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Bee Line Home by Bunny Williams

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Bunny Williams’ line of furniture and accessories called Beeline Home is a wonderful collection she has created that I find truly unique.  From traditional to modern, the line includes items inspired by meaningful objects either owned or coveted by Bunny.  The collection is produced in limited editions and will launch new items annually.


The “Nailhead Sofa” is gorgeous.  It’s based on a leather-covered inspiration piece Bunny has in her New York office.  The curved apron with nailhead trim makes it one of the most unique sofas I’ve seen.


The “Garden Panel” in the collection is a large-scale piece with a beautiful hand-carved design.  Measuring in at 60” x 60”, the bas relief plaster work is reminiscent of 1930s plasterwork.


The “Taj Pillow Collection” is hand embroidered in India.  The color palette and designs are absolutely striking.  The designs of the pillows are derived from Italian, Indian and French inspiration.


Beautifully executed, the “Eglomise Coffee Table” has a gilded iron base.  The inset top is Verre églomisé.  From the French term meaning glass gilded, Verre églomisé is a process where the backside of glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf.


I hope you like the Beeline Home collection as much as I do.  It’s the perfect place to find a unique piece to finish off a room.  The wonderful talent of Bunny Williams is apparent in each and every item in this collection!

And don’t forget to leave a comment today to be entered to win an autographed copy of one of Bunny’s great books! The drawing will be held this Friday at noon Central Standard Time.

Good luck!

Hickory Chair’s Idea of the “Little Black Dress”

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Early This Month I had the FANTASTIC opportunity to attend Hickory Chair University, an informative and moving 3 day visit to the Hickory Chair Factory in High Point, NC! I am working on some amazing posts for you about my experience there but in the mean time wanted to share with you a Great Post by Laura Holland from the Hickory Chair University Blog.

I find Laura’s take on the Little Black Dress in Your Closet to be a fun way to understand that buying furniture is not unlike building a wardrobe! Thanks to Laura for the post! I hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned for a fun new series I am launching for the month of July!! It will feature both Dresses and Hickory Chair! I think you’re gonna like it! xoxo Tobi

And PS…The photo above is by artist Jason Brooks courtesy of the blog Life in a Venti Cup.  See Franki’s recent post about Jason’s work here!!

Life is Short, use the good china! And the Hutch too!

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I love tableware! This love is something I get from my parents! Yes, believe it or not, both my mom and my dad love a great set of China. My parents have collected beautiful china for years and the fun part is that they didn’t wait for a special occasion to use it.  We used it when just sitting down to dinner with family or a few friends.  And when a special event did come up, mom pulled out all the stops with amazing centerpieces, linens, crystal, candles and all the trimmings! It doesn’t hurt that she is an amazing cook either! Some of my favorite china patterns that my parents have collected over the years include the simple “Ebony and Ivory” by Lennox, Marc Blackwell’s signature series with my dad’s name engraved on the rim and fun patterns like Jaguar Jungle by Lynn Chase.


My dad started my first china pattern when I was about 18 years old, before I even had a place of my own. I was so excited, I will never forget.  My very first china pattern…”White” by Wedgewood.  It is this perfect bone china, so simple and sophisticated! It goes with everything! And I have since collected several amazing sets of accents plates to make it fun an exciting. Including one of my favorites, the coral motif plate from the “Cristobal” pattern by Reynaud.  I have also added “Monkey Business” by Lynn Chase for fun occasions and Majesty Platinum by Wedgewood with the perfect platinum rim and my monogram for something a little more formal.  And for the perfect summer party, I have a fun set of lime and white cabana stripe china by Marc Blackwell. 


Wedgewood’s Majesty Platinum with Monogram


Monkey Business by Lynn Chase

And just like I love collecting shoes and plan for future additions to my shoe collection, I have a “wish list” for china too.  At the top of the list is “Balcons du Guadalquivir” by Hermes, more “Cristobal” by Reynaud, “Avington Lavendar” by William Yeoward, and “Carolina” by Marc Blackwell, which is the perfect shade of Robin’s Egg Blue.  And it even has this fabulous coffee set that matches. See all these beautiful patterns below!!

