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Your Dream Business Is as Important as Your Dream House! And What the Heck is a Telecourse?

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Hi Friends,

I am SO glad you all are loving my posts this year on my intentions, my new house, and much more. Thanks for all the great comments. 2014 is on fire for me already, and you will see many more exciting launches and announcements in the coming weeks and months.

But what about you? What is 2014 the year of in your life? I hope it’s a year of finally living the life you say you want. And I am here to help make that happen.

Today I wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit more about my upcoming telecourse, Build Your Dream Business, explain what a telecourse is, what this one is about, and why you just can’t wait another minute to sign up. I know, I know…many of you come here to build your dream house, but your dream business is just as important to living a life you love. My goal is to help you do both! And do them both NOW!


First, a telecourse is a series of phone calls where you dial in and listen to someone, in this case me :), teach you about an important topic. My weekly calls will be about 60-75 minutes and you can listen live, which is the best option so you don’t procrastinate on taking advantage of the great content. But if you have to miss a call, no worries! You can listen later through the link we will send you to the call. And even if you do listen live, you can listen again while you work out, or while you’re driving in your car. It’s a great way to really take the information in and make sure you are putting all the big ideas to work. One time listening to the call just may not be enough, and we want you to have access to the information whenever you need it.


Secondly, what about my telecourse content? Is it right for you? Well it’s right for you if you are running a small business or if you are a creative businessperson, so that covers a lot of ground. It is certainly for interior designers like me, but it’s not just about design. It’s for almost any businessperson whose business isn’t living up to its potential or any person who wants to start a new business off on the right foot. It’s about building the business you have dreamed about. A business that will allow you to make the money you need to live your dreams, and to have the flexible schedule that allows you to take advantage of the money you will make. So anyone in a small business, any solo-preneurs, or any one like me with 5-10 employees can really benefit from this course. It’s also great for you if you are thinking about leaving your current situation and finally starting the business of your dreams and I know there are tons of you out there just itching to finally do what you love!


This course is about how to stop procrastinating on living the life you say you want. I will teach you how to make your dreams a reality through your goals and intentions so you REALLY and CONSISTENTLY take ACTION (my word of the year). I will help you shed the fear that is holding you back from starting a new career or really growing your existing one. Or to shuck the fear that is making you the best-kept secret in your industry or your area because you don’t have the confidence to tell people how great you are at your craft, or to charge what your skills are worth.  I will help you embrace the stuff you are really passionate about, and make these passions your job, not your hobby. I will teach you how to stop fearing financials (yes, they can be intimidating but I make them simple) and help you start making money right out of the gate so you can afford to grow your business. And finally, I will introduce you to my all new approach to finding ideal clients–I have never taught this new concept in any of my courses before. Oh, wait – there’s even one more thing…I will teach you my top 5 tips, including some new revenue streams and how to set them up, so you can start seeing instant results that improve your bottom line. Whew!It’s going to be exciting!


Through this 6-week course, I will bring you ideas on how to REALLY put things into action that you have been afraid to do, or that you just didn’t know how to do. I will help you finally and passionately move from where you are today to where you want to be in your business and your life. It’s time to stop thinking of “some day” as the day you will finally start making money and being happy and move that day to now!

Many people who have worked with me in Mastermind or my live events and other courses have asked if this is just content they have heard before re-organized into a telecourse and the answer is NO! Not that there won’t be some ideas that I talk about that I have talked about before because some things are just worth repeating. I may reiterate some of my best BIG ideas, but I have written this content completely new for this course. So you won’t want to miss all my great ideas from before, reframed in a brand new way, plus all the amazing NEW content that I have developed just for Build Your Dream Business!

And finally, I have NEVER offered my content at such an incredible price!! Six weeks of jam-packed, life-changing business and life strategies all for less than $500. That’s something like $85 per week, and wouldn’t you gladly pay that price if it really catapulted you into making money like you have dreamed but more importantly help you design the life you dream of?

It’s not really about the money, right? It’s about the experiences, the travel, the feeling of accomplishment that we are all after. So if  you could walk away from this course with even 1 idea that would move you closer to your dreams, isn’t it worth it? And I promise, there are not just one but MANY a-ha! moments in this brand new telecourse.


