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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Date Night

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Date Night

Well the Valentine’s Day celebrations begin today! When this Romantic holiday falls on a Sunday, it’s an excuse to celebrate all weekend long, right? And you not only have to look great for those dates with your sweetheart, you might want some of these gorgeous fashion and beauty items for your Valentine’s Day surprise. But don’t panic, there’s still time for overnighting some of these things in time for the next few days of celebrations. And if you’re like me, even if my gift is a bit late, as long as it’s fabulous I can wait a day or two longer for it to arrive.

So here are my picks for the perfect date night items to help you look lovely or ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. Can you say scalloped pink bag? I can! Happy Shopping Sweeties! xo,







  1. Oval Statement Earrings– I love these gorgeous blush stone statement earrings from Kendra Scott. They add the perfect touch of glamour to any date night look and will look sweet all year if they are wrapped with a pretty bow as your sweet surprise this year.
  1. Fox Fur Vest – This red and black fur vest with leather insets adds an edgy vibe to your wardrobe for a little Va Va Voom this Valentine’s Day! Perfect with leggings and my favorite black booties!
  1. Rose Gold Pavé & Baguette Barrel Ring – This rose gold pave and baguette ring is just the bling you need to add the extra touch of sparkle to your look!
  1. Gold Kate Spade Watch – Perfect for everyday wear, this simple gold band with just a hint of pink in the signature logo is a perfectly luxe gift from your sweetie!
  1. Red Armani Tonal-Striped Jacket – This wool Armani Collezioni jacket features a tone-on-tone stripe detail and a slim, feminine silhouette. As you know, I love a good stripe and how can you go wrong with this power color from business to an evening out?
  1. Maison Blanc- Pink Citron Candle – This beautiful pink and gold candle tin with a ripe grapefruit scent with subtle hints of rose is perfect for a Valentine’s day treat! Or give it to yourself and enjoy it while getting beautiful and relaxed for your night out with your honey.
  1. Yves Saint Laurent Nail Lacquer – This vibrant Rouge Pop Art red nail lacquer with an extreme shine and care formula completes your couture look from head to toe!
  1. Ankle Strap Sandal – The Court ankle strap sandal from Vince Camuto is delicious in Chianti! The rich color is sure to complete an elegant look!
  1. Blush Scalloped Tote Bag – The Lily Avenue Carrigan in ballet slipper from Kate Spade is a sweet scalloped tote that can easily carry you from day to night!
  1. Valentino ‘Donna’ Fragrance – This timeless fragrance is heavenly with mixes of rose, leather, patchouli, and vanilla! It’s beautiful to wear and a fabulous bottle to add a glamorous touch to your vanity!
  1. Ruffle Hem-Pencil Skirt – This Vermilion colored skirt is a dream! The ladylike silhouette can go from work to play with just a few accessory changes, which is perfect when you’re in and out of the office just before date night!
  1. Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm – Clinique’s sugar scrub and lip balm provide instant and long-lasting moisture to get your smackers in great shape for a Valentine’s kiss!
  1. Love Charm Bracelet – Want just a little touch of love from your sweetheart? Well you can have it with this 14k gold fill charm bracelet! Delicate enough for everyday wear to remind you of your special someone.
  1. Nude Cat Eye Sunglasses – The Lily cat eye sunglasses from Tom Ford are perfect for your retro-chic valentine look! Pair it with a great blow-out and you’ll be looking sexy and glamorous for your romantic date.
  1. Confetti Zip Around Wallet – The Confetti Print Lacey zip around wallet from Kate Spade is so versatile! It’s perfect as a wallet or a clutch covered in hearts for a casual or festive look!
  1. Tom Ford Lips and Boys Lip Color – I love a bold punch of color and this Tom Ford Lip Color in Roberto is just the high impact shade I need! Pucker up, girls with this lovely shade of red.






Gift Guide: Valentines Home Edition

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Things for the Home


Who is in the mood for love?

