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Saturday Thoughts: Writing your way to Success!

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toes in the sand

(“Toes in the Sand” is where my big ideas come to life!)

This blog post is a little bit about balance, a little bit about rituals and a little bit about living your dreams with a dose of healthy living mixed in.


(2015 has made dreams come true with designing 4 Product Lines for amazing partners!)

It’s been a while since I brought you a personal post. In fact it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done much blogging at all. And I miss it. Blogging is one of my favorite ways to express myself, to share design ideas, and to encourage others in business and life. I have been blogging for 7 years now and when it’s not a part of my daily life, I definitely feel a void.

Thermador Video

(Spending time “Shouting from the rooftops” of my love for Thermador Appliances)

Speaking of feeling a void, I feel a bit of a void in my goals for the future. There are a few holes.  This whole year I have been working on “birthing” some new ideas and projects but I have had many exciting design jobs and responsibilities that have kept me from bringing these ideas to life. I know there is a bit of a shift in direction that I need to take (because there always is a shift we need to take to be our best) and I am very excited about these new ideas that I think will take me in the right direction over the next few years of my business and my life. But I am having a hard time finding hours in my days to get these BIG ideas on paper.

client remodel

(One of many exciting Client projects in the works this year)

I’ve thankfully been so blessed with more fabulous client projects this year than ever, I’ve been knee-deep in launching 4 licensing collections, I’ve held the 2 most successful and impactful sessions of my Mastermind Consulting program we’ve ever held, I’m thrilled to be the new Brand Ambassador for Thermador because I have loved their products for SO long, and I have continued designing my own home, which those of you who have designed your homes know how hard this is. I think mainly because designers never have time to get to their own projects. It’s the old “Cobbler’s children have no shoes” dilemma. And Yes! We are finally gutting the kitchen and bath. How long have I been saying that, right? And that requires me temporarily moving out of my house soon because it’s about to get really dirty around here when the demolition starts.

CR Laine

(My CR Laine upholstery debut was a BIG moment this year!)

And yes, all of these things that are happening in my life right now are dreams coming true! But just like I teach in my consulting programs, the time to develop new client relationships is when you have clients, instead of waiting until you have none and try to find some quickly just to pay the bills. The same is true for dreams and ideas. You can’t wait until you have accomplished everything on your list and find yourself feeling lost and directionless to think about the next steps. The best way to keep your momentum going and stay happy and fulfilled is to challenge yourself with thinking about where you are going while you are already happy and fulfilled with your current goals and dreams. It’s not about not enjoying where you are today, it’s more about knowing where you are heading. Because I know from experience, if you don’t have direction, you are going nowhere.

thermador time

(One of our most successful Mastermind Sessions yet! It was all about Financials but we had some fun too!)

So what do I do when I need to make things happen? I write. I write my thoughts and feelings in my journal. I fill up legal notebooks of design ideas and creativity. I write blog posts. And just this week I saw this interesting article and study from NPR about the power of writing.

beach time

(My Happy Place. Where is your Happy Place?)

And what do I do when you feel stuck even to the point of writer’s block? I go to the beach! I just spent two glorious weeks there reading, studying and writing and that’s why my ideas are begging to be put on paper. But what about when you have an idea on the “tip of your brain” that you can’t quite get organized or fleshed out and a beach vacation or “your happy place” isn’t in your immediate future. Or when you need to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle? Or when you are designing or dreaming of a creative idea? Do you write? Do you make yourself be disciplined and write even when you feel stuck? That’s what many of the most successful people do. They write no matter what!

woodbridge table

(The “Ellison Cocktail Table” in my Tobi Fairley for Woodbridge Furniture Collection)

It’s funny how I sometimes forget this important practice of writing. When I am engaged in many things, I sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees as far as remembering to write my thoughts down. And ironically when I am in the zone of creating and developing big ideas, it sometimes feels like I fill up enough journal pages of paper that it could make a whole tree. Do you sometimes finding yourself forgetting to do the simple daily rituals and practices that make your life a success? It happens to all of us.

Or maybe you don’t forget, but you are afraid to write things down? Does that make them “Too Real” for you? Is it scary that you may have to actually hold yourself accountable to your wildest dreams if they are on paper? Or are you insecure about writing because you think you aren’t good at it and you over-analyze and judge yourself and your thoughts when you put them on paper?

beaching it

(Dreaming of my future to the sound of the Waves and then writing it down makes it happen.)

Well think of it this way. You could be holding yourself back from your business success including becoming financially free. You could be keeping yourself from being your most healthy and happy and best version of you. And you could be letting time pass you by and you could be finally living the life you only dream about.


So give writing a try. I am off to write about my gratitude for all that has happened this year. And I am off to write about my big ideas, my home design, and my progress on The Whole 30 because I am on day 7 of 30 days to resetting my healthy lifestyle. And it doesn’t hurt that I will be relaxing by my pool while I write and enjoying this gorgeous day. What can you do to make yourself take up this powerful practice of writing? It works for me and I believe it will work for you too.