Join me for this 6-week major jump-start to 2014 beginning January 30. A year from now, you could be living a life you thought was a long way away. The time will pass anyway, but the question is how will you take advantage of your time? Will you spend another year not living up to your potential? Are you willing to take that chance? Take this leap with me. All you have to do is go here to sign up. We will send you reminders, phone numbers for access to the course, downloads of the calls after they happen live, and all the easy-to-follow instructions you need to bring this “Dreamy” Business Content into your life.

Let me be your guide to a business and a life that you love. I am living mine, and it is so worth the work!


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Reality Check Tuesday:How’s that working for you?

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I saw a great article in Oprah’s Magazine the other day by Dr. Phil talking about New Year’s Resolutions. And he had a great question…

If your resolutions from year to year are exactly the same because nothing ever changes–lose 15 pounds, start spending more time with family, open my dream business–don’t you think it’s time you take a hard look at your methods for achieving your goals?

I mean really (in classic Dr. Phil lingo)…How’s that working for you? Apparently, not very well.


So if your goals for 2014 are the same as they were for 2013, there’s a problem. It’s time to get real with yourself. Or maybe just admit that you’re giving lip service to what you say you want, but you must not really want it or you would have done it already. And that’s ok. It’s just time to decide what you DO want.


Just a little reality check Tuesday, thanks to Dr. Phil and me. :)


And in case you missed them or want another shot of inspiration, here are my goals and intentions for 2014. They are far different than last year, thank goodness, and boy am I excited.

Here’s to setting fresh and inspiring to do’s for 2014, cheers!


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Setting my Goals and Intentions for 2014

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Ok, so since this year for me is about a little less talk and a lot more ACTION (can you hear Elvis singing at this moment? I can!), my goals and intentions are going to be a bit different this year.


Did you notice I said goals and intentions, not resolutions? Well there is the first change. I have created a hierarchy of my dreams, resolutions, goals and intentions this year in it’s simpliest form.

What’s the difference you ask?


A dream is a huge idea, a wild fantasy, something that often feels unreachable or that would take divine intervention to happen. To many people, a dream seems unlikely. But for high achievers, dreams are the seeds that lead to major accomplishments.


A resolution is basically a wish. It is a “what” without the “how”. And it is often approached from a negative perspective like I need to lose 30 pounds, or I need to quit smoking, or I need to stop eating gummy bears all day every day. Resolutions are often inflexible and difficult, likely why most of them don’t stick.


A goal is more focused. It is an aim or a desired result that a person plans and commits to achieving. So it has direction and a plan.


And an intention, well that is the exciting one. An intention is a heartfelt alignment of what matters most to us, practiced daily with mindfulness. Intentions can result in a habit. They are based in responsibility and are much more fun, flexible, and easier to achieve because they are rooted in our personal passions and desires, not fears. Plus, they are usually created in positive terms like I intend to live my healthiest year yet, vs. I must lose 30 pounds. See the difference?


If I am going to take major ACTION in 2014, I have to be highly focused. I plan for my mantra this year to be “Lean and Mean in 2014”. So I am cutting the fat all the way down to, 1 Dream, zero resolutions (no time for wishing, I’ve got things to do), 3 Goals and a single, focused intention. I’m calling it my keep it simple, Sister approach to my best year yet!

So here we go…


My Dream for 2014 is to help more people achieve their goals and dreams than ever before…me included.


My 3 goals are:

  1. To Live Life to the Fullest
  2. To Be Diligent with my Revenue Streams
  3. To be Vigilant with my Schedule

And my One and Only intention for every single day of 2014 is this…To Feel Good!


So that seems easy, right? Well I hope so. The idea is to set myself up for success.

So let’s take a closer look at my goals and intention, so you can see what I mean.


First, Live life to the fullest. Well I mentioned this yesterday and I won’t belabor it. I am going to do everything I usually put off and do it now. Fun, Family, Work. I am going to say YES as often as possible. But don’t worry, you’ll see in a sec how my intention will keep balance in place.


