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Mastermind Spotlight: Karen Davis

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karen davis headshotToday I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my fabulous Mastermind Members and her gorgeous and fun new website!

After seven years in the business, Karen Davis knew she didn’t want to be “just another interior decorator” and decided it was time to rebrand her business based on her passions and a strong sense of her authentic self. The result is the recently launched Marker Girl, her Houston-area design firm dedicated to creating the “Happy Family Home.”

The name comes from an incident any mother can understand: One day when her daughter was just 2 years old, Karen’s “mommy feeling” kicked in. “When I walked into our family room, I found her doing some decorating of her own with a black Sharpie—on herself and on my ottoman!” Karen laughs: “After that, I made the decision that I should decorate around my family’s lifestyle and work with my clients the same way. I also discovered what a ‘Happy Home’ is about—focusing on time spent together in spaces that are comfortable and make you happy.”

Karen joined my Mastermind program when it began three years ago, and she says that “working with Tobi helped give me the confidence to refocus my business.”

“My biggest takeaway from the program is to be proud of who I am and what I stand for with my brand. Tobi has shown me how to create a more successful business around that brand,” Karen says. “Honestly, if it weren’t for her, there would be no Marker Girl. Tobi was the one who really believed in me when I didn’t believe I could do this myself.”

With her company’s new brand identity in place and her vision more tightly focused, Karen is working to spread the word about Marker Girl and build multiple revenue streams.

Karen says, “I look forward to sharing all that I am doing and learning and connecting with more moms-on-the-go like me who are always looking for ways to improve their life, family and home.”

As a mom myself, I especially love all Karen’s busy mom tips, because this busy, working mom needs all the help I can get!! And something you may not know about me is that I am a Marker Girl too. I wrote on everything as a child including my grandmother’s turquoise ultra-suede chair. Oops!

So if you’re a Marker Girl yourself, or you want family-friendly tips for mom’s on the go, head over and check out the Marker Girl site. And to tide you over until you get there, here are just a couple of Karen’s gorgeous,kid-friendly spaces.

karen davis 1aMarkerGirlHomeLiving


Happy Humpday to all you Marker Girls and Boys out there! xo,

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Mastermind Spotlight: Beth Lindsey

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Today I want to introduce you to another of my amazing Mastermind Members, Beth Lindsey. Not only is she beautiful with an exquisite wardrobe (you should see her shoes!), she’s so kind and gracious which I am sure are the traits that her many clients value in her most.

Beth Lindsey Headshot

Educated in the heart of Mississippi and now living in Houston, Texas, Beth embraces her deep Southern roots in her work through Beth Lindsey Interior Design.

“My design business unites Southern grace with a discerning, progressive mindset to create beautiful, edited interiors,” Beth says. “My interiors are inspired by fashion, heritage and the homeowner’s personality, which allows me to infuse each space with a distinctive character. The soul of my business is a unique combination of Southern heritage and tradition mixed with modern luxury.”

beth lindsey room shot 1

Beth has been in the interior design business for more than 15 years. A highlight of last year was a major remodel of a 10,000-square-foot home that earned her two ASID awards. “The owners were very open to trying new ideas and wanted a lot of color,” Beth says.

beth lindsey room shot 2

To help grow her business, Beth joined my Mastermind program about 15 months ago. Like many solo designers, one of her biggest challenges is trying to navigate social media—from Facebook and blogs to Twitter and Instagram—while not taking time away from her work with clients. But she knows new media’s importance, especially as she sets fresh goals for herself, including building her brand and name recognition, and making new contacts with realtors, builders and contractors.

beth lindsey room shot 3

While she’s working toward those goals, she holds onto gems of advice she’s gotten from me, including “If I want this business to flourish, I need to do it—just start.”

Beth also is embracing the idea of self-care. “It is important for me to take time out and relax,” she says. “Cultivating a balance between business and personal life allows me the opportunity for creative growth, which will lead to a successful business.”

Well I certainly know what she means, I am back on the self-care wagon bigger than ever and it’s no easy feat. So good luck to Beth on her balancing act and be sure to check out her new blog. I think you’ll love Beth’s perspective on all things design!

Happy Wednesday Friends! xo,

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Mastermind Spotlight: Kathleen DiPaolo

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Kathleen DiPaolo is a jack of all trades AND a master of many! She has succeeded in several distinct careers and like me, she brings an MBA to her creative endeavors. Here’s a bit more about this talented member of my Deluxe Mastermind Consulting group and some gorgeous images of her work!


