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Focus on Your Business with Mastermind

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It’s hard to believe that the 4th quarter of 2015 is quickly approaching! I always find this to be a great time to set goals for the last part of this year, and to start planning where I want my business to be in 2016. So where do you see your design business in the coming year? What are YOUR goals?

Like most CEO/owners of a small business, I’m sure you’re wondering how you’re going to get it all done, how you can improve and grow your company, and what it will take to refine and improve your client roster and your income. That’s where my Mastermind Consulting Program comes in!

This is the 5th anniversary of Mastermind and in that time we’ve completely transformed hundreds of design businesses and set them on the path to make more money, to attract ideal clients, and to get published! I want that same thing for you!

My theme for 2016 is FOCUS – and what we’ll be doing in Mastermind will help you get laser-focused on the critical ideas, systems, and tools that will take your business to a whole new level next year!

Let’s look at a great testimonial from one of my former members on how Mastermind impacted her business:


Denise is just one of the many designers that have found success with Mastermind:

“I just gave a proposal presentation today for DOUBLE my fee from last year! I would have taken much longer to have gotten to this point in my business if it wasn’t for you!” – Michelle Lynne, Michelle Lynne Interiors Group

“If it were not for Tobi’s business advice in Mastermind on how to create Marker Girl into a brand, my business would not have become as successful as it has today! She taught me that Marker Girl needed to be my entire business brand and from that I gained a better business model by generating multiple streams of revenue for myself.” – Karen Davis, Marker Girl

“The lessons I learned in Mastermind taught me how to increase my income level while decreasing my workload, which allows me to be more discriminating about the projects I choose to design each year. Mastermind equipped me with the skills I needed to streamline my business, introduced me to opportunities, and forged relationships that would have taken years on my own.” – Lisa Mende, Lisa Mende Design

Let’s make that kind of magic happen for YOUR business, and let’s do it NOW! In Mastermind, we have 3 live sessions with instruction and fabulous speakers, with presentations that earn you those valuable CEUs! In 2016, the themes and locations are:

  • Feb. 9-10, in Florida. The theme will be Developing/Refining Your Unique Point of View, including branding, niche, promotions and more.
  • June 14-15, in Chicago. The theme will be Putting Your Business Under the Microscope, including client management, selling your services, project management, and logistics.
  • Sept. 20-21, in Boston. The theme will be Focus on Revenue, including the best strategies for making money, new revenue streams, developing products, and ecommerce for designers.

In addition, members also receive:

  • One semester of Tobi U, my new online learning center
  • Weekly accountability emails
  • Monthly telecalls from me on a hot topic for that month
  • 6 Book Club telecalls a year, on my favorite new biz books
  • Members-only Facebook forum
  • Admission to Designer MBA where you can earn .8 CEUs!

As you can see, Mastermind truly is FOCUSED on changing your business and setting you on the path for success! So what are you waiting for? Email me today at and let’s talk about how we can make 2016 your best year ever!









Mastermind Spotlight: Laura Lee

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portfolio picOne of the great things about my Mastermind Consulting Program is that the members are from many different backgrounds and careers – but they are all passionate about design! Laura Lee began her St. Louis-based design business, Laura Lee Home, in 2012 as a second career and never looked back! She joined my Mastermind Program in 2014 after attending Design A-to-Z and Designer MBA the previous year.

Laura’s niche is helping to direct her clients’ resources, both time and money, to help them get the very most for their investment. “Tobi really helped me see that my financial background is a unique benefit to my clients, and I love that I get to do what I love every day,” Laura says.

“Decorating and renovating are expensive and I help my clients achieve their goals without the stress of an open-ended cost structure,” Laura says. “We are vigilant about communicating every step of the way. When I approach design projects, we get very clear about budgets and timelines. I help direct clients on where to splurge and where to save.”

Laura also specializes in bringing fresh, classic, edited interiors to older homes. From the first 1920s bungalow Laura and her husband John painstakingly renovated, to the 1930s colonial and two 1920s Tudor homes she’s also worked on, Laura knew she loved historic architecture and design.