Second, I will be diligent with my revenue streams. Here what that means. In 2012 I became hyper sensitive with my expenses, particularly at work but in many ways at home too. This discipline led to thousands of dollars in savings, meeting with my accountant every single week (which I still do 2 years later) and thankfully resulted in a nice cash reserve or “rainy day fund” which takes so much pressure off when business slows seasonally sometimes.


This year is the year to be super focused on our revenues at work with sales meetings, monthly sales goals, brainstorming sessions, a specific schedule for product launches—anything and everything to get our cash flow in tip-top shape. It’ll be hard work, but so worth it! And I’ll do this at home too—I’ve got a house to renovate you know?!?

My firm is thankfully coming off one of our most profitable years to date, so why not “lean into” our success as I love to do and really expand my “making money while you sleep” business I talk so often about. It’s typically not a lack of demand for one’s services that keep your cash flow less balanced than you like, but diligence and consistency on the part of the service provider who gets busy or distracted and doesn’t stick to the plan for earnings that’s the problem. It’s hard to have your revenues out of sight or out of mind when you analyze them each week and I am just the sort of financial minded geek that actually looks forward to this goal. So watch out revenues…I’ve got your number!



And third, vigilance with my schedule. I will be just as attentive to my schedule as I am to my revenues this year. If I am going to fit everything in it that I want, including exercise, rest, and relaxation, there will be no flying by the seat of my schedule this year. But if other than living life to the fullest, the only 2 things I have to focus on are Revenues and my Schedule, my chances are GREAT for super results!


And now for that glorious intention—To Feel Good!

I’m a fan of Danielle LaPorte author of the great books The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map Book. And Danielle says that there is really only one thing that everyone wants and for that reason it should be our only real focus and that is TO FEEL GOOD!

I agree. So my intention for the year is to feel good. This will be my daily litmus test to see what makes it into my schedule, into my tummy and ultimately into my life. Here’s what I mean…


Does it feel good to get distracted and waste time with non-paying tasks like cleaning out your inbox or gossiping with co-workers or friends,and then before you know it, you need to hurry up and bring some money in to pay the bills but you have no real prospects or ideal clients in sight? NO!

Does it feel good to have a consistent approach to new business development that will keep my revenue streams balanced so I have the freedom to spend time on things I am passionate about…YES!


Does it feel good to ignore my schedule, procrastinate, and let a lot of to do’s and obligations pile up so I end up having to give up nights and weekends to complete what I promised people? NO!

Does it feel good to be vigilant about my schedule so I accomplish the 3-5 big things I need to each day leaving time for things I want to do like yoga, biking with my daughter, Family Game night, a date with my hubby, or cooking a fun recipe I’ve been dying to try? YES!


Does it feel good to work all the time, grabbing fast food when I can and skip walking and meditating until I feel tension in my head and neck, indigestion in my tummy and have to stay in bed an entire weekend getting my stress level down and my body back in balance? NO!

Does it feel good to take the time to incorporate the food and exercise daily that I know gives my body it’s peak level of energy so that I don’t have to waste a weekend in bed but can instead travel, try a new restaurant or even mark something off my bucket list on the weekend? YES!!


You see—this “To Feel Good” intention is powerful. Feeling good doesn’t mean filling your body with junk because it seems to taste good at the moment in lieu of making decisions that actually feel good for the long haul. The same goes with work or putting off precious time with those you love most.

So there they are…my Dream, my goals and my intention—top these off with my word of the year ACTION and I know that in 2014 I will be unstoppable.

How about you? Ready to set your goals for the year? Did anything I said here resonate with you or change how you will make 2014 your best year yet? Ready to make your own intention that is a litmus test for your daily life?

Please leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts. I’m off to enjoy this Fabulous Saturday cooking, playing tennis, painting pottery with my daughter and so much more.


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p.s. Want help from me setting intentions that work, getting rid of your procrastinating ways and taking charge of your own revenue streams in a BIG way this year? Join me for my brand new 6 week teleseries called Build Your Dream Business. Trust me…this time next year you will wish that you had. Go here to sign up or learn more. 