I love an excuse for gift giving (and receiving) and we are just days from the most romantic and hopefully gift-filled day of the year! If you’re like me, I think chocolates are over-rated and I’d rather have something I really want like a fabulous design book, a gorgeous accessory or a glamorous new lamp. Yes, why not ask your Valentine for the perfect gift for the home this year. It’s the perfect treat for design-lovers like you and me? So here are a few of my favorites to add to your wish list.

Hoping your home suddenly get a fun POP of Valentine’s Red or Sweet Pink for your decor this week! xo,









  1. Penelope Pendant Lamp – Jonathan Adler’s Penelope Pendant Lamp in red adds the high gloss accent needed to say “va va voom” in your home!
  1. Wine Velvet Dining Chairs – Gather around the dining table with your special someone or a group of close friends in these wine Velvet Lydia Dining Chairs because this rich shade of red is definitely on trend this year!
  1. White and Pink Lacquer Tray – The white lacquer tray with a pink inset can be the perfect feminine touch you are looking to add to your vanity or desk. It’s great to hold your jewelry or your mail, or a bit of both.
  1. Rose Striped Bowl – We all know I love stripes and fresh flowers, so what better way to combine two of my favorite things than this bowl! Hopefully your honey fills it with a bunch of pink peonies as a bonus.
  1. Maison Jardin – Yuzu Rose Stonecrop Candle – With notes of yuzu, rose, and lavender this coconut wax blend candle is the perfect relaxing fragrance in a perfectly romantic floral tin.
  1. Gramercy Animal Print Rug – I love a leopard print, especially in a fun color like this red wool and silk blend from Kate Spade. What a chic print to add some pizazz to your home.
  1. Gold Heart-Shaped Bowl – Annieglass offers this roman antique glass heart bowl in gold as the perfect place to keep your jewelry from that special someone who stole your heart!
  1. Gilded Flower Studies – These romantic gilded metal floral sculptures from Tommy Mitchell are mounted on linen and hung individually in acrylic boxes for an artful display. It’s one way to keep your flowers looking fresh and beautiful for years to come.
  1. Gold Starburst Mirror – Add a touch of glitz to your home with this gold starburst mirror. This is one classic motif that I truly LOVE and so will you!
  1. Red Vase – A stunning red accent piece, this red vase, inspired by the naturally occurring color and pattern in agate, is perfect empty or overflowing with your favorite flowers. I’d probably fill it with lots of white hydrangeas.
  1. Garden Drive Jewelry Box – Kate Spade offers the cutest red lacquer jewelry box complete with her signature gold bow clasp! Perfect to punch up the color in your closet or vanity or it would look great on a desk or dresser too.
  1. Make It Happen Notebook – As you know, journaling is one of the most relaxing parts of parts of my day. In this journal, you can write down all of your goals and the steps to make them happen or write down your gratitude for all your many blessings like your sweetheart and all the other loves in your life.
  1. Hexagon Removable Wallpaper – What better way to revamp your space than with wallpaper? And this removable wallpaper means no long term commitment but you will love it so much that you’ll want to marry it.
  1. Ming Storage Chest – This rouge piece by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a fun pop of color that adds functional storage to your space. This charming piece will have you falling in love with it for years to come.
  1. The Big Book of Chic – This fabulous book of interiors by designer Miles Redd is a stunning collection of eclectic design and in it’s Valentine color palette, it’s the perfect tome for the design-lovers in your life.
  2. La Rosa Fruit Bowl – What a lovely way to to add a touch of red to your kitchen with this whimsical rose motif fruit bow. Fill it up with treats for the apple of your eye.
  1. Red and White Stripe Throw – A fabulous textured stripe throw is great to snuggle up on the sofa with your special someone. This one is light weight and perfect for year-round cuddling no matter your climate.
  1. Pink and White Stripe Euro Sham – Feminine pink and white stripes are a great accent for any room and the perfect seasonal refresh for your bedroom.
  1. Kyoto Pillow Covers – A Japanese-inspired print with metallic accents can add a touch of glamour to your design and looks great layered with stripes for the perfect mix of sexy and sweet!
  1. Jewel Glass Lamp – Regina Andrew’s glass lamp in amethyst can be the moody accent color you need in your space. This gives a whole new meaning to “jewel” tones. It’s jewelry for your home instead of your hand.

