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Beautiful Bedrooms

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Bedrooms may just be my favorite rooms to decorate! They are often so beautiful and relaxing not to mention romantic! So as this month of Romance is winding down, I wanted to remind you just what a respite bedrooms can be from your hectic life.  And if your bedroom does not replenish you and your sweetie give me a call! We can make yours a place you can’t wait to get home to.

Here are a few of my favorite bedrooms that I have designed.

And a few more bedrooms that inspire me! Maybe they will inspire you to create your on retreat!

Inspiration bedrooms from Domino Mag by Miles Redd, Kelly Wertsler, Jan Showers and Jay Jeffers.

Life’s too short to sleep on low thread-count sheets!!

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Sleep. Who gets enough of it?  I can assure you that lately my staff and I have not! Burning the candle at both ends and in the middle does not leave much time for slumber.  But it makes the time you do get to sleep all the more important!! And as one of my favorite quotes on sleep says:  Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds (JoJo Jensen, Dirt Farmer Wisdom, 2002). So you owe it to yourself to make sure you not only get enough but get the best quality or you may find yourself having a tantrum or two!

It is said that we spend a third of our life in bed.  So why not make your bed the most comfortable and luxurious place in your home. My husband and I love ours so much that even though we love to travel, we can’t wait to get back home for a great nights sleep. But comfort is not the only criteria…for me a stylish, clutter-free aesthetic is a huge factor in whether or not I enjoy spending time in my bedroom.

There are so many elements that must be just right to make every hour of sleep count.  And though every person’s list is different, there are a few things that are essential to everyone’s sleep habits! Here’s my list:

1. A Great Mattress! For me that means soft and plush, but to each his own.  The most important thing is quality and support and for me allergy control. A plush mattress pad can make all the difference.
2. A Fabulous set of Sheets and a back up set or two when you are short on laundry time.
3. Light Control—I need a dark room, so drapery with black-out lining is a must! And for when you travel, a quality sleep mask to simulate a dark room even if your hotel room is not.
4. The perfect climate (cool) combined with the perfect combination of blankets and comforters because my husband is hot natured and I LOVE covers!
5. Great pillows. For my husband and me that means Goose Down and lots of them.
6. Water on the bedside table.
7. A great little book light for when I just can’t put down my latest read and Carter is ready for lights out!
8. A beautiful journal or sketchbook…some of my best ideas come when my head hits the pillow! If I don’t write them down I can’t fully relax.
9. A great TV.  I know they say don’t put one in the bedroom, but we just love piling up in front of our flat-screen and watching our favorite shows recorded on the DVR…Project Runway, Grey’s anatomy, the Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives.
10. And last but not least candles and fresh flowers on my bedside table! I love to keep them in every room, just to make it seem fresh and organic!  Having them on my bedside table when I fall asleep helps me have sweet dreams!

So here’s some recommendations for satisfying some of my top ten…hope these help you get a better nights sleep.

Although I love linens from many companies, my all time favorite sheets are the Legna Collection by SDH.  Made from Italian wood fibers, they are softer than silk but launder better than cotton.  And no ironing required!
For the top of the bed, I am especially fond of coverlets and duvet covers from Matouk Linens.  They give that fresh and crisp look of hotel bedding and have wonderful thread counts that make them soft to the touch!  Their designer collections from Lulu DK come in fabulous colors and patterns but still with that crispness of the hotel collections.

The hip and fashionable journals from Angela Adams and Habel Construction are some of my favorites.  And I also love the ones from Tigo, who were on Oprah’s favorite things list.

The perfect sleep mask comes from Red Envelope. Their bamboo blanket and eye mask is perfect for hotel, airplanes and even right at home. And it is eco-friendly to boot!

A great water carafe for your bedside is available at Williams Sonoma.  It can even be monogrammed for a personal touch.

The best little book light I have found is from Hammacher Schlemmer.   It lights two pages at a time without waking your honey! It is perfect for my current reads waiting on my bedside table including Eat, Pray, Love (I am half way through and it is amazing!), The E-Myth Revisited, Candice Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue, and Work Sucks (I’ve heard it is great, I’ll let you know!)

My perfect pillow and duvet are from Down, Inc.  I like the 50% white goose down  and 50% Snow White Down composition.  It is the best combination of soft yet supportive for me! Their Matress pads are great too!

Choosing a mattress is a very personal choice, but I recommend you try before you buy if at all possible!

So here’s to a great night’s sleep! Good night!