The amazing Balcons Du Guadalquivir pattern by Hermes!  Probably my most favorite!!!


And the Fabulous Cristobal by Raynaud


This is the Avington Lavendar by William Yeoward…so fresh and unique.  I can just see this set for Springtime. It would look great on a Sod-covered round table!!!


And Marc Blackwell’s Carolina, it is charming and sophisticated! You can not go wrong with it!

Now all this talk about China leads me to another important subject…storage! And just as I am a big fan of closet systems and organizers for my shoes, let’s talk about one of my favorite pieces of furniture…china hutches!  With a huge collection of china, it is imperative to have the perfect storage piece!  And exciting china hutches are experiencing a great resurgence lately.  They are being designed with a great deal of creativity and care by many of the nations most famous interior designers including some of my favorites like Barbara Barry and newcomers like Windsor Smith.  Some are a fresh take on traditional styles and others are new and unique!

Barbara Barry’s Glamourous Hutch by Henredon.

And Windsor Smith’s take on an old classic breakfront…I especially love this one!!!!

But like most things of quality the great ones are not inexpensive! The good news is that investing in a great china hutch is worth the money because it will last a lifetime and will protect your china collections so that they can be passed down for generations to come!!

Here are my some of my other favorites that you might consider when purchasing one for yourself! I actually have the Hickory Chair Vauxhall in cream with a custom Benjamin Moore paint finish on the interior in the perfect shade of kelly green to compliment my living room. Whatever you decide to purchase, just remember that life is too short not to use the good china! Even if it is not for an important occasion, I urge you to take the opportunity to make everyday life just a little more special!! What are you saving it for?? Bon Appetite!

The Vauxhall like I have in my own home! It holds a ton of stuff but doesn’t take up much room!!

This is a photo of my good friend, designer Amanda Nisbet’s living room. She lives in a Fabulous New York Apartment and this BEAUTIFUL William Yeoward hutch is the focal point!!!!

I think this Julian Chichester Circles cabinet is pretty swell too! I put it in a young clients home recently.  She is whimsical and energetic and I thought this was the perfect compliment to her personality!!

It’s all there in Black and White.

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I love color! I have used bold shades of it in interior design for years. But there is just something so graphic and bold and handsome about black and white.  It is crisp and dramatic and I find that I gravitate towards it time and again.  Maybe it is the same excitement I get from using black and white in my wardrobe that translates into my interior design.  There is nothing more appealing than a starched white tailored shirt.  And black….do I even own anything to wear that is not black.  It is the comfort color. It makes you look slim and sleek and sophisticated!  And when you put these 2 colors together, it is just a combination that can’t be beat! It is timeless. It is glamorous. It is classic.

I think there is an art to making black and white comfortable in an interior application.  There is always the risk of it coming off too stark, or harsh, or cold.  So here are some tips for achieving drama and style without sacrificing comfort in your home

1. Layer in various tones of white with black so that the space is not too stark.  I would err on the side of off-white or cream in many instances. It still reads “black and white” but it is a little softer.
2.Integrate other colors as an accent.  Even if you want to keep the palette neutral, a little tan or charcoal can add depth to the palette and give it a little more interest than simply black and white. And if you are willing to go bold, pop in a bright yellow, hot pink, or apple green for an exciting twist!
3. Layer in pattern and texture.  Since you are primarily working with 2 colors, it is important that you have a variety of pattern and texture to make the space both visually interesting and also comfortable and soothing to the touch.  I prefer large-scale patterns in black and white to really play up the drama.  And contrary to popular believe, I think large patterns work exceptionally well in small spaces!
4. Mix in metallic finishes to add another “color” dimension to the space.  Both gold and silver work beautifully with black and white depending on the style you are trying to evoke.  Silver leaf, chrome, or nickel finishes would give a more contemporary feel where gold and gold leaf put a traditional spin on the black and white palette.
5. Incorporating a variety of stained and painted wood tones into the space can certainly add warmth and interest.  Again, depending on the style of the room, stained wood can be a fabulous addition.  Using it with a sleek finish can make the space feel new and fresh. Combining black and white with more rustic stained and painted finishes can work beautifully for a more traditional and casual result.