New Year’s Shopping Guide

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During this, my favorite time of the year, I am busy preparing my goals and resolutions and plans for an exciting 2016. I am giddy with excitement about moving closer to my best self in the coming months. And I am working on making the New Year my best year yet.

To be the best Me I can be, I have a major goal of putting myself first next year. This is something I find really hard to do, do you? Well in that spirit of self-care and healthy living, here is my shopping guide for a fabulously healthy 2016. These are the things I need to be my best and I hope they will help you be your best too!

Meet me back here later this week for my tips on writing resolutions that work, goal setting and my word of the year for 2016.

Happy (and healthy) shopping friends! xo,

Tobi Signature






1.Columbia Fleece Vest–Layers are a must for working out in Arkansas weather. It can be 70 degrees at Christmas like this year and 20 degrees in March. You just never know. So having some great Columbia fleece vests in my favorite colors are perfect for layering on cool mornings or freezing afternoons for my walks. I got a white one for Christmas and can’t wait to wear it.

2. Northface Thermal Leggings–To be my best and most healthy self, I have to have a “no excuses” mentality for exercise. And thanks to these awesome Northface leggings, even on cold days I am hoofing it to stay in shape.

3. Fitbit Charge–Take your fitness to a whole new level with the fitbit Charge. I have been using a fitbit for years but this new model has all sorts of amazing features including a clock so you no longer have to double up your fitbit and your watch, they are now all in one. And if you get the Fitbit HR, you can keep track of your Heart rate too so you ensure you are exercising at your optimum level.

4. Nike Leopard or Snakeskin Running Shoes–How do you make exercise fun? Well for me it’s by wearing fun workout clothes and shoes (yes I am a shoe girl even when it comes to athletic ones!) So why not jump on the trend of leopard and Snakeskins we are seeing all over the runway and bring it to our workout gear. They even have the leopard print in sizes for your kids so you can keep them active and healthy too!

5. Massage Bolster–In a moment you will see my great link for an in-home massage table in fabulous fashionable colors. And if you go the route of having a massage room all your own, a bolster for propping up your ankles and knees is the best way to make your at-home experience seem like a professional one.

6. The Best is Yet to Come Journal–Journaling has been a lifesaver for me to relieve stress and get in touch with my innermost self and writing down what I really want out of life. That’s why I love this encouraging quote from old blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. Because I really do believe that the best is yet to come for us all, so why not remember that in your daily journaling exercises!

7. Pebble Journal with 3-ring Binder–I love to keep one journal for my thoughts and another for my gratitude for all my many blessings. I am crazy about this 3 ring journal because you can add pages to it. So when you have boundless blessings like I believe we all do, you can add more space to write them down.

8. Pajamas–one of the most important parts of healthy living is getting enough sleep. I think a great pair of Pj’s is the perfect excuse to go to bed earlier this year and these pretty black and white ones will help us sleep stylishly.

9. Sleep Mask and Memory Foam Pillow–Being comfy and relaxed is an important part of your sleep routine too. How about this fabulous Memory Foam pillow so you are comfy and wake up feeling great? And it’s paired with this fab sleep mask with built-in headphones. They’ll keep it dark in your space any time of day and allow you to listen to relaxation yoga or meditation tunes so you drift off easily to your happy place and stay there all night long.

10. Yoga Bolster–Yoga has been a life saver to me. Particularly Yin-style yoga. I get my cardio by walking out in nature and breathing in fresh air and for me yoga is about stretching and restoration. So for that I need great props like this oversized rectangular bolster.

11. Yoga Blocks–Getting into some of my favorite Yin yoga poses require the help of yoga blocks. So add these to your tools for staying healthy this year. You can also do some amazing before bed stretches and release all the tension from your neck with a great yoga block ensuring you get a restful night’s sleep.

12. Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel–Nothing annoys me more than slipping on my yoga mat. That’s why I love my Yogitoes Yoga Mat Terry Towel. It makes your mat comfy and slip resistant all at once. So now you can Nama-“stay” on your mat!

