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New House Diary and 1st Find at the Farm

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Hello Friends! I hope you are settling into this new year and you’re getting excited about what the next twelve months will bring to you.

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One of the biggest things on my agenda for 2014 is the design of my new home. We moved in about 3 months ago but I was quite busy late last year and just didn’t have time to get in my design work room and decide what our new home’s design would entail. To be honest I haven’t even totally unpacked or hung anything on the walls.

So the fun starts now and the best part is I am going to bring you along the design process with me and even let you weigh in on some of my decisions. Fun, right?

So every Thursday starting today, I hope you will join me for my new series New House Diary. We’re going to talk home goals, floor plans, paint colors, furniture, kitchen design, closets and so much more. You name it, if it’s in my house we will cover it.

One of my favorite decisions I’ve made about this house is that I am going to take my own sweet time to get it just the way I want it. It’s going to be a process that involves blending old and new, reproductions and antiques, remodeling and repurposing and none of these decisions can happen overnight.


I plan to be more mindful than I have ever been before, filling my home with quality and craftsmanship. I’ll be inspired by some of my favorite things like these vintage grapes a gift from my best friend that remind me of my great-grandmother. Maybe they’ll just be my leaping off place for the whole shebang. What do you think?

tobi table

I will blend existing pieces (like these familiar items from my last home) with new products and antiques for a unique mix that represents my family and me and the things most important to us. We will have a “NO FILLER” philosophy. Meaning if it is not something we truly love, it doesn’t get a home in this house. And I will be explaining my motivations for the design each step of the way. Like why that 70’s wood paneling just has to go.

tobi new living

So for today before I get busy planning what to do with all the things that don’t work in my new home (because although it will do for the moment, you can see my stuff just doesn’t work the same in this house), let me tell you my Tobi’s Top Ten things I DO love about my new digs. Here we go…

1. The lot—it is spacious (almost an acre) on a gorgeous corner with a large front yard and set on the golf course in the back. The land alone was worth buying the house.

2. The layout. My neighborhood (which is our neighborhood of choice) was developed in the 60’s and 70’s initially and most of the houses are traditional two story with 8 foot ceilings and the master suite upstairs. But not this one. We have a spacious Master suite on the main level and our Living Room and Sunroom both have 9 foot ceilings which is a bonus.  With large spacious rooms, about 1000 extra feet than our last house, and great traffic flow, this house is perfect for the entertaining and social lifestyle my family and I love.

3. The pool—a 30 year old concrete beauty, my vision for it is reminiscent of some of my favorite old Hollywood hotels like the Beverly Hills Hotel. I can already see us sipping cocktails lying on chic black and white loungers, can’t you?


4. My daughter’s room. Basically a second master suite but upstairs, this room is the perfect place for my young lady to grow for many years. It’s spacious with an en suite bath and a sizable closet. What more could my little glamour girl ask for?

5. Can you say sleeping porch? Or at least it will be once I screen it in and spruce it up. I can‘t wait to spend many Spring and Fall days here relaxing, reading and napping with a view of the pool and the golf course.

sleeping porch

6. My yoga and meditation room aka the second guest room. Yep, my new massage table is right at home in this space and I can’t wait to make it a serene retreat for keeping my mind and body healthy without leaving my house.

7. The oversized garage—what a convenience after squeezing into our last one for 7 years. My hubby and I have plenty of room for our cars plus lots of great additional storage. A real luxury.

8. And speaking of storage…how about not one but two walk-in attics. Yep, no more climbing a wobbly ladder carrying arm-fulls of stuff. It’s just opening a door and walking right in to my easy-to-organize dreamy attics these days. What a relief!

9. The gorgeous colonial exterior. Yes, I need to tweak the scale of the architectural details a bit, but that’s the easy part. The overall style is classic, beautiful and timeless.


10. And finally it may sound silly, but I LOVE my hot water spout at the kitchen sink. Not a convenience that I would have thought to include but when I make my daily cup of tea in less than a minute, it’s a real treat. Though the kitchen needs a major over-hall, this is one little feature that will make an appearance post renovation.

So there you have it. My favorite things about this new place we call home. Now it’s decision time. I’m off to start designing. Meet me back here next week for another edition of New House Diary and see what revelations I’ve had.