After earning degrees in art history and Italian studies, she landed a job at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and later—after adding an MBA to her credentials—worked for Disney Store, managing its art and collectibles business. After marrying and buying her first home, she earned a real estate broker’s license. With that, she began buying, fixing up and selling houses (she’s flipped over 300 homes!)—and that led to interior design.


“About three years ago, I had my a-ha moment: Why not combine everything?” Kathleen says. “When I meet with clients, I want to know the value of the home in the area (with my real estate broker’s license) so I can design their interiors (interior design) to maximize their return on investment (MBA). It is the puzzle that I try to solve every time I meet with a new client.”

It’s no wonder Kathleen calls herself “the Property Solver.”


“My greatest triumph was niching my business,” says Kathleen, who’s enjoying her first year in my Tobi Fairley Deluxe Mastermind program. “Once I figured out who I was and why I was different from all of the other designers out there, I felt as though everything clicked!”


Kathleen’s business—Kathleen DiPaolo Designs in Costa Mesa, Calif.—is never static. Last year, she shifted her pricing structure from hourly to fee-based. “When I determined why it was a win-win for my clients and for me, it stopped me from being fearful of explaining my value. You can’t do anything when you are fearful.”


This year, Kathleen is launching fabric and finial lines. She is also expanding her website to better proclaim her unique selling proposition. And then there’s the trip to Morocco that she’s on as we speak. “I am dying to see the colors, textures, shops, people—everything!” she says. “Traveling inspires my core.”


Stay tuned for more amazing accomplishments from the Property Solver, Kathleen DiPaolo! She just may have the keys to maximizing the value of your home.

Thanks for joining me for this Mastermind Spotlight. I love highlighting talent, creativity and gorgeous design.


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To learn more about all my consulting services for designers and design enthusiasts including my Mastermind Consulting Group, visiting my website here.

Alexa Hampton, P. Allen Smith, and Do I Need a Business Coach?

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So you’re ready to elevate your business. Maybe you’ve followed my business success. Or you want a celebrity brand with diverse revenue streams like design icon Alexa Hampton or the highly accomplished P. Allen Smith who practice many of the same techniques that I do. But you just don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Do you need a business coach or a Mastermind group to help you get there?

I think anyone who is serious about growing their business needs a business coach, or at the very least a mentor. I am a business coach and mentor and I still have my own coach. No one can go through all the demands and decisions a business requires of them without help, unless they want to go crazy trying to figure it all out on their own. At the very least you need a sounding board – someone to validate your good ideas, and play devil’s advocate too.

And to take it a step further, a Mastermind group allows you to benefit from the mentor AND all the other members. The rewards are exponential. So let’s look at what a typical Tobi Fairley Mastermind Session looks like.


This year my Mastermind Consulting Group‘s focus is Building a Design Business for the New Economy.

Many of you tell us that it’s really your lack of business systems and structure that is holding you back from your full potential and profitability. Well, we kicked off my Mastermind 2014 with a BANG in our February session. I opened up the vault for the first time ever and shared my systems and procedures, including all our forms and checklists that we use to keep our business running like clockwork, even when my schedule includes more than 15 trips outside of Arkansas like it does this year.


P. Allen Smith, my friend, gardening guru, and TV star joined us for a VERY candid conversation about what it takes to keep his empire running – including his exquisite Moss Mountain Farm with a staff of over 40 people, 3 nationally syndicated TV shows, tons of speaking engagements, private garden and landscaping clients, product lines, all the while working on his 7th book. Yes I said 7th! He was so inspiring and I had some major ah-ha moments myself during his talk, particularly when he shared with us what a typical day looks like for him.

I also brought the amazing, funny, and charming Alexa Hampton to Mastermind. She gave an inspirational talk on how she has modernized her design business – the iconic Mark Hampton Ltd. – for today’s economy and consumer. She is a savvy businesswoman, in addition to a talented designer. She spoke about going after licensing deals, how she did it, and what made her successful. And she shared with us the work and ideas that went into her two gorgeous and information-packed design books. And Alexa graciously shared how taking her systems and putting them to work in your business can help you build a dynamic brand of your own.


Members of my Deluxe Mastermind Group (which means they stay on for Day 2 to strategize and workshop their particular business challenges) got access to my personal business coach that I have worked with the last 4-5 years, the one who has been so instrumental in helping me get to where I am today. And as a group we designed additional revenue streams, defined or redefined niche strategies and 2014 goals, and answered all the burning questions facing creatives today. This session was invaluable and the feedback from our members for all the February sessions and speakers was off the charts. 

So are you thinking that my Mastermind Consulting Group sounds like a fit for you? Then head over to the consulting page of my new website and check out my Mastermind video and all the program details.


