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A New Home For My Design Trainings in 2014: Dallas!

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That’s right! Since I now have a design office in Dallas, it only makes sense that we would share the LOVE and bring my signature trainings to you THERE in 2014!

Moving our events to Dallas will offer so much more opportunity for YOU to join us.  The site is right next to our new Dallas office, and being in Dallas provides many more direct flights, hotel choices, and restaurants for ultimate convenience. We’re cutting down on your travel time and expense, and turning up the volume on your experience! It also allows us to bring you even more exciting, high-profile speakers and special guests.

The location I’ve chosen for the events is the entirely fabulous Stoneleigh, a historic 1923 Art Deco Le Méridien hotel that is close to businesses, museums, shopping, cutting-edge cuisine, and more.


The  Signature Event dates that are already set for 2014 include:

Design A-to-Z, March 18-19: If you are a Design-lover or a Designer, you can’t miss this course on decorating and design. This is my all-access training in how I approach each and every design project including the ones you’ve seen on the pages of top shelter magazines! In just two days, I cover the fundamentals of design and answer all of your burning questions, whether you are looking for tips and techniques to update your own home or you are a designer and you want to reconnect with what inspired you to create a career in design in the first place or you’re looking for brand-new inspiration to get you excited about design all over again.

Designer MBA, May 6-7: If you are ready to really build the profitable design business you’ve dreamed of, this course is for you! Whether you’ve been struggling to build your design business or you are making design a new career for you, you will not want to miss this life and business changing event. It’s a real (but fun) business education for design industry professionals. In it, I share the lessons I’ve learned as a business owner in the interior design field for over 15 years now. From fees to staffing to marketing, I bring you my tried-and-true strategies to give designers at all levels of training and experience the confidence you need to professionalize your processes, charge what you are worth, define your niche, and to sell your services with conviction.

And there are more date announcements coming for Fall 2014!

And in honor of my 15th business anniversary, I’m discounting each and every ticket to my signature events in 2014! There won’t be any additional promotions, but but we are talking about MAJOR savings: How exciting, right?! More convenient location + more value for your money = Put it on your calendar quick! 2014 is definitely the year to take advantage of my signature trainings if you have been waiting for the perfect time, because you can’t beat savings like these.

To sign up for Design A-to-Z and to sign up for Designer MBA click the link below. The great news is you are saving money with your ticket and your travel, the bad news is that space is still limited to don’t miss out on these amazing trainings in 2014. Sign up TODAY so you are sure to have a seat!!

Will I see YOU in Dallas in 2014?! I hope so.


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Think Tank is Underway!

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I’m so inspired this morning to be kicking off my first on-the-road training, Tobi’s Think Tank! An exclusive group of 15 amazing and powerful designers is working with me today at the O. Henry Hotel on transforming their core business practices and visions so that they can achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of! They have all carved one day out of their time at High Point Market to buckle down with me and get my no-holds-barred take on what this industry demands!


I am also so grateful for the support of our amazing sponsors: Madcap Cottage, C.R. Laine, Bernhardt, Kravet, and The Gilded Stag!

This event is sure to make my High Point experience even more dynamic and exciting than usual! I’ll be keeping you posted!


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p.s. Two quick reminders for you:

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And #2 time is running out for you to sign up to be a member of my virtual audience for a FREE live training on creativeLIVE. To learn more about how to enroll in my workshop on Using Color in Home Design, CLICK HERE.

Photostyling Before and After (and After): My Family Room

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IMG_1316Well my daughter successfully started the third grade today. Hard to believe she’s growing up so fast! Thanks for allowing me a day off yesterday while I got her ready. These moments are priceless.


Now I am back and excited to continue the photostyling tour through my home. Today’s stop…the Family Room (photos by Nancy Nolan).

Many of you have seen a few iterations of this space. And like my bedroom, it has an after and an “after” after.


Here is how this space looks now after sprucing it up for Ronda’s great book, Designers At Home.


Typically I think of my photostyling as editing a space. This time, it was about leaving my personality and favorite creature comforts in the space because Ronda’s book was all about living a well-lived life in my own home. So what do I surround myself with to make me most happy?

Well certainly design books. Lots and lots of them. And of course fresh flowers. Tulips are in my top 3 favorite varietals. And who could cozy up without my pups near by. There’s my sweet Harley again (a couple of photos above) cuddled up in the wing chair.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.08.56 PM-1

This image has been making the rounds internationally, recently featured in Canadian House and Home.


And British Homes and Gardens–there’s Ronda showing it off. How exciting!

IMG_1303The sofa seating area isn’t the only part of the room that I livened up. I also gave a punch of color to my bookcases.