“My expertise helps to make the most of the wasted space found in many older homes and to support 21st century living,” she says.

DSC_8741Laura says that 2014 was a big year of transition for her business with the launch of her first website in June and evaluating everything about running her business.

“I worked to streamline my design process, documented my systems, renovated my office-to-house samples as well as paperwork, and addressed my financials,” Laura says. “Design is the fun part and getting really serious about the business side of running the design business took discipline.”

Elevating her business and her transition year was not without its challenges.

“The biggest challenge I have faced was realizing that not every client that calls our office is right for my firm,” Laura says. “We do a lot of work in Mastermind on identifying our ideal clients and what differentiates us as designers. Educating people on the design process and what I am able to do, as well as not able to do, sets the tone for a successful partnership.”

Laura’s goals for this year are to continue to grow her business and to hire an assistant to allow her to spend more time on the design work. She is also investigating options to work on a show house as well as developing a focused social media strategy.

“I am looking forward to some exciting new design projects, including a first-floor renovation and a mid-century modern home,” Laura says.

familyroom2 When Laura isn’t working, she loves to cook, spend time with her friends and family, read, walk and garden. “My favorite place to spend time away from home is the beach, especially Sanibel Island in Florida,” she says.

Laura says it has been a challenge to strike the right balance between work and personal commitments since starting her business, especially with two teens at home, Audrey and Jack, and their oldest son Eric in college.

“My husband and I start each morning having coffee together and playing with our dogs Charlie the Golden Retriever and Lucy the Shih-Tzu,” Laura says. “That time is sacred and keeps us connected. I have learned that exercise has to happen very early in the morning and that I have to be more structured about appointments, errands, and commitments. John and my kids have been so supportive – pitching in and taking on more responsibility, especially when I need to be out of town.”

Laura says her biggest takeaway from the Mastermind program is to be 100% authentic in everything she does. “Tobi really helped me lean in to my niche and the unique perspective that my financial background brings to my clients and business,” she says.

Laura is an amazing designer, and a fantastic businesswoman! She does have the discipline and drive to really succeed in this tough business – and I look forward to seeing what she achieves in 2015!








PS – If you are interested in seeing how my Mastermind Consulting Program can help you transform your business for success, just click here to learn more!  Or contact me at!

Mastermind Spotlight: Minhnuyet Hardy

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Today, I want to spotlight one of my Mastermind Consulting Group members, Minhnuyet Hardy – a fabulous and high-energy interior designer based in Atlanta! Minhnuyet has been such a great addition to my Mastermind Deluxe group and she has really found a unique niche to call her own, focusing on designing interiors for professional men and bachelors.


She is one of the only designers in her city to focus on that target audience. “[Last year] I started working with my first single male client, a recently divorced man with two young girls,” Minhnuyet says. “He was living in a small hotel room and needed his condo finished quickly and with everything: new furniture, linens and pots and pans and, of course, several TVs.  We had a blast and the project turned out very modern and stylish while incorporating all of his technology needs.” Minhnuyet soon found herself working with three other male clients with similar requests. “I realized that working with men was a natural fit for me,” she says. “I really understand their design aesthetic and what they want in their interiors.”


She also has teamed with a smart home technology specialist in Atlanta to help men fit all of their fun gadgets into her inviting and functional design. In addition to finding her perfect niche, Minhnuyet says her greatest triumph so far is her upcoming publicity. She will be published for the first time in Modern Luxury Men’s Book Atlanta’s March 2015 issue. “I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect magazine to feature my work!” she says.

Her biggest challenges, she says, have been pulling together her social media strategy, re-branding, and launching her new website. “I am slowly getting the hang of it, one tweet at a time. It’s fun to see a lot of high-profile men following me on Twitter,” she says. “Another challenge has been the re-branding and the new website. That was almost like having another large project on my books, so I’m glad that we are at the finish line on that chapter of my life.”