Happy Saturday!

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Self-Care Saturday: Home Sweet Home

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Last week I asked if you were living the Dream and gave you my tips to help you make that happen. Today I want to remind you that sometimes the dream is right in front of your face.

For years I was busy building a BIG business and that takes a lot of time, energy and people to keep it all going. Going after your dreams like I have is exciting and rewarding. But sometimes the MOST fulfilling thing in life is not what you think. Often the most satisfying things are found in the ordinary, day-to-day, simple moments at home. That is definitely true for me.


The older I get the more I enjoy Slow-living. I’ve always been a “Home Body” for the most part. I can travel the world during the week and then never leave my house (and sometimes not even my PJ’s) on the weekends.  I never get bored being at home. There is always something that I want to cook, or bake, or create, or a new design book to read or a blog to write, or a closet to organize. And a walk in my own beautiful neighborhood, breathing in the fresh air, is the pinnacle of a perfect Saturday.

My nine-year old is currently obsessed with the book the Wizard of Oz. She was even the cutest Dorothy you’ve ever seen for Halloween. And I have to agree with Dorothy that there is absolutely “No Place Like Home”.  My home may not be all renovated and gorgeous yet, but she serves my family and me just fine. She’s a workhorse, and she gives us what we need to meet the world at our best.

flowers at home

Thankfully this month I have been home a lot more than I was during most months last year. I am working hard to make being home a constant in my life…At least for a while. If you read my word of the year post, you’ll remember that my word is significance, and the most significant people and things in my life are right here at home.

cooking at home

And being a lover of cooking, nesting and reading by the fire, there’s not much else that equals self-care to me than time spent at home. So today I am grateful for many days this month that I’ve cooked 3 whole-food meals a day in my own kitchen. And I am thankful for waking many early mornings at 5am and holding my pup, drinking coffee by the fire and catching up on a bit of work. I am filled with joy over the simple things in my life–the ones right here in front of my face. At Home. They are what is most important.

Wishing you as much joy in your Home Sweet Home as I find in mine! I hope it’s the perfect place to fill your cup.


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p.s. To see the fruits of all my nesting, organizing and cooking at home, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Self-care Saturday: What Does Living Your Dream Look Like?

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Happy Saturday Everyone! Are you “Living the Dream” today? Do you even REALLY know what your dreams are?

More than exist

One of the biggest forms of self-care and fulfillment is to actually live your purpose and reach your potential. Nothing gives you peace and joy more than knowing you are using your talents and gifts to their best ability. It is self-care at it’s highest form.

never waitSo if you’re not living your dreams, why? Is is because you don’t know what you want? Or more likely you are afraid to embrace the risks, challenges and hard work that going after the life that you dream about would bring? Or you have a bit of trouble (or a lot of it) believing that you are worthy of all that success?

Jesse Owens

Well here are my best pieces of advice for seizing the day and really going after what you want most…


1. Write it down. That might be one writing exercise on a quiet afternoon when you are not stressed or harried. But for me it is journaling on a regular basis. I do this at night when I am relaxed before bed, or early in the morning when my mind is clear. Just stream of consciousness journaling often gets me to what is in my gut or at the heart of my desires. I buy myself pretty journals to make myself want to write and I always have my favorite gel pen or fine tip sharpie which makes writing fun too.

2. Count Your Blessings. I keep an ongoing gratitude journal. I have kept a gratitude journal for years, but about 2 years ago I started keeping it sequentially in a big spiral-bound notebook. My blessings are up into the thousands now after 2 years. Looking back on what brings me REAL joy helps me know what I really want more of in my life.

never too late

3. Ask yourself “What do I dread, procrastinate on or feel obligated to?” Or even “What makes me angry?” Write it down. Finding those ball and chains that are around your emotions and around your daily life, will help you decide what you want LESS of in your life. If you are filling your time with too many “I have to’s” then there is not enough time for many “I want to’s”.  I know you will say “but Tobi I do HAVE to”. But if you are honest, some things can go and others can be reimagined to make you enjoy them more or be done by someone else.

Oprah what you ask for

4. And then ask yourself “What does my Perfect Day look like?” Write that down too. This may sound like pie in the sky, but I don’t believe that it is. I just made some tweaks to my perfect day recently and I am living it regularly now. Things had gotten out of control and so I hit the reset button and asked myself, “What do I want my schedule to be?”. I made a few adjustments and my family and my staff were no worse for the wear. If you don’t work for yourself like I do, you may have a little less control of your day, but it never hurts to ask. You might get a yes!

reason it will

5. Adopt a no excuses mentality. This is the big one. If you are going to live your dreams you have to leap. Now, making an educated and smart leap is a good idea. Maybe don’t quit your day job that pays the bills when you haven’t built your new dream career yet. But DO start building your dream career on the side and when it is making enough money, quit that day job!

help build thiers

But don’t wait. Will you be more tired for a year or so trying to build your dream and keep your head above water? Maybe. But it will be TOTALLY worth it. So leap my friends and leap quickly before you change your mind!

