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Can “Traditional” Be a Trend?

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As I  gather more and more inspiration for my new home, I’m noticing what a major revival traditional style is experiencing in interiors right now! But it’s not the old stodgy traditional style, but rather a fresh take on it like this gorgeous design by Nick Olsen.


And here’s a view of the adjoining bedroom with a new take on a 4-poster traditional bed and a very classic floral wallpaper and Chinoiserie influences as seen on the pages of Veranda Magazine. But this isn’t your grandmother’s old floral…it’s so refreshing and I am crazy about it.

This trend back to traditional is still emerging, but it’s turning up in lots of places, from fabrics to architecture! That’s what I talked about on my latest segment for Good Morning Arkansas just before the new year.

Have a look:

Is Traditional a trend you would incorporate in your own home?

If you’re still not sure what it means for a design to be “Traditional” or “Modern” or “Eclectic,” and you’re not sure how to infuse your home with your personal style, consider joining me on creativeLIVE–in partnership with House Beautiful–for a free, three-day training called “What’s Your Design Personality?”  The course is live January 23-25th, and you can participate from anywhere there’s internet! To learn more or to enroll now, CLICK HERE!


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p.s. If you are looking for great antiques to spruce up your Traditional Look and you live in the Atlanta area, don’t forget about 1st Find at the Farm tomorrow ( Tuesday, January 7th). It may be cold, but we will still be there having a fabulous time in the heated tents shopping for fabulous finds. You can even buy a ticket to hear my talk on Mixing antiques into your interiors, have dinner with me, and go on a guided tour of the vendors to see what my fabulous things I spotted and may be bringing back to my new house!  To read more about it go here. I hope you’ll come out and join me!

Design On the Move!

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Little Rock skies have cleared and the sun is shining! To see this morning’s KATV segment all about how to move into a new home with minimum stress and maximum excitement, then visit my Facebook page (and be sure to “Like” us while you’re there!). CLICK HERE!

And to get the Top Ten Moving Tips I mention in the segment, follow THIS LINK! I hope they help you get off to a great start in your new place.

AND! If you’re struggling to know what the right colors for your walls in your new home are, just sign up for my newsletter using the short form in the sidebar, and you’ll get my Top Ten Paint Colors!

So many goodies, so little time, right?!

And it just may so happen that someone (who, me?) just might be making a move soon, too! Here’s a glimpse at some inspiration I’ve been collecting on my Pinterest boards for spaces that are inspiring the future of my new home.

Design: Raúl Martins

January/February 2011 issue of VERANDA. Design: KELLI FORD AND KIRSTEN FITZGIBBONS

Design: Greg Natale

Design: Phoebe Howard


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The sale is still hopping over at Joss & Main, too, at my Curate for a Cause Tag Sale . It benefits the great cause of Dwell with Dignity, an organization helping homeless and impoverished people have better and more beautiful homes and lives. They even put food on the table for these less fortunate and very deserving people. So head on over and do some SHOPPING for a great cause. And if are one of those moving in the busy month of August, you can pick up a few great things for your new home!

Seasonal Shake-Ups!

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As you know I’m ever so busy right now with…



But I thought I’d take a break from my fabulous beachy break to share my latest Design Time segment on KATV’s Good Morning Arkansas.

This week I was talking all about fun, new ways to spruce up your interiors with temporary, seasonal changes, many of which can be customized just for YOU! Watch the segment, below!
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One of the great products I mentioned is Tempaper, and I want to show you some of the fun ways this temporary wallcovering can be used to deliver a high-impact change in any room!



They are pretty great-looking, aren’t they? And removal is no-fuss! Learn more about Tempaper, at their website.

Okay, now I’m gonna get back to the beach!


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Why “Faux” Can Be Fun!

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Now, you know I’m a champion for being totally authentic and transparent in life, in business, and in your creative work! So, no, “fake” isn’t one of my favorite words. But let’s get real, some of us wouldn’t have a green thumb if we painted it with my favorite shade of Kelly.


So when it comes to flowers, artificial arrangements–or “floral reproductions”–can really give you the daily uplift of flowers without the constant fuss and maintenance. And though the great quality faux flowers are expensive, so is buying fresh at the store every week. So if you are like me and really LOVE what flowers do for your decor and your spirit, FAUX just may be the way to GO! Peonies are my favorite, and this one from NDI is a perfect substitute for the real thing when they are not in season.

I spoke about all this on KATV’s Good Morning Arkansas yesterday. Here’s the clip:

KATV – Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

In fact, when my team gathered all of these arrangements in my office to bring them to the TV studio, I left them waiting to be loaded up and got busy working on something else in another part of the office. When I walked back into the room, it took a second for my brain to catch up and remember that they weren’t real! That’s how great-looking some of these reproductions are. Here’s another look at the examples I showed on the segment:



And a favorite tip of mine for photo shoots is the tuck fresh flowers into the faux arrangement just like I did in the photo above. Then the artificial flowers take up most of the “space” in a large vase and you only have to buy a handful of the fresh to fool the camera’s eye. If you wanted to do this for a party, be sure to put the tiny vials of water on the end of each stem so it will stay fresh for several hours and your guests will think the whole think vase is fresh and gorgeous!

And some more arrangements to LOVE:

This one is a favorite mentioned by designer and blogger, Grant Gibson:

Love the drama of this red:

And if you like a more eclectic look, these are so happy:

So, yes, fresh is best, but if your life needs a little more flower power, consider reproductions like these for amazing impact!


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