Minhnuyet has just launched her new website, which helps focus her marketing efforts toward her niche clientele. “I really want to focus on taking projects that elevate my brand and business model,” she says. “I would also like to hire a junior designer to help with projects. I am most looking forward to getting published. This was my goal this year so I am beyond excited that has come to fruition. If only I had a crystal ball to see what the future holds for me!”


Minhnuyet is married to Joe, an air and space attorney and part-time actor, and together they have two kids, Owen, 13, and Melia, 10, as well as a fur baby, a Doberman named Beatrix. Minhnuyet was born in Bien Hoa, Vietnam,and likes to hang out with her kids and travel in her spare time. “I love to visit restaurants, hotel lobbies and museums,” she says. “It just fascinates me to see different and interesting foods, cultures, art, and interiors.”

While balancing work and personal life has been a challenge for Minhnuyet since going into full-time design, she is working on hiring so she can delegate and assign tasks and have more time to spend with her family. Minhnuyet says that her biggest “a-ha” moment happened when she was traveling home from her first Mastermind session in Dallas, which was about licensing agreements and making partnerships.

“Serendipitously, the gentleman sitting next to me turned out to be the CEO of Republic Tequila. We chatted the entire plane ride back to Atlanta and we have since kept in touch. We are discussing some different ideas of how to work together,” Minhnuyet says. “Had I not attended the session, I would have never even thought about partnering with such a company. Tobi’s classes and coaching have opened my eyes to new ideas and thoughts about my design business.  Her coaching is really worth the investment of your time and money, she is truly a very smart and savvy businesswoman.”

Aren’t Minhnuyet’s designs gorgeous? And she really is proof that knowing your niche, and really keeping your focus on it, can propel your business into the stratosphere!









Your Most Profitable Year Yet – with Mastermind!

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It is an exciting time at Tobi Fairley & Associates! We just announced our brand new online educational site Tobi U. It’s been a dream of mine for years and now you can get my foundational business of design courses on demand from anywhere around the world! I am so happy to have achieved that goal, and to be able to help so many others cultivate their strengths and improve their businesses.


Have you thought about YOUR design business? What goals do YOU have for 2015? What if you want to REALLY take your business to the next level – complete immersion, no-holds-barred? What if you are saying “Tobi, 2015 is THE year for me and I am ready to quit wasting time and go full speed ahead to making the kind of money I want and designing the dream business and dream life that I desire?”

I have the answer for that! You should join me in my Mastermind Consulting Group for 3 AMAZING on-site sessions around the country AND get 2 FABULOUS bonuses – a semester of Tobi U AND my Build Your Dream Business Telecourse! Keep reading and I’ll tell you about a fabulous FREE telecall I’m going to have next week that will tell you even more!

My Mastermind program is a progressive consulting group for design professionals. As a member of Mastermind, you will not only get instructive business coaching curriculum and advice straight from me, but you’ll also participate in a community of forward-thinking businesspeople who draw on experience from an array of backgrounds and specialties!

As a Mastermind member, you will receive weekly emails to hold you accountable for doing the work to build your business, monthly telecalls on the latest hot topic, a FREE ticket to Designer MBA (my most popular live event!), and three live events that feature guest speakers that present with me on the most important issues we face in our businesses today! It will be an incredible year!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 3.09.45 PM

As if that wasn’t enough, though, for just the month of January, in honor of the launch of Tobi U, my 15th anniversary in business, and my birthday (woohoo!) I am offering a crazy-low price for all these amazing things rolled into one! And I will give you a payment plan for the investment. Crazy, I know. But I am going SO BIG with my thinking this year. I am following my dreams like I have never done before, and I want the same for YOU!  Mastermind pricing typically starts at $10,000 per year, but just for January, I am offering Mastermind at MORE than 25% off AND giving you a free semester of Tobi U ($1299 price) and my Build Your Dream Business 6-part teleseries ($447 price) which is PERFECT for jump-starting your goals, avoiding procrastination, and ensuring that THIS YEAR is your most productive and profitable EVER!