You can start Mastermind any time and your membership will run for 12 consecutive months. Our next live on-site session is going to be in Bentonville, AR, at the chic and stylish 21c Museum Hotel. Come in early enough for our AMAZING museum tour of Crystal Bridges. The brainchild of Alice Walton, daughter of Wal-Mart Founder Sam Walton, the highly acclaimed Crystal Bridges is the largest collection of American Art in existance and the stunning architecture was designed by Israeli architect Moshe Safdie and is nestled into the picturesque Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.

We’ll begin the event with an amazing tour of the Crystal Bridges Museum on the afternoon of June 9, and a reception at the museum immediately following with a Fantastic Keynote speaker.

The content theme of this session is Media and Marketing for the New Economy. On June 10, my team and I will help you navigate marketing, PR, social media, and video to help you promote your business like NEVER before! Did you hear that? We will teach you how to bring video to your business, and I think video is THE business tool of the future.

We have another A-list group of speakers and experts joining me. Libby Langdon (of The Daykeover), whose House Beautiful cover I’m sure you’ve seen recently, will be offering her amazing guidance to our Deluxe members on June 11, helping them refine and improve their on-camera skills.

And then in September, Mastermind will be in Dallas,TX at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel!  Our content theme is Making More Money in the New Economy. We all want to do that, right?! So we’ll bring you cutting edge ideas and new revenue streams to help you achieve that goal! I know we’ve been talking new revenue streams for a while, but this will be the session where we roll up our sleeves and map out exactly which areas are right for your business and give you the first 3 steps to move you into action before the end of 2014. And remember, we will do a deeper dive on this topic for our Deluxe members on Sept. 17, and I guarantee you that THIS is the year to upgrade to that level if you haven’t already. The contacts we are delivering to you at the deluxe level this year will open doors for your future revenue streams that you can’t even imagine!

And if all this content weren’t already life-changing, you get monthly telelcalls with me. Here are our topics for the rest of 2014.

  • Feb. 25: Tips of the Trade…Crafting a Pitch for Print Media, Television or Licensing Partners
  • March 18: Pulling Back the Curtain…the Reality Behind the Polished Façade of Nationally-Acclaimed Designers
  • April 15: Which Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Brand
  • May 13: Branding with a Purpose…How to Turn Your “Why” into Your Brand Identity
  • June 17: To Blog or Not to Blog in the New Economy
  • July 15: Is Niche Enough? How to Stand Out from the Competition to Connect with Your Ideal Client
  • Aug. 19: Pay Yourself What You Really Deserve
  • Sept. 9: Stay Healthy and Make a Profit
  • Oct. 14: Entrepreneur S.O.S.: Handling the Pressure of Running a Small Business
  • Nov. 18: The Progression of a Design Career…How I Got Started and What I’ve Learned
  • Dec. 16: From Schlepping to Superstar; Adopt the Consulting Mindset to Increase Profitability



So if you want to catapult your business into success this year. If you want to network with key business celebrity and experts. If you want to surround yourself with like minded peers in the industry to help hold you accountable to reaching your goals. And you are looking for a business coach or mastermind group, I hope you’ll consider joining my Mastermind consulting group today.

And to make it even more enticing, why not make MONEY for recommending that your friends and colleagues join you in this dynamic group! My newly-revamped Affiliates Program will give you money for recommending my events, programs, and products! For anyone who enrolls in one of my signature events through your affiliate link (Designer MBA, Design A-to-Z, or Think Tank), you will receive $300. For anyone who signs up for one full year of e-coaching through your link, you will receive $100. And anyone who signs up as a NEW Mastermind member, you will receive $1,000! Just click the link here to learn more and to register for your link and a badge for your website/blog!

You can be an affiliate even if you aren’t a part of our great Mastermind group.

Thank you for allowing me to share my excitement for our program with you. I know some of you only want to hear my design ideas, but I would be doing a disservice to all those that want to join us in making a big leap in their business this year if I didn’t sometimes share all we have to offer.


And if you have any questions about the Tobi Fairley Mastermind program or any of our consulting programs or events that you can’t find the answer to on our website, please email us at so we can help.

Happy Sunday, Y’all.


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A Pillow Giveaway and Mastermind Spotlight with Traci Zeller

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pillows on green rug

Hello friends! Today is an exciting day because, since this is my birthday week – a week full of celebrations – I am feeling generous and so I’m giving away 2 fabulous pillows to one lucky reader of Tobi’s Blog. Now that’s really a reason to celebrate!