13. Calypso Massage Table–Massage is a must for my healthy lifestyle. I try to get at least one a month and more if time and budget allow. Having an in-home massage table and home massage space is one of the ways I squeeze massage into my busy lifestyle. So when I can’t get to the spa, my massage therapist can come to me.

14. Yoga Strap–To really get deep stretches for my hamstrings to counteract all the sitting at the computer that I do (and sitting on airplanes too) a great yoga strap can really help. I’m not as young and flexible as I used to be so my yoga strap is one of my BFF’s these days! 

15. Personalized Yoga Mat–And to add a little fun to your yoga time, how about a personalized yoga mat. I love the idea of having my name on it, but even better an inspirational quote that makes me want to be on my mat everyday. Whatever it takes, right?

16. Yoga Blankets–If restorative yoga sounds good to you, creating a sanctuary for your practice is a must. For me that means a lovely and quiet place, lots of candles and several cozy blankets for helping with stretches or covering up during Savasana and lingering just a little bit longer than usual.

17. Massage Table Sheets–Making your massage table especially soft can help you get to your happy and relaxed place faster that normal. I love these high thread count massage sheets from Wamsutta that really help me have sweet dreams while getting my massage on!

18. Massage Table Electric Warmer–I don’t know about you but I get chilly easily. I am known to use an electric blanket on a chilly summer night (even if it’s chilly because my hubby is blasting the A/C), and I am the same way during my massages. So having an electric warmer for your at-home massage table is the perfect way to make sure you are cozy and relaxed every time.

19.Fitbit Scale–I’ve been using a Fitbit cardio step counter for years. But now I am ready to take Fitbit’s capabilities to the next level with their scale that measures weight, body fat and BMI. It can be programmed for up to 8 different users so my family can use it too. I am thinking this might be one of the things that keeps me most accountable in the new year!

20. Vitamix Blender–Oh how I love my Vitamix. It’s the way I get my fruits and veggies in everyday with my regular morning Green Smoothies. I have tried other blenders and trust me, there is no comparison with the Vitamix. So if you haven’t tried this amazing blending machine, I highly suggest you do. It will help you get your smoothie on all year long.





Wishing You a Merry Christmas!

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Well my friends, another Christmas celebration is coming to a close. My heart and my tummy are full and I am feeling very blessed.

I have to say that this Christmas was one of the best ever for my family and for me, full of health and happiness. I hope you shared so much love, laughter and delicious holiday meals with your family and friends too. And I hope Santa left you a fabulous present under the tree.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!










Colorful Holiday Decor

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Tobi's Christmas Decor 011

I was so happy to share my holiday decor ideas with Elle Decor for a recent feature – I do love the holidays and I love decorating, so it’s a win-win time of year for me! My top advice for holiday decor is to use the colors of the room when selecting your decorations. It’s so much better to let the wreaths and ornaments complement the room, rather than fighting with it!

Tobi's Christmas Decor

So in my daughter’s hot pink room, we really went for it with a playful and colorful tree that was absolutely magical for her! And before you ask, I have no idea where to find that fabulous white vintage tree anymore. It’s about 8 years old and the company who made it is no longer in business (sad, I agree!) If someone is reading this who manufacturers something like this, just about everybody I know is trying to get one!

Tobi's Christmas Decor2

Did you notice how we added fun little toys and trinkets to make things even more charming? And even the wrapping paper coordinates with the room – it gives everything a really cohesive and pulled-together look.


We used that same idea in my mom’s house, picking up on the shades of blue and green that may not scream “Christmas,” but definitely say “Happy Holiday!”


I also love to pull out all the heirlooms or collectibles for the holiday table – that gorgeous china and silver that you never seem to get around to using. If there was a ever a time of year to get it out, this is it!

tobi breakfast 2

Of course I’m not saying that red and green shouldn’t be on the color menu! They should definitely be part of the mix in rooms where those colors blend well with the rest of the room’s decor.

tobi table

If you have any favorite collections, like my jadeite in the photo above, bring it out for festive table settings or vignettes. It’s so exciting to actually use the stuff that you love!

This is a season for celebration, family, and happiness – so if a color or an object makes you feel happy, then it should be part of your decor!

Wishing you a colorful holiday!