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Americana Playroom

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On this memorial day as we remember all those brave souls who died for our freedom, I thought I would get in the Americana spirit with a project you may not have seen.


This playful playroom all decked out in Americana Red, White and Blue is part of the house recently featured in Traditional Home, but this room didn’t make the magazine spread so I thought I’d give you a peek.

How fun it would be to honor our great country with Patriotic colors in your home all year long, right? And it was especially fun for me to use lots of my Tobi Fairley Home Fabrics custom colored to create this boyish look.


Happy Memorial Day Friends. I hope you spend some time remembering the sacrifice many have made so we can live an amazing life here in America.


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Decorating Family Style

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It has been such fun bringing you inside my latest family-friendly design this month. Today I want to show you more of the great details that make this project both beautiful and functional for a family of five.  If giving this gorgeous chest a face-lift weren’t enough to make you say “wow” (I’ll reveal the before photo later this week), then some of my other great tips below for decorating family style might just convince you that beauty and durability really can go hand-in-hand. 

Here are my most successful additions to this family home… 


When designing this family home, one of the main challenges was how to create a space that looked great for entertaining occasionally but on an everyday basis was home to kids and their toys. Since the home is 2-stories and the children are young, mom and dad weren’t comfortable leaving all the kid’s toys upstairs.  Finding great ways to conceal toys and prevent stains and wear were high on the list of “do’s” for the main floor. 


The Dining room is just off the entry so it has to make a statement when guests arrive.  But how to make this stunning dining room an “on-limits” space for guests and family of all ages was also a priority.  


For moms and dads with young children, the Master Bedroom often becomes a comfy place for hanging out, napping and more. Throw in a couple of family pets and the need for durability becomes even more important. 


Though the Living Room in this house is kid-friendly, the young family members needed a place to hang out and watch TV upstairs too. This colorful room was created with with fun and durability in mind so the parents can rest easy while the kids are at play. 


Even the little family members want a lot of excitement in their rooms. My goal for all the kids in this home was to infuse style and function successfully! 


Making kids rooms that grow are a great investment for clients.  These furnishings will be durable and stylish for years to come and the fabrics can easily be updated for a new look as kids grow from childhood, to pre-teen and beyond. 

To find out more on these and other favorite Family Style Decorating Tips, watch this fun video below… 




Decorating Family Style from Tobi Fairley on Vimeo.

Flower Power

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It’s always exciting when my work is published! And it is especially rewarding when it is on the national level. Just this week one of my favorite and most fun projects finally got published!  Though these things sometimes take a long time, even as much as a year or two, this one took the long way around!

This fun children’s space was originally scheduled to be featured in the magazine Kids Rooms, a special publication by Better Homes and Gardens, in the Fall of 2006.  A preview photo even ran in the issue before, but unfortunately just a few weeks before the issue was going to press, Meredith Publications, its parent company, decided to stop production on this adorable magazine.  That seems to be the way of the publishing industry. Like television, it’s all about the numbers and they were not experiencing the readership they needed.

So to my exciting surprise, I got a phone call just a few weeks ago that it would now be appearing in Dream Bedrooms, another special publication of Better Homes and Gardens.  This time it would have major circulation…200,000 to be exact.  And this issue has a long shelf life, so all of these details made me very excited!!

Still, I had no idea until I saw the issue this week what a beautiful one it would be! I have a subscription to all the interior design special publications of Meredith Publishing and though I usually enjoy them all, some are definitely more appealing to me than others.  This one ranks right up there among my favorites, and not just because I am in it!  Some of my all time favorite interior designers in the nation are in this issue…Jamie Drake, Barry Dixon, Darryl Carter.  It is an all star list and there are many other beautiful spaces created by other talented designers from around the country.

I hope you will pick up an issue of Dream Bedrooms.  It is one of those issues that you will find yourself reading again and again!  My feature entitled, Full Bloom, can be found on pages 120-125. And until you get a chance to pick it up, here is a sneak peak at some photos from the adorable room.  It is a “Tween’s bedroom” and quoting from the magazine, “ the eclectic mix of pattern and color is as powerful as a young tween’s personality—expressive, unique, and bold”. So check out this dramatic and fun retreat.  I hope it inspires you to design a wonderful and creative room for your children or the child in you!!