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Sunday Fun Day on Instagram!

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Did you know Sunday is the most active day on Instagram? Likely because people have more down time on Sunday to enjoy this beautiful and creative site. I sure do my fair share of posting on Instagram on Sunday and every other day of the week.


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If you are not following me on Instagram, you are missing out on a lot of gorgeous Interiors I am working on (like this fab pool and pool house), delicious food I am cooking, and my daily inspirations and motivations.

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So jump on the Instagram bandwagon and follow me there. You can find me on Instagram as @tobifairley. And be sure to leave me comments about your thoughts on my postings. I love the personal interactions I have in the comments on this FUN site!

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I can’t wait to hear from you each day. To me Instagram is like no other site because it’s spontaneous and often real time. So if you have always wished you could be my shadow as I live the life of a designer, blogger, world traveler, business coach (and even a cook and a mom)…Instagram is your chance!

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And be sure to say “Hi” if you are just starting to follow so I can say Hello to you too!

I’ll see you there! xo,

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Christmas Here We Come and I’m Rested, Relaxed and Ready! Are you?

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Hello Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have to say that mine was low-key and perfect. I am now rested and ready to take on the Christmas season. And speaking of rest and Christmas, I have a different sort of wish list this year.

Believe it or not, this Work-a-holic REALLY took some days off last week. Shocker, right! Yes, I just had a 6 day reprieve from the hectic schedule I have been keeping all of 2014 and boy did I ever need it!

IMG_5362And though I wasn’t working, I did lots of other things I love, like cooking the Thanksgiving meal with my mom and sister-in-law. Here’s a great Autumn Chopped Salad that I made just before I tossed it.  It was beautiful and delicious!

IMG_5368And I spent a lot of quality time with my family–cuddling with my girl, making Rice Crispy treats, playing games with my niece and nephew and watching lots of football with my hubby, my dad and my brother. Oh the furry family members watched football with us too.


I am so glad that I took the time to remember that these are the important things in life. There have been many holiday seasons that I didn’t. We all say we know what’s important, but how many times do we make excuses for why we can’t focus on the important things?  We have that laundry list of excuses like “I can’t afford to” or “I don’t have time to” or “I have to work” or “there’s so much to do to get ready for”… and the list goes on and on all the while we are missing time and things that we can’t get back. And work will always be there now won’t it? So why not make “the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” really wonderful this year!


The timing  of this week of R & R was perfect to get me relaxed and re-focused so I can finish the year strong and get ready for 2015. The New Year may just be my favorite time of year. I love the fresh start, the setting of goals and intentions and all the excitement that comes with wrapping up one year while celebrating our successes and then moving our focus to the next year full of hope and opportunity for greatness. I was getting a bit over-tired and I needed more stamina to take on all that planning and goals setting that will soon be at hand. Now that I filled myself back up, I am ready to go. Bring it on Christmas and 2015! I’ve got this.

instagramchallengeSo I know this isn’t Self-care Saturday, but let’s make it Self-care Sunday instead. I think it’s important for me to remind all of you that if you don’t take care of Y-O-U, you can’t possibly take care of anyone else. If you don’t get some R & R you may just find yourself in a heap of exhaustion under the Tree. So put those excuses away and work in some time for you this busy time of year. Don’t skip your work-outs. Make time for Yoga. Get plenty of sleep. Spend time with Friends. Get a massage. Drink lots of water. Yes, I sound like your mother but I am speaking to myself too. To help us out, there is even a Holiday Self-care challenge happening on Instagram using #holidayselfcare as the tag.


This is a time to be kind to those we love and who better to love first than yourself. Treat yourself like you are your best friend. Set yourself up for success. Plan self-care in today while you are writing out your Christmas Shopping List. Plan it now before your schedule fills up. There IS time for self-care if you plan it in the schedule and if you believe you have time for it. It’s all a mindset. Taking an hour or two out of your day to take care of  YOU won’t keep you from getting everything done. It will give you the stamina to get it all done. There are lots of tips online for surviving the holidays. Here are a few simple tips for taking care of yourself this holiday season and remembering what’s really important.


And what about being healthy during this super sugary time of year? Just this weekend I was finishing up Tory Johnson’s great book called The Shift. There were many amazing parts of this book. My copy is all marked up and underlined and highlighted. But the biggest Ah-ha moment in the book for me was this…Preference or Priority. I know it may be your preference to just sit around and watch TV after a long day, but if your health is a priority, go to yoga class instead. Preference–eating all those holiday sweets. Priority–being healthy in the New Year so make healthy choices this Christmas instead. I know it may not sound fun now, but come January your blood pressure and your waistline will thank you. You will be well on your way to making 2015 your healthiest year yet.


So there you have it friends, my reminder to you (but actually I’m speaking to myself) that the busiest time of the year is the time that it’s most important not to fall off the wagon of all the things that make us feel joyful, healthy and great. Will you join me in making this Christmas Happy AND Healthy. We can do this together.


Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy Holidays Y’all! xo,

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Soulful Sunday: Cooking feeds my Soul!

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good food is good moodI love to cook and to bake. Both are relaxing and are creative expressions for me. I have been at home in the kitchen since I was about 10 years old or younger. And my own 9-year old daughter loves to cook and bake too! It’s an activity we love to do together.

thomas kelle

There is something about this time if year when Fall is approaching that really gets me in the mood to be in the kitchen. And I have been working hard to get my picky 9 year-old to try some new foods and some healthier foods lately. It seems to help her try new things when she is involved in the cooking.