My 2014 Word of the Year

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I am so excited about 2014 that I can taste it. My excitement is real, palpable. I am serious about making this year AWESOME. I am certain it will be my biggest year yet. I have no doubt.

cb28ba73e3badcbec5a481f36a840201Did you hear that? I will MAKE this year awesome. Not “it will be” awesome. I will MAKE it that way. I am on a mission more than ever before.

I love picking a word of the Year each January as my intention…to set the tone–No, to define this year. It will happen. I put it out there and the Universe meets me. And it’s critical that I pick the right word that will define my attitude, my energy, and my approach to life for the next 12 months. It becomes part of who I am. It makes a difference when the going gets tough. It directs my self-talk.

The last two years have been BIG years for me in many ways. In 2012 with the word Discipline I got healthy mentally, physically, and financially.

In 2013 with Inspire as my word, I invested in building my team and my new multi-faceted Design and Consulting business in a way that allows me to inspire many people to be their best in their homes, their businesses and their lives. My new online presence that we launched this week brings all our efforts of 2013 together in one place so I can do the work I am called to do and can live my passion inspiring the world around me.

So now for 2014–(drum roll please) This year my word is … ACTION.


Here are some of my favorite definitions of Action:

1. The most vigorous, productive, or exciting activity in a particular field, area or group (Wants to be where the action is)

2. An act of will

3. Initiative, enterprise (A Man of Action)

4. Financial gain or an opportunity for financial gain (A piece of the action)

5. The way the body moves.

6. The accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time, in stages or with the possibility of repetition

And action will take many of these forms for me this year…Massive Action at work, massive action moving my body for my health, and massive financial action just to name a few. Plus I’m hell bent on crossing things off my bucket list, spending more time with friends, and doing many of the things I have been putting off “until I have time”.  No more waiting. I’m taking ACTION!


I am a doer. My top strength from Strengthfinders 2.0 is Activator. The synopsis for the Activator personality says “You are impatient for ACTION. You constantly ask…When can we start?” So it’s not that I am trying to accomplish something that will be impossible this year, but rather I am LEANING IN to my top strength. This year I am taking it to the top, baby!


In my job as a consultant, I coach many talented and creative people who are certainly a success in their own right but that just aren’t experiencing the sort of flexible schedule and financial freedom that they dream of. And in almost every case, I find that they already have and know everything they would need to be living their dreams, there is one missing piece…ACTION.


There is something holding them back from taking action, often something they can’t even verbalize. Of course it is fear, but what does that mean? Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of knowing what they want but not how to get it, fear of what others will think, fear of taking risk, fear of not doing it perfectly, fear that they will regret it or that a better option will come along…there’s a litany of possible fears. It’s endless really.


But at the end of the day, there is just one solution. Taking Action. Not perfect action. Just action. And any action is better than inaction. Because at least if you do it wrong, you get feedback on what doesn’t work, right? You have to start before you’re ready. Take the leap. Don’t think, just do. None of us who take action and achieve big things have any more certainly than anyone else that what we are doing will work. And many times it doesn’t. We just trust our instincts, use our experience, and at some point we GO. And we have more successes than all those people who never even try.


So if I am so great at taking action then why do I need to focus on it more you ask? Well here’s why. Even though I make tons of things happen each year, I have never had a focus, or a mantra, or as my daughter would call it a “catch phrase” associated with action. I have never made it my mission to live my life to the fullest.


I have never made an extreme effort to totally eliminate procrastination , to stop saying I’m tired or I’m busy, and to wake up daily with an attitude that helps me attack the day with gusto. And that is where I am going this year. I want a different sort of zest for action and for life than I have ever had before. I will have a sense of urgency about my goals and my dreams. Urgency yes, but panic, No! This is about peace and happiness. About doing more of what makes me feel great and doing it right now.


And I don’t just mean about work. I want to take massive action with my family time, with my home renovation, with my hobbies like cooking and photography. I want to have gusto in all parts of my life and I think focusing on taking massive action obliterating procrastination will be fabulous, fun, and fulfilling.


