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The Wait is Over!

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After almost a year of waiting, tonight is the night! Season four is here and it’s so bittersweet. I just can’t bear to see for myself that our beloved Matthew Crawley is dead. I can’t imagine how we will survive without the handsome and romantic gent with those dreamy eyes. 


I feel like somehow Lady Mary will manage better than we. After all, she has to keep it together, she has a baby to raise.

I know many of you just can’t get on the Downton Abbey bandwagon, but I implore you to give it a chance. Once you are bitten with the Downton bug, you will thank me, I promise.

After all, the show isn’t only beautifully filmed with gorgeous architecture and costumes, with brilliant and witty writing and better than soap opera story lines, it even plays perfectly into my life’s philosophy. See for yourself with these Downton Abbey quotes…


The perfect mantra for my year of “ACTION”, don’t you think? I’d love to tell myself and many others to stop whining and go after what we say we really want right now! Whining–the epitome of procrastination.


And talk about the perfect way to sum up finally finding your sweet spot! Living your passion and being your authentic self right here in a nut shell straight from Downton wisdom.


So cheers to all of you who are waiting impatiently for tonight’s season premier like me. And for those of you who aren’t, by all means, head straight to iTunes and get caught up whilst we start season four and enjoy a spot of tea.

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Meet Bamboo Trellis: My Exclusive Lighting Collection

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Tobi Fairley Bamboo Trellis Table Lamp

Today I’m announcing–along with Lamps Plus–my design for lampshades in this new Bamboo Trellis lighting collection. My lampshade pattern is part of the Icons Collection, which is an amazing launch of designs by 5 interior designers (or design teams).  It was an honor to be chosen among such great company, and it has been a labor of love. I’m so excited to finally share the gorgeous results with YOU! Can I show you a few of my favorites?

These Bamboo Trellis classic pendant lights are designed with an eye to style as well as function, and I’m sure you’ll find a perfect use for them in your own home!

Tobi Fairley Bamboo Trellis 16 inch wide Pendant

The pendants are just the beginning of all the fun, though, and I’ve also designed shades for some other great items, like this Bamboo Trellis Arc Floor Lamp

Bamboo Trellis Arc Floor Lamp

or this Bamboo Trellis Swag Plug-in Chandelier.

Tobi Fairley Bamboo Trellis Swag Plug In Chandelier

All of these shades also come in lots of great colorways to work with your own palette, and there are SO many more shapes, sizes and styles to LOVE, so go shopping and let me know what you think!!

Tobi Fairley Bamboo Trellis 16 Inch Wide Ceiling Light


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Shop My One Kings Lane Sale, Today Through Saturday!

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Banner_121213 SalesEvent_25689_Lifestyle_1

I’m so excited that today is the launch of my fourth Tastemaker Tag Sale with One King’s Lane! Not sure what that means? Imagine being able to shop my personal collection of furnishings and accessories for just 72 hours. You’ll find items that I’ve handpicked and ordered custom for staging, photo shoots, and MORE. Let me give you a sneak peek of what you’ll find on my sale this week.

By now you’re probably pretty familiar with my formal living room. But now you can purchase some key pieces that will give your own space the same mood of feminine power and grace:


Remember this bold guest bedroom? Now you can get the look!



And on the sale you’ll find some dramatic pieces that will help you recreate this warm and playful design, from my former family room:


famrmoklThere are also some gorgeous and functional furniture pieces that will serve your family beautifully, like this hydraulic table that can be coffee or cocktail height, depending on what you need at the time. Perfect for families who do a lot of entertaining!



And check out some of the hot black and white items and then pair them with a color punch!



I just know that everyone will find something to LOVE! So go shop NOW, before the goodies are all gone!


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Designer MBA Day Three: Lightbulb Moments with Lamps Plus

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[This post is sponsored by Lamps Plus, in conjunction with our #DesignerMBA event that’s wrapping up today! Follow the event on Twitter with me @tobifairley and @TeamTobi .]

Wow! What a fun session of Designer MBA this has been! These designers, who are all at different places in their lives and businesses, have really taken-on my challenge to push themselves out of their comfort zones and into their profitability zones!

My favorite part of every event I lead is hearing the takeaways from each attendee just before we conclude the session. The content is one thing, but hearing what people have absorbed and why one thing meant more to them than everything else they learned is why I love my job! These are the light bulb moments that make everything else come together. Like finding one piece of a puzzle that shows you how the whole thing fits together!

Lamps Plus is one of our great sponsors for these events, and the whole idea of enlightenment makes a lighting company a PERFECT partner for us. I love how gorgeous lamps and light fixtures are BOTH tool and design inspiration, which is exactly how I like to think of the Designer MBA training. Yes, you get nuts and bolts for building a booming design business, but what really brings people to life is tapping-in to their real vision for their businesses.

Lamps Plus logo

Ok, I’m off to hear today’s takeaways and then I’m sending these powerful designers back out into the world with their lights all ON!


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p.s. One way that I help get people (designers and enthusiasts) inspired for design is my signature event, Design A-to-Z! Learn more about the next session, HERE. And if YOU think #DesignerMBA sounds like the event for you, our next session is going to be held in November, so stay tuned for our announcement of those dates soon!





What’s Your Style?

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bill blass

As I think more about how to create spaces that are authentic to my client’s personalities, wants and needs, but bring the best of what I have to offer to the table, I thought I would pose a question to all of you…

Do you know your personal style? And is it consistent from your wardrobe, to your home, to your hobbies, parties, or lifestyle activites? Do you have a signature style in all that you do and can you describe what it is?

Here are 3 fun photos that I found on Pinterest that I think tell a similar story and might just get you started in defining your Authentic style in all areas of your life. They could just be the work or style of the same person, don’t you think?

pink and red

table to room


They are all fun, flirty and don’t take themselves too seriously, right? Oh, and let’s not forget the daring use of color and pattern.

Can you be consistent in your own style? Do tell!


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