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Planning to Succeed in 2014

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Today is the day. The day I plan my success for 2014. The day I set all my appointments for the year to the hair salon, nail salon, doctors, dentist and the like. Then I put in time for family, friends, organizing, vacations for the entire year and then there’s the business obligations. And though it may be hard to believe, my 2014 is already about 90% booked in the way of work and work travel committments.

I also set my weekly schedule for exercise, yoga, meals and meditation for at least 6 months out. Ok, I am a little be anal with my scheduling. And you may think that living like this is just too much.


But I beg to differ. I firmly believe that the reason that I accomplish so much in my life and also the reason I am happier than most people, is because I plan and I organize my life. And yes, I leave “holes” in my schedule for spontaneous things or laying around with my daughter and watching movies. I am not a machine, but my life runs like a well-oiled one. And that actually brings me less stress and more satisfaction.


Planning and scheduling allows me to add in new things to my life, like more vacation. And it allows me to plan in the work and revenue streams to pay for the vacation. In fact, this year with the packed but VERY EXCITING business schedule I am keeping, I am taking a minimum of 4 weeks of vacation including a 2 week stint at the beach and I will actually probably take 5 full weeks for the year and another week’s worth in single days here and there that I am taking off with my daughter and my husband for long weekends at the River or the Lake.

So though I consider myself a work-a-holic in many ways, I take more vacation than most people I know. You can’t work this hard year after year and not replenish yourself and spend time with family if you want everyone to be healthy and happy.

And if I didn’t plan my vacations 6 months to a year in advance including paying a deposit on them so I can’t change my mind, I would never really take them. I would come up with one million excuses when the time came for why I can’t afford to be away.


And I don’t know about you, but to do all the things I am committed to doing in my life, I prefer to be as efficient as possible, so if planning now saves work later, I’m all in! Are you?


So just like this pretty pic above, I am hunkered down with my Mac, my planner, and a cup of Starbucks planning my success for 2014.

What about you? Do you have any habits, practices, or rituals you use to plan your schedule and ultimately your success for each new year? If so, leave me a comment and tell me all about it. I am always open for new tips and techniques for making my new year better than ever.

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Design On the Move!

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Little Rock skies have cleared and the sun is shining! To see this morning’s KATV segment all about how to move into a new home with minimum stress and maximum excitement, then visit my Facebook page (and be sure to “Like” us while you’re there!). CLICK HERE!

And to get the Top Ten Moving Tips I mention in the segment, follow THIS LINK! I hope they help you get off to a great start in your new place.

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So many goodies, so little time, right?!

And it just may so happen that someone (who, me?) just might be making a move soon, too! Here’s a glimpse at some inspiration I’ve been collecting on my Pinterest boards for spaces that are inspiring the future of my new home.

Design: Raúl Martins

January/February 2011 issue of VERANDA. Design: KELLI FORD AND KIRSTEN FITZGIBBONS

Design: Greg Natale

Design: Phoebe Howard


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Resolutions with La Dolce Vita’s Paloma Contreras

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When interviewing Paloma from La Dolce Vita blog and the soon to debut High Gloss Magazine for my Style feature recently , we talked about her resolutions for 2011.

With Paloma’s to do list expanding rapidly thanks to all her new duties as Editor in Chief of an online magazine, her main resolution was to stay organized.  This chic office above was a great inspiration to Paloma and she plans on using some of the great products from Russell + Hazel to keep her desk in tip top shape, her shelves clutter free, her drawers organized, and her most important paperwork right at her fingertips.

Are you organizing this month as part of your 2011 Resolutions? Let me know what products are going to help you whip your work zone into shape.

My Special Goals for 2011

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I love the New Year. What a feeling of freedom to get a brand new start every 12 months. You can throw out some of the things you started but decided weren’t for you. You can take another stab at those things on your list you never got around to. The sky is the limit at the beginning of each year! It’s a chance to dream big and go for it!

Some people feel like resolutions are a negative thing, but not for me. Resolutions are just another set of goals as far as I am concerned.  And I make goals all the time–every day, every week, every month. And I happen to be great at setting goals, especially for work, and the good news is that I actually achieve most of them.

The thing I love most about my New Year’s Goals as opposed to the everyday kind, is that the New Year’s ones feel like “special” goals to me. So I take extra care in deciding what the “special” things that I want to accomplish this year might be.

So here they are. My very special, thought-out and curated set of resolutions for 2011…

1. Get Healthy–food, exercise, massages, water, yoga, hiking. These are the things that make me healthy and I want to plan them in my schedule and stick to it!

2. Stay Home More–this is a challenge with my travel schedule of the past few years, so when I don’t have to travel, I want to stay home and spend more time nesting!

3. Read more for pleasure-with all the things I read for work, I have a hard time squeezing in books for fun. This year I want to make time!

4.Go on More Bike Rides–and take a picnic too!

5. Host regular cocktail hours–a good excuse to see my friends and I can stay home while doing it.  A win-win for my resolutions!

6.Put all my precious photos in photo books–I take lots of photos but they rarely make it into books. I don’t want to turn around in 20 years and not know where they all are.

7. Do more weekend craft projects–not for work, just for fun! This means getting in my craft room and whipping something up. Or even getting out my sewing and embroidery machines!

8. Experient more in the kitchen–I want to stop making the same ole thing when I cook.  This is a year to be adventurous. Bring on the fresh ingredients please!

9. Take up a new hobby–My parents have a new River house so Fly Fishing is my first choice. Who knows if I will like it but I want to give it a whirl.

10. Tweet More–I love the relationships I have built on Twitter, I want to spend more time there in 2011

11. Spend more time on myself–I rarely take the time to pamper myself.  It’s usually just put on some clothes and get out the door! This year, I want to put more effort into dressing, grooming, facials, and more. I might even get out some of that great jewelry I have and wear it for no special reason.

12. Gratitude–whether responding to blog comments, writing more thank you notes or just giving thanks for my many blessings, there is just no such thing as too much gratitude. I plan on making a special place in my office that makes me want to sit down and actually use more of the gorgeous stationery that I have.

13.Remember I have a choice in my life–I am in charge here and I can decide what I must and must not do. This year, I need to feel less constricted by my ideas and obligations.  I often forget that I do get a choice in whether I take on too much stuff.  And just because I have a GREAT idea, I don’t have to start it today! So this year is for saying No more to the things that just aren’t that important!

14. Be present–be truly present. I am usually looking ahead and planning for the future. But if the present isn’t enjoyed, what good is the future? I want to enjoy the journey more and think about the end result less. 

15. Plan special moments with my daughter that are just hers! No computer, no cell phone, no iPad…just her and only her! This photo is from a great moment spent with my daughter a year or so ago.  I need more of these in my life.  She is already growing up so fast and I want more special mommy-daughter moments. They do more for me than I think they even do for her!

Well there you have it! My special goals for 2011.  Many of these will be a challenge for me so I will keep you posted on my progress. But if I achieve even one or two of these things, I will feel like 2011 is a great success!! I am already making great strides with #3, #10, and #15. Hooray!

What are your special goals for 2011? I’d love to hear from you.

photos from The City Sage, The Sweetest Occasion, A Creative Mint, Martha Stewart, Emily A. Clark, Braebourne Farm