If my normal way of life already looks like a success to me and most everyone else if I am already not a procrastinator 90% of the time, I am curious to see what massive action and zero procrastination looks like. Exciting stuff, huh?

I will do more cooking fun new recipes, more baking and giving it to neighbors, more painting with my daughter, hiking with my friends, starting that veggie garden I’ve been talking about, trying new types of exercise, traveling to places I’ve never been. It is really about this–”life is short, don’t waste a moment”.


Talk is cheap. 2014 is the time to stop talking and start doing.


Actions speak volumes and the person I am speaking to this year is me. My mental loop is saying “Come on Tobi, show me what you got!” and boy do I love a challenge.


So in a nut shell, here is what my life will look like in 2014…


What about you? What word will you choose to define your 2014 and why? I can’t wait to hear.


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p.s. Speaking of taking action, another of my goals as been to get more of my consulting out to the world at a great value. And so starting January 30th, I’m taking action and doing just that with my first ever Tobi’s Teleseries which is the most affordable course of this caliber that I have ever offered. And this course isn’t just for designers–it’s for designers, creatives, small business owners, really anyone who wants to skyrocket their business this year.

If you are ready to take massive action this year and want my tips and techniques that have helped me stop procrastinating and build a business and a life I love, join me for my 6 week teleseries Build Your Dream Business. To get more information and to sign up, go here.

I hope you’ll join me in building your dream Business in 2014. This time next year, you could be celebrating BIG Business Actions and Success and experiencing financial freedom like never before.

Happy 2014! and My (First) BIG Reveal of the Year!

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Happy 2014 Everyone! This is one of my favorite days of the year. And it officially kicks off my resolutions and goals series here on my blog.

It’s also the BIG day for my BIG announcement. Yippee!  One of my goals for quite some time has been to rebrand and redesign my website and blog and since 2014 marks the 15th anniversary of my business, I thought this was the perfect time to do it.

So the time has come! I can now officially unveil the project that has been my labor of love these past few months: an entirely new design for and a new look for Tobi’s Blog!

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 9.40.10 AM (2)

Since you show up here at my blog, I know you appreciate good design, so I hope you love the look of my new website and blog as much as I do. They are so clean and pretty (and very functional); And of course full of color, my signature. I love it!

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.25.23 AM (2)

But what it represents to me personally is something much bigger than that. For the last five years of my business, I have been innovating and improvising at full-throttle and “Building the plane while I fly it,” as one of my favorite gurus, Lisa Sasevich, always says.

It’s a pace that keeps me inspired, and I love to be on the cutting edge. But my online presence just couldn’t ever keep up, because things were changing and shifting and there were (well, there still are!) new things always hatching in my mind. So everything–from Tobi Fairley Home products to my Inbox Interiors e-design service to full-service design to my signature events and consulting programs–stayed fragmented and divided on the web, while in reality they were all deeply interconnected and driven by a single vision centered on inspiration and empowerment. But–let’s be real–half the time no one sitting at home on their laptop could even connect the dots!

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.27.53 AM (2)

That’s why I’m especially proud and grateful to unveil the new which presents all facets of my business in a way that is accessible and understandable to anyone perusing the web. And the time is right, because in 2014 and beyond, I have big plans to introduce programs and products that will use this website as a dynamic interface for my clients at all levels. We’re talking more video, more downloadable tools, and portals with access tailored to each client’s specific needs and interests!

So please go and explore the new website, where I know you will find the connections you’ve been looking for between all of my driving passions. We’ll continue to get all my design projects loaded in our portfolio and work any kinks out over the coming days and we’ll be introducing exciting new products really soon. But I couldn’t wait another moment to get this baby launched today for all the world to see.

Thank you for sharing this red-letter day with me! It’s reason to celebrate.


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p.s. I hope you’re eating your black-eyed peas today to ensure your prosperity for the year to come and I wish you a few more hours of R & R before we hit the ground running tomorrow with all our to do’s for 2014. Speaking of tomorrow, I hope you’ll meet me back here then for another exciting first and please follow along over the next few days and weeks as I bring you my resolutions and dreams for 2014. Let’s make this year BIG together. Cheers!