So how can you pass this up? If you want me to email you the special pricing for this fantastic Mastermind Package with the 2 AMAZING bonuses – a free semester of Tobi U and my Build Your Dream Business 6-part teleseries – send me an email at and I will respond to you myself with ALL the details.

Plus, if you want to hear more about the special package of Mastermind plus Tobi U plus Build Your Dream Business and get the details of what you can really expect from all three of these, join me on a free telecall next Thursday, Janu. 15 (the day Tobi U launches) at 12pm Central Time, to hear all the details. To be on that call, sign up here. I can’t wait to tell you all about this special deal next week! But if you are ready to take the leap now while you are excited and want to keep the momentum going, then send me that email at so I can get you signed up for Mastermind+Tobi U+Build Your Dream Business right away!

Wishing you the most successful and most profitable year yet!









Mastermind Spotlight: Michelle Lynne

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Today, I want to introduce you to one of my newest Mastermind members, Michelle Lynne! Michelle started her design business, Michelle Lynne Interiors Group, in Dallas in 2008 and has really revved things up in the past year! She has a terrific niche – creating glamorously functional interiors for the busy professional – that comes from her nearly two decades of corporate management experience before she made the leap into full-time interior design.

“I can really relate to the necessity of having a retreat to come home to after hours and hours in an office every day,” she says. “Plus, if the house isn’t well thought out and diligently organized, what good is it? When you’re working such long hours, you don’t want to work at home trying to find your keys or anything else – everything has to have a place.”

Michelle Lynne

Michelle says that her greatest triumph in 2014 has been re-branding and re-defining the business. “2013 was challenging, to say the least. So in 2014, I really dug in to the identity of the firm, analyzed the financials – and focused on streamlining the areas that result in the highest profitability,” Michelle says. Her biggest challenge, she says, has been recovering and re-inventing her business instead of being able to dive head first into her design work.

“I am so incredibly grateful that my staff is wickedly smart and talented and hard working and trustworthy – and just overall lovely people I enjoy being around,” Michelle says. “From the business standpoint, I couldn’t have made it through the difficult 2013 and recovery in 2014 without them. In fact, we’re looking at a record-setting 2014, so I think we are onto something!”

She says her biggest “a-ha” moment in Mastermind was realizing what her assets are, and appreciating them. “My experience in corporate america IS a huge benefit to my clients,” she says. “I was insecure about my lack of classical interior design education. I really got the ‘a-ha’ from Tobi that my business experience, management skills, and financial savvy are all a value to my clients who would otherwise be dealing with a solely ‘creative’ designer. So now I brag about my business brilliance.”

Michelle’s business goals for 2015 are to continue up-leveling her business’s service so it can continue to increase the value to her clients – and her profitability. “Providing a step-by-step defined process while giving our clients an experience is what I’m most excited about,” she says. “The foundation should be solid in 2015 so I can start implementing some of the genius takeaways I’ve received via Mastermind.”3824PalloVerdasDrive-Dallas-TX

Her favorite things to do offline these days include catching up on sleep and running, and she says she has her work-life balance down to a science. “I work before The Handsome Hubs wakes up, go into the office after I’ve seen him off, and then when I come home, I leave my work at the office,” she says.  “There are exceptions, but when I tell the Hubs that I’m working on a $100K presentation and need to stay up late, take a call, etc., he gets it. I think he just has flashbacks of 2013 and doesn’t bat an eye. Additionally, I took up running this year – completed a couple of half marathons this spring – and have enjoyed the time that I’m thinking about dying of exhaustion on the side of the road instead of anything related to work.”

Michelle is really a go-getter, right? I need to take cues from her to get my work-life balance back in check! If you’re in that corporate rat race and need someone to create a sanctuary to come home to, she’s the person to call! I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know her!

Happy Weekend Y’all! xo,