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Last Chance to Think Tank with ME at #HPMKT !

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My very first session of Tobi’s Think Tank is just around the corner now, on October 18th! It’s an exciting leap for me because it’s the first time I’ll offer one of my signature trainings, Designer MBA, compressed into a one-day, advanced training, AND it’s the first time ever that I’m taking my show on the road, so to speak, and bringing this event to YOU in Greensboro, NC during the October High Point Market.

This is going to be a very close-up session, with a maximum enrollment of just 15 designers, which means I’ll get to speak individually with each of you about the specific obstacles you’re facing in your businesses. If you know me at all, you know that when it comes to business rehab, no questions are off-limits, and I love to share openly from my own experience and expertise.

But, listen: Of those 15 spaces, there are now just a couple left! 

So, if you’ve ever felt like you aren’t charging what you’re worth…

If you worry that you’re just the best kept secret in your area and want to skyrocket your visiblity…

If you’ve ever been frustrated that you just can’t seem to create productive relationships with your clients…

If you are struggling each month to cover your operating and overhead expenses…

If you’re confused about how to set yourself apart from other designers…

If you’re frustrated that everyone perceives your business as “just a hobby”…

Then Think Tank is the place for you!

Learn more about this high-powered training, including what past attendees have to say, at the event website, HERE.

Think Tank also has a new sponsor, Bernhardt Furniture! Thank you, Bernhardt for supporting the professional growth of designers!

We would like to thank our event sponsors:





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A Calendar Note for LA-Area Design Pros

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I’