Oh and by the way, I may just find some FABULOUS antiques for my new abode next week in Atlanta during 1st Find at the Farm. Don’t know what that is?

FFF Invite Postcard Moov_Front_ps

Well maybe it’s because you’re still in full-on holiday mode, or maybe you’re already back in the swing of things and missed our announcement, but today I want to give you a little reminder that next week, on January 7th, you’re invited to join me at the Antique & Design Center’s very first Atlanta Antique show: 1st Find at the Farm. I will be speaking on how to work with antiques for interiors that look fresh and timeless, just like my new house. I’ll be speaking and then touring and then dining, and YOU can join me for the whole event! And you can see in person whether I find any antiques for my new home design. Or even help me pick some out.


Here’s how to get a MOOve on and join me at what is sure to be a glamorous, fabulous, and fun evening:

Interested and excited, but missed all of the details in my first announcement about the event? CLICK HERE.

Ready to help me look for finds for my new house? To buy your ticket for my talk plus a shopping tour and dinner with me, SIGN UP HERE.

If you’re an antique hound and a designer who’s ready to hit this new event just before Atlanta Market, learn more about 1st Find at the Farm and the amazing antique dealers who will be showing their goods. Just CLICK HERE.


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Oh, and I haven’t forgotten our resolutions and dreams. They are still on their way, so hang with me. We’re going to jumpstart this year over the coming days and weeks together. Thanks for allowing me a moment for a few dreams about my house. 😉


Talking Antiques at 1st Find at the Farm

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Olivier Fleury

Olivier Fleury

So: You love great design. But. Have you really explored the wonderful world of antiques? Antiques are such an amazing way to add texture and depth to your designs.

Art & Antique Hunter

Art & Antique Hunter

If you’ve been to the Antique & Design Center of High Point during your treks to High Point Market in the past few years, then you already know it is the number one place to go for forward-focused design, gorgeous antique furnishings and fabulous art.


Olivier Fleury

And, now, the Antique & Design Center is launching an exciting new event to kick off their debut at the Atlanta Market this January 7-8th! It’s called 1st Find at the Farm, and I am truly honored to be the featured presenter at such a highly-anticipated event!

If you love design–and you love antiques–but aren’t quite sure how to bring all that love together, please join me at 1st Find at the Farm on January 7th. That afternoon, I’m going to be speaking on a topic that I hope will really reinvigorate your designs and give you a fresh perspective on mixing pieces of different ages–and with different histories–in your work. My presentation is called “Finding Inspiration in the Mix: Layering Antiques Into Your Design for a Fresh Look.”

FFF Invite Postcard Moov_Front_ps

Following the lecture, you’ll also get a chance to walk through the show with me, and afterward we will get to rave about our favorite finds over a private dinner. This part of the show (my presentation, tour and dinner) is RSVP-only, so grab a ticket before it sells out!

And the setting for this show is going to be truly spectacular! Imagine: Many of the top antique dealers in the U.S. showcasing their most stunning pieces out on the rolling hills of the Broder Family farm, just minutes from downtown Atlanta. Talk about “Finding Inspiration in the Mix,” try this country/city combo to break you out of your rut! Good music + good food + gorgeous setting + great design = perfect combination!

The whole thing promises to be 100% AMAZING, and you definitely don’t want to miss it! To purchase your ticket in advance–and to get all of the event details–visit the event website.


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Meet Bamboo Trellis: My Exclusive Lighting Collection

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Tobi Fairley Bamboo Trellis Table Lamp

Today I’m announcing–along with Lamps Plus–my design for lampshades in this new Bamboo Trellis lighting collection. My lampshade pattern is part of the Icons Collection, which is an amazing launch of designs by 5 interior designers (or design teams).  It was an honor to be chosen among such great company, and it has been a labor of love. I’m so excited to finally share the gorgeous results with YOU! Can I show you a few of my favorites?

These Bamboo Trellis classic pendant lights are designed with an eye to style as well as function, and I’m sure you’ll find a perfect use for them in your own home!