Here are some photos of my own home, where I have incorporated the black and white color palette. They are actually some of my favorite spots in the whole house!

I also used black and white as an accent in my previous home. It was a 1950’s ranch style so the mod look of black and white was a great compliment!!

And this last space is a guest bathroom in a client’s home. I love the geometric pattern and banded shower curtain:

Here are some beautiful black and white products currently on the market! These Madeline Weinrib Rugs and Pillows are some of my favorite black and white finds!


Barbara Barry does a beautiful job with black and white!! Her Bracelet Chair is a classic!!



And Suzanne Kasler’s New Collection for Hickory Chair has some beautiful Black and White pieces!!

So I hope these photos have inspired you to give black and white a try!! It may be just the perfect addition to your home!

It’s not easy being Green!

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I know the Green movement is in full swing! And I am a huge fan of it! One of my favorite books is Green Chic—saving the earth in style by Christie Matheson. And as Matheson so profoundly says “Being Green isn’t a fad…it’s timelessly chic!” I am on board 100% and I am so glad that luxury design products are finally starting to take notice and offer some options for environmentally-friendly products with a lot of style.

But today, I am not talking about the Environment. I’m talking color.  It’s such a personal thing. And often your taste in color changes as you age and mature.  My early design work was full of bold colors, often on the walls and in fabrics.  I was younger then with a lot more energy, and loved the stimulation that color gave me while I was working long hours to build my business. Color is also a great way to hide a multitude of sins with walls that are not so perfect.  And it can add visual interest to spaces that are not architecturally exciting. So when we could not afford a beautifully detailed space, color was a great way to vamp it up a bit.

Now, almost 10 years later, I still love color, but I usually use it in a little more subtle way.  Don’t get me wrong, I can still pop a bright fushia floral print drapery, or a rich blue velvet sofa in a space, but for the most part, walls are toned down, furniture finishes are a little softer. I attribute this to not only my experience and age but also to my need for serenity in my home in contrast to my extremely busy lifestyle.  Keeping up with 40 clients, 8 employees, dozens of vendors and one vociferous 3-year-old will make anyone yearn for a retreat!

Now, I like almost every color, though some better than others.  And when I was developing my own design scheme for my new home last year, I wanted to select something that I had not used very often. A color that would seem new and fresh and exciting, while at the same time give me that relaxing retreat that I longed for. So what did I choose…Green!  What color could be more fresh than green? It is natural and organic. It is cool and calming.  And certain shades of it happen to rank right up there at the top of my Favorites.

As Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green”! Green is a tough one for many people to get their arms around, and especially their furniture. Most people either love it or they hate it. And believe me it is a dangerous one to execute in a design scheme.  If not used just perfectly, it can look like a science experiment gone extremely wrong.  I even have it on good authority that one of my favorite government leaders doesn’t care for it at all.

But my family and I are really pleased with the way Green came together in our home.  Our living room and dining room are two of our favorite spaces! Especially our Barclay Butera Wing Chairs and of course those beloved Spitzmillers! One of my personal favorites, the amazing crewel paired with chartreuse vinyl on our dining room chairs by Hickory Chair.

See how beautifully they photographed! And they look even better in person.

And I think green is being used really well right now by several of my favorite furniture and textile designers.  I would love for you to see some of my favorite pieces.  Had I known about any of these when I was designing my home, I would have certainly planned a space for many of them.  And who knows, I might still sneak one or two of them in when my husband isn’t looking! I hope you like these things as much as I do. And if you are going Green Chic, whether the color or the movement (I advise doing both), best of luck with your project!

Jan Showers’ AMAZING Green Venetian Glass Lamps! I am dying to put these in a project!

This William Switzer table is spectacular with its Baroque influence.  And if you don’t care for the Lime Green top, you’re in luck! It comes in several standard colors and for an extra charge can be customized in any color.

The Beautiful New Fabric Collection by London designer Trisha Guild is a tribute to historical fabrics of English Royalty.  I am crazy about many of the large-scale damask patterns but the green color way is my favorite!