Inspired by my favorite orange gourd lamps, I thought the white books needed a bit of pizazz!

Here is how this space looked in the Traditional Home spread in 2011 (photos by Werner Straube).

Family Room 6380

Covers 6798rt

Family Room book case

Family Room 6398

And here it is back in 2007 when it was featured in At Home in Arkansas sans all the orange.





So what do you think? Stacks of design books or no books? Orange lamps or white ones? All white bookshelves, or a punch of citrus to spice them up? Which photos are your favorites. I really do want to know.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you love. Now I’m off to help with some third grade homework.


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p.s. Did you hear my BIG announcement about the all-new Tobi’s Think Tank during High Point Market? Yep, that’s right–I am bringing a fast and furious version of my acclaimed Designer MBA course to High Point so you can get priceless business of design education while you are there for market. After years of requests, it’s the first time I am taking one of my fab events on the road. Want to know more about it? Check out all the details here and get signed up–there are fewer than 10 spots left.

Designer MBA Day One: Inspiration with Olioboard

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[This post is sponsored by Olioboard, in conjunction with our #DesignerMBA event that’s getting underway today! Follow the event on Twitter with me @tobifairley and @TeamTobi .]

One big focus of mine this month has been PASSION!

Yesterday, I talked with my Mastermind business consulting group members in their monthly call all about how to realign with their passions in order to re-inspire all parts of their work. I gave them my 10 tried-and-true tips for tapping into that powerful passion energy when burn-out has got you down and you are no longer in love with your work. And so many of those tips had to do with finding ways to get inspired. And today, I’m going to be speaking to professional designers at my Designer MBA training about how doing what they LOVE—with authenticity and clarity of purpose—is 100% required for building a successful business in a creative field!

Sometimes we think of inspiration as something that just happens when it happens, and you can’t control it. To a certain extent, I think that’s true, BUT! I know from experience that there’s a difference between moping around resenting your work while waiting for the creativity lightning to strike and actively opening yourself to inspiration by putting yourself in places that inspire you, doing things that inspire you, and “showing-up” to be inspired at any moment.

And because design is one of my key creative practices, a HUGE way that I can “show-up” to be inspired is to play around with design ideas constantly—even when there’s no immediate need for a solution for a specific client.

And one of my favorite online tools for doing this is Olioboard! When I want to let my mind play and pull together gorgeous fabrics and images, I create a mood board. And when I have an idea that seems exciting and risky and I want to “test drive” it, I create a room perspective. Olioboard is an amazing toolbox for designers that is just getting better and better!

Olioboard by Jennifer Reynolds of Jennifer Reynolds Interiors

So today, as Designer MBA is stoking the passions of this incredible group of designers, remember to keep yourself open to inspiration…just put yourself directly in it’s path!


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p.s. One way that I help get people (designers and enthusiasts) inspired for design is my signature event, Design A-to-Z! Learn more about the next session, HERE. And if YOU think #DesignerMBA sounds like the event for you, our next session is going to be held in November, so stay tuned for our announcement of those dates soon!

Let’s Talk Inspired Design!

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Hello, everyone!

Working on last week’s P. Allen Smith TV segments has me feeling inspired about everything from what makes a design personal to entertaining with style! In fact, working with people to create home spaces that inspire them and support their lifestyles really energizes me, and one way I do that is through my on-site intensive trainings.

Let’s say you’re an interior designer who is feeling drained by client demands or depleted of fresh ideas or approaches…

Or maybe you’re a homeowner who has a real gift for making your own home feel warm and inviting, but you want to take that design “sense” to a new level and start thinking outside the box about decorating your house…

Then again maybe you are a person who friends and family always seem to be asking for advice on how they should arrange furniture or what fabric they should choose for their drapes, and you want to know what a professional approach to interior design looks like to see if your gift is something you could cultivate into passion-driven career.

Pinned from If any of these scenarios sounds like YOU, then you should really join me on October 8th through 10th for Design A to Z! In this hands-on training, I give you full access to my expertise on every step of designing a room, from furniture floor plans to creating a color palette to layering fabric patterns and choosing accessories that make your room design authentic and personal!

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For these three information-packed days, we do nothing but design and have nothing but inspirational FUN! I just love being in a room with fellow design lovers who are eager to absorb and share information, and I know you will too!

I’ll bring you more details about this one-of-a-kind session of Design A-to-Z in the coming weeks, including the names of our fabulous special guests!! But if you want to reserve your space in Design A-to-Z NOW, before it’s sold out, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


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p.s. I just love these quotes from interior design GREATS throughout history!! I hope you do, too. Absorbing this kind of wisdom from designers who came before me has been essential to the development of my design perspective! For more design inspiration, visit my Pinterest boards!