Tobi Fairley Bamboo Trellis 16 inch wide Pendant

The pendants are just the beginning of all the fun, though, and I’ve also designed shades for some other great items, like this Bamboo Trellis Arc Floor Lamp

Bamboo Trellis Arc Floor Lamp

or this Bamboo Trellis Swag Plug-in Chandelier.

Tobi Fairley Bamboo Trellis Swag Plug In Chandelier

All of these shades also come in lots of great colorways to work with your own palette, and there are SO many more shapes, sizes and styles to LOVE, so go shopping and let me know what you think!!

Tobi Fairley Bamboo Trellis 16 Inch Wide Ceiling Light


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Shop My One Kings Lane Sale, Today Through Saturday!

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Banner_121213 SalesEvent_25689_Lifestyle_1

I’m so excited that today is the launch of my fourth Tastemaker Tag Sale with One King’s Lane! Not sure what that means? Imagine being able to shop my personal collection of furnishings and accessories for just 72 hours. You’ll find items that I’ve handpicked and ordered custom for staging, photo shoots, and MORE. Let me give you a sneak peek of what you’ll find on my sale this week.

By now you’re probably pretty familiar with my formal living room. But now you can purchase some key pieces that will give your own space the same mood of feminine power and grace:


Remember this bold guest bedroom? Now you can get the look!



And on the sale you’ll find some dramatic pieces that will help you recreate this warm and playful design, from my former family room:


famrmoklThere are also some gorgeous and functional furniture pieces that will serve your family beautifully, like this hydraulic table that can be coffee or cocktail height, depending on what you need at the time. Perfect for families who do a lot of entertaining!



And check out some of the hot black and white items and then pair them with a color punch!



I just know that everyone will find something to LOVE! So go shop NOW, before the goodies are all gone!


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Alex Papachristidis and Pantone’s Color of 2014

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Yes, I’m jumping into the 2014 Color of the Year buzz today.  In the design world we’ve all gotten accustomed in recent years to hearing about Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement for what HOT color to expect to see most in design and fashion for the coming year. And 2014’s color was announced today to be Radiant Orchid, a lovely and fresh pinky version of lavender. Which I, for one, think Pantone has gotten exactly right for next year. Purple has been coming on strong in the design world for a while, and I think it will hit its peak next year.


One designer who uses Orchid and other glorious shades of purple masterfully is the brilliant Alex Papachristidis who was our special guest yesterday at my Getting Published event along with Sandra Gilbert-Freidus, senior editor at Rizzoli books and Alex’s personal book editor. And, as you can see in his charming photo above, Alex even wears purple well.


Just yesterday I told you about my favorite design books of this holiday season, but don’t forget about Alex’s glorious book, The Age of Elegance, that came out last year, and I am thrilled to now add an autographed copy to my collection. It’s an exquisite monograph that includes plenty of purple inspiration on its glossy and colorful pages.


Here’s a fun photo of Alex and his partner Scott Nelson with me at our event this week. Our attendees and I were mesmerized by Alex’s presentation and his work along with his genuine, unpretentious and endearing personality. And if you don’t already, you MUST follow Alex on Instagram, his self-professed new obsession, where he is known as “Alex’s Viewpoint” to appreciate his attention to detail. His feed is truly eye candy!

But for now let’s take a look at how Alex helped set this trend of Radiant Orchid and other beautiful purples including on the pages of Elle Decor




I particularly love this room of Alex’s and though the purple here is richer than orchid, the layering of purple with rich teals and cobalts will be very strong next year and works beautifully as Alex shows us here. In my opinion, a close second to purple for the color of the year this coming season is cobalt blue. So if you are a blue lover like most people are, you are in luck!


And I enjoy seeing red starting to make a big comeback in Design. In the coming years, I predict we will see a red resurgence and here Alex has expertly mixed red with purple for a super chic result.

past pantones of the year

Just in case you were wondering about past colors of the year, here are the  last 6 years including last year’s Emerald Green. Oh you know how I love GREEN. And you can see other past colors of the year on Pantone’s site, here.

So…what do you think? Are you a purple lover? Can you jump on board with Radiant Orchid for your home or wardrobe? Well, like Alex Papachristidis, I’m 100% on-board.

Happy Decorating Y’all!


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