Actually  to be more accurate, my friend Traci Zeller is the one feeling generous and we are giving away a gorgeous pair of her “Bubbly” pillows in the sweet pea color with a chic green flange (see adorbs photo above, top left pillow). Isn’t bubbly the perfect name for this great fabric that reminds me of popping the cork to celebrate a special occasion? Like my birthday perhaps? ;) And in just a minute, I’ll tell you how you can enter to win these beauties.

But if you don’t already know Traci, then you don’t know what you are missing. Traci has been a member of my Mastermind Consulting Group since it’s inception, and boy has she ever taken huge leaps over the last three years. I thought it would be fun to highlight all she has accomplished and let you get to know her a bit better. She has amazing things in the works, and I can assure you, you will be hearing a lot more about this lawyer-turned-interior-designer in the coming months and years.

TZD Profile Photo (headshot)

So who is Traci Zeller and what has she been up to? Well, she’s coming off a stellar year. In 2013, the founder of Traci Zeller Designs in Charlotte, N.C., launched a line of textiles and home accessories (hence the fab pillow giveaway). Another high point for her: creating a dressing room for Traditional Home’s Showhouse at Adamsleigh in nearby Greensboro, and she was in good company with design greats Suzanne Kasler and Miles Redd, who were also part of this stunning show house.

“2013 was a fantastic year,” Traci says. “My word for the year was ‘dream,’ and a lot of dreams really did come true.”

tra120215_ 026 (room shot)

Traci has been involved in the world of interior design for about a decade. Her design philosophy is rooted in her belief that “beauty is created when you make the ordinary orderly.” You can see more of her gorgeous work here.

This mother of  7-year-old twin boys has a particular passion for working with families.

tra130603_046 (fabrics)

“I create crisp, classic, and highly functional products and interiors that empower active families to enjoy simpler and more stylish lives. Many of those families have young children and, yes, multiples! There’s something special about having twins or triplets and understanding those dynamics. Most importantly, with the busy pace of everyday life today, I think we all want life to be simpler and more stylish.”

And as I mentioned, Traci has been part of my Mastermind program since its inception three years ago. That’s dedication, right? So I had to ask what has kept her working with my team and me for so long. Here’s what she had to say…

“I have always been impressed by how you make things happen, Tobi. The biggest takeaway I’ve had is how much work goes into making those things happen and what I need to do to make those things happen for myself. You can’t sit back and wait. Take the reins and make it happen for yourself!”

tra130603_024 (candles)

And sitting back is certainly not what Traci has been doing. Besides her amazing design work and fabric launch, she’s been published in Better Homes and Gardens and her home that she shares with her wine-loving husband was recently featured in a fantastic spread in the prestigious publication Wine Spectator. And if those two magazines weren’t enough, her work graced the pages of Traditional Home, too.

And then there’s Traci’s signature scent. Her candle is Ah-mazing! I have already had two of them and I burn them so often that I need to buy a case. And it’s so chic in the mercury glass container. You can find all Traci’s products in her e-store in case you want to bring some of them into your home.

Traci is planning to make things happen again in 2014. Her No. 1 goal is to “continue doing great work for great clients,” but she’s also embarking on new ventures a few that I am privy to but I can’t spill the beans just yet.  Traci wants you to know that she has “a few little (and for the moment hush-hush) projects” that she’s working on, and she can’t wait to see them come to fruition. And don’t worry, the moment they are public, the readers of Tobi’s Blog will be there first to know.

And since I am so into video this year, here’s a little video that sums up all that Traci does…

So now for the giveaway. If you want to be the lucky winner of Traci’s Bubbly pillows, just leave me a comment below and tell me where you would use these fun pillows in your home and what you love about them most and you will be entered. You have until midnight on Friday, Jan. 31 to enter to win. I will be announcing the lucky winner on Saturday morning, Feb. 1.

Please be sure to follow Traci’s blog for great ideas on Stylish Living even if (or especially if) you have kiddos in your life.

Good Luck Everyone!


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p.s. If you want to take charge of your business and your life with the help of Tobi Fairley & Associates like Traci did, check out our website consulting page here. It will tell you all about our programs, courses and more.

And if you want to start with my best-priced course ever, you should join me for my Build Your Dream Business 6-week telecourse that starts tomorrow. (Don’t know what a telecourse is? I explain it all here.)

You still have time to sign up and really start living and working your passion and your dreams this year. Join the dozens of folks including Traci who have already signed up. It’s time to start getting paid what you are worth for a job you love. A year from now you will wish you had started.

To learn more about this telecourse and to sign up, go here. Don’t procrastinate on not procrastinating! It’s time to make your life and business all that you dream of starting TODAY! And don’t worry if you miss the first call on Thursday, we will email you the call and get you up to speed so you can have BIG results this year. I can’t wait to help you so go ahead, take the leap.