I hope that these ideas will help you start Living the Life You Have Imagined. I live my dream life and I would never go back to any other option! Now I am in the process of making it even dreamier…stay tuned.


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Selfcare Saturday: A New Year, A Better You!

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day planner I saw a great comment by Mastin Kipp a few days ago that said “Forget the idea of a New Year, a New You–you don’t need a NEW you, you just need to lean into the YOU that you already are!” I LOVE this thought. It’s so true. He’s saying that we should be authentic. We should own who we really are. quote You know Mastin is on to something. Why are we always trying to be someone different, instead of just being really great at who we are? I spent some time yesterday creating a Pinterest board all about the things that I already do that I want to do more of in 2015 and a few things I want to add into my life in 2015 (or even stop doing) that will make the “me” I already am even a bit better.

So check out my Pinterest board called A New Year, A Better You. It has everything from How to become that Neat Freak You’ve always wanted to be by Pop Sugar. And yes, I truly love being neat! how to organize To some gorgeous mint green Nike’s that might make me want to lace up even more often and work out. shoe There is a link to How to Organize your Time Better in the New Year. Office table with notepad, computer and flower. View from above with copy space And 5 reasons you should have a Fitbit. (I agree, I’ve had one for years now and just got a new Fitbit Flex). fitbit I posted this cute gratitude journal that might inspire you to keep track of your blessings all year long. You can buy this cutie one on Etsy. gratitude And I even pinned a guide from Lauren Conrad on what healthy supplements we should be taking. Navigating the vitamin and supplement world is confusing sometimes. lauren conrad And I have some great quotes like the one above on self care on the board and I’ve pinned my favorite Whitney English Day planner with a link to buy it in the pink Ikat (shown above) a cute store in Little Rock . This Pink one is the one I have and I am loving the pink feminine touch on my favorite planner this year. There is SO much more on this New Year, Better You Pinterest board from healthy recipes, to my favorite treadmill desk (yes, I WILL get one in 2015), to how to ferment foods for a healthy gut, to the new Tony Robbins book on Money Mastery and there is a fantastic Yoga Glossary that is great for anyone who loves yoga but especially if you are new to it.

Seriously, if it’s on my radar or agenda for 2015, it’s probably on this Pinterest Board. And keep checking back as I will be adding new pins in the coming days and weeks. I am excited about 2015 and I can’t wait to use this new Pinterest tool I’ve created to remind me of my intentions.  And if you feel up to it, you might want to create a similar board of your own. I can see how this board is going to be a great go-to for me–a place to check in on a regular basis and keep myself on track with being authentic and the best me I can be.

Happy Self-care Saturday Friends and Happy Pinning! I’m off to organize my closet, buy some healthy groceries and get ready for a great 2015!



Self-care (I mean Santa-care) Saturday!

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Elle giftsI have a handful of favorite days and traditions every year. Today is one of them. It’s not always the Saturday before Christmas, but each year there is at least one day that my mom and I head out together, just the two of us, to finish up our Christmas shopping so we can have everyone a gift (or several) under the tree. And today is that day! Tobi Christmas elle It’s never a day we plan for, it just always seems that close to Christmas we join forces to finish marking off all those we love that are still on our list. And we might just play a little bit of “Santa’s Little Helper”, so the big guy covers all the wishes of the little ones in our lives. So maybe it’s the spontaneity of this day that makes me love it so much, because trust me, I am one of the least spontaneous people I know. Can you say Control Freak! But whatever the reason, I adore this yearly shopping Tradition. Bebe Christmas denMany of you know or have seen my mom–this is the room in mom’s house where we gather around the tree on Christmas Eve. Mom and I are very close (attached at the hip) and I cherish days like today so much when we are gathering last minute goodies together. It does wonders for my soul and my spirit to spend a day with her all by myself (oh and the thousands of other people out there doing last minute shopping). She’s such an easy person to be with. Plus we think alike and do things alike. After all, she taught me everything I know. Bebe ChristmasAnd mom and I both LOVE to buy things for others. It really IS better to give than to receive and we are both famous for splurging on those we love. Look at all those gorgeous gifts under mom’s tree. Gifting feels soooo good, doesn’t it? Bebe christmas 2 So today I am filling my soul with a little Mama time. And this afternoon we’ll pick up my 9-year old, who happens to look exactly like my mom, and let her finish her Christmas shopping for her daddy and our pup Izzy too. Three generations, shopping together. What’s more fun than that? Tobi-Christmas-Tree-600x800 It’s going to be one of the best self-care Saturdays of all of 2014. So jump on the Self-care Saturday bandwagon today. I hope you are doing something to get in the Christmas Spirit that also that fills your Soul. You deserve it!

And I hope you enjoyed all these photos of what holidays look like at my house and at my mom’s. Merry Christmas Friends! And in the words of Pretty Woman…”I have to go shopping now.” xo,

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