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All New Design A-to-Z!

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Are you thinking about redecorating or remodeling your home? Or more accurately, are you a design-lover who is constantly redecorating?

Or maybe you are a design professional that is looking for new inspiration or techniques after becoming tired of your old ones. Or possibly, you are new to this business, or just getting into the design business after having it as a hobby for years!


No matter which profile fits you the best, Design A-to-Z is my one signature event that appeals to professional designers and design enthusiasts alike! It is a great fit for anyone who really has a PASSION for great design and anyone who wants to learn my own system for designing magazine-worthy interiors that I use for each and every one of my projects. And this next A-to-Z course – held Sept. 30-Oct. 1 at the Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas – features ALL NEW content.


If you’ve never attended before, THIS session of Design A-to-Z is going to really rock your world! And if you HAVE been to this event in the past, come on back for an all-new creative refresher course – I promise you’ll find new ideas and concepts that will help you jump-start that creativity!


This course is so much more than just a how-to guide. We’re going to really dig into the idea of color and how to use it most effectively. We’re going to discuss what “style” really looks like in today’s interiors – and how to find your own PERSONAL style! And then we’re going to talk about function and how to ensure that your own home or your design projects really fit the lifestyle for the people living there.

I will empower you to design outside your comfort zone, and that is what is going to make designing exciting and fulfilling AND give you stunning results. Staying “safe” with all your interior design selections is no fun at all, right?!?


And speaking of fun, this is going to be a fun AND fantastic event – and I want to see you there! So come on – get registered here and join me for a creative event unlike any other!

I can’t wait to have a photo op with you soon. Besides, it’s going to be a hands-on, down and dirty Design-a-Palooza! Don’t miss it.

Join me!








Tobi’s Top Tips and my Design from A to Z Live Event

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Tobi Tip 1

We are just 5 weeks away from my VERY FIRST live event in Dallas. Yep, my Design from A to Z course is coming to Big D and it’s happening soon! So to celebrate, today I am bringing you 10 of my favorite design tips while I tell you all about my signature A to Z course and why you must join me for some super-sized design fun in Texas–because as we know everything is bigger in Texas.

Tobi Tip 2

I am so excited that we have moved our live events to Dallas this year making it easier and less expensive for many of you to join me and learn how to design your own home the way design professionals like me design our own projects. We have a special price running all year long for my events in honor of my 15th anniversary in business and it’s much easier to get to Big D than it is to our tiny airport in Little Rock.

Tobi Tip 3

If you want me to teach you my step-by-step approach to designing a floor plan that functions for you, creating a gorgeous kitchen design, selecting the perfect paints, mixing fabric colors and patterns with success (my specialty) then you MUST attend my Design from A to Z course on March 18-19 in Dallas.

Tobi Tip 4

I will also help you decide where to save and where to splurge in your home. I will help you think out of the box when it comes to your lighting plan and fixtures. I will teach you the biggest Do’s and Don’t to avoid in design. And just think…avoiding these mistakes alone will save you so much money that it could very well pay for your A to Z investment.

Tobi Tip 5

In Design from A to Z , I teach lots of the principles of design that I learned in Design School and I bring you techniques and “on the job training” that I’ve learned through my almost 20 years in the industry.

Tobi Tip 6

If you are into repurposing, antiquing and sustainability, you will love the section on how I have repurposed pieces to add unique style to my spaces while keeping more money in my pocket and being kind to the earth. A triple win!

Tobi Tip 7

I will even bring some sneak peeks of a few projects I am currently working on and you will get to see my design selections for some of these current projects (shhhh!….they’re top secret!) plus a few before and after images that will be hitting magazines and the internet soon but that no one has seen quite yet. How exciting, right?

Tobi Tip 8

So if you want to be on the cusp of what is happening in the the design industry in the way of colors and trends, if you want to have my REAL techniques for designing client’s home (and my own) that you can use in your own home or for your clients, and if you want to learn how to design interiors that are magazine-worthy the way top design professionals do…DO NOT miss joining me in Dallas in March for my Design from A to Z live event.

Tobi Tip 9

This course is for Designers and Design Lovers. It is for beginners and professionals. And unlike my creativeLIVE online courses (which are fab by the way), you are there with me LIVE and in person getting your questions answered by me and getting to interact with me and the other designers and design lovers at the event. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn from each other too. Tobi Tip 10

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Design from A to Z today. We are going to have a ball living and breathing all things design from morning ’til night! We’ll be at the gorgeous and newly renovated Stoneleigh Hotel but space is limited, so grab your seat TODAY! Or tell your honey it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift. (hint! hint!)

I’ll see you there!


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