Family Room by Heather ODonavan 6. Houzz: Bathroom by Refined LLC & Elle Decor: Paris Apartment by Sabine de Gunzburg)