There is one piece of this cooking puzzle that is a challenge for me at the moment. My much in need of renovation kitchen. And I am getting REALLY close to getting my mind around starting the BIG changes in my new home. And by that I mean more than painting the walls in here, or recovering the furniture in there. These baby steps are what I’ve been up to so far since moving around this time last year. And yes, it’s hard to believe it’s already been almost a year since we moved in. I thought I would already be in the thick of a major renovation by now, but thankfully, my husband and I have both been extremely busy this year with great things happening in both our businesses and we just haven’t been ready to pull the trigger on the demolition. Plus we haven’t forced ourselves to decide if we are living through the renovation or temporarily moving out. I guess we’ve been procrastinating.

But when I cook, especially in this less than functional space, it does help me know what I want my new kitchen to be. The silver lining to being too busy to complete my kitchen is that I have given myself extra time to make some important decisions on the design and layout of my home, particularly in the kitchen. Since we are not enlarging the home, at least right now, making the most of the footprint that exists is a must.

So I can finally tell you (later this week) what appliances I LOVE for my new kitchen. So meet me here Thursday for my New House Diary post to get those juicy appliance details! But today I am going to enjoy cooking with my daughter in my less than perfect kitchen. And here’s what’s on the menu to feed our tummies and our soul…

pumpkin spice

She’s baking pumpkin spice muffins. A great recipe for her because it’s only a spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin with a dash of water to get the consistency just right. Before baking these recently with a friend, she would never have eaten pumpkin. And since broccoli was the only vegetable on her list, I am going to count pumpkin in that category for her now!

damn delicious

I am feeling like cooking with quinoa, so I’m making this yummy vegetarian chili I found on Pinterest last year from the site Damn Delicious.

With the left over quinoa, I’ll be making some quinoa banana nut muffins perfect for my breakfast with the busy week I have coming up.

cooking provides food for the soul

So what about you…do you love cooking and baking like I do? Any new recipes getting you excited lately? And are there any things that you especially love to cook now that Fall is on it’s way. Leave me a comment and let me know. I am always looking for something new and healthy to cook!

Happy Sunday Y’all!








Soulful Sunday: Soulful Silence

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I love this quote. We all spend so much time having an opinion on everything and everybody and we bring so much more stress and toxic energy into our lives in the process. What would it take for you just to not say anything more often than not? Just this morning I was watching an episode of Super Soul Sunday with Deepak Chopra and he said he has learned to never react…ever. And he hasn’t had an argument in his household in over 30 years.

Wouldn’t our lives be so much more peaceful if we kept our comments to ourselves, or even learned not to have an opinion at all on everyone else, their lives and their choices. This is definitely a practice I’ve tried to live by but I think it’s time I take it to another level. What about you? Are you willing to make this sort of change in your life and if so, what do you think it would do for your quality of life?

Something to think about on this Soulful Sunday.






Soulful Sunday: Keeping Burnout at Bay

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Running a business, being a mom and following your dreams can be challenging. But life is what you make of it and I have a habit a going after what I want especially when it’s not easy.



But everyone (even me) needs a break. Everyone has to replenish. Everyone must turn things off for a bit or your new best friend will be burnout. And I hear she’s not a girl you want to get to know.


I have been planning my vacations a year ahead for years now. If not, I would NEVER take a break. There is never a good time to get away. There is never a time when our clients, our team and our projects think they can live without us. But the thing is, if you never take vacations and breaks from work you will end up with a mandatory vacation thanks to your health. And if you think you projects can’t live without you know, just see how they survive when you are completely out of commission. And rest assured, all your worries will still be there when you get back whether from vacation or from the hospital, so if you take some time off, you really have nothing to lose.


Travel feeds the soul. Not having a schedule clears your mind. Often my most creative ideas come when I am on vacation.


Disconnecting from the world helps you connect with yourself like never before. And which connection is most important to your long term success…being connected to everyone and everything or being connected to your innermost desires, creativity and self?


When is the last time you did something that made you truly and totally happy? And if you can’t remember then you already know it’s been way too long. Joy should be a regular occurrence in your life. Otherwise what are you working for?


So what would it take for you to really relax. And what would it take for you to start planning your vacation a year in advance and putting down a deposit so you can’t change your mind? Or better yet, what would it take for you to plan a month off once a year, or a week off once a quarter. And I mean really off–not checking emails, not taking calls, completely engaged with yourself or your family or friends?


If you are ever going to be able to adopt this mindset, you have to stop telling yourself all the reasons it won’t work and come up with one good reason that it will. You have to change the way you think. You have to look at things differently.


I just spent two weeks with family and friends at the beach. I didn’t really blog.I hardly checked in with my office. I took daily 5 mile walks, daily bike rides to the beach, spent hours sitting by the ocean, enjoyed a beachfront bonfire one night listening to the waves and gazing into the sea with the moon reflecting and the stars shining, laughed and played with my 9 year old and celebrated her birthday, ate snow cones, let my hair dry by itself, drank fruity cocktails and ate fresh seafood and shockingly nothing collapsed while I was away.

Could you do this? What would it take? It’s not as hard as you think. The hardest step is just taking the leap. Next year, I just may go for a month! 😉


Now leave me a comment and let me know what you are doing to keep burnout at bay. Or if you are close to burnout, use this as an opportunity to hold yourself accountable and tell us where you are booking your vacation and when, and then go make the downpayment. You are so worth it!

And trust me, you will thank me when you are feeling refreshed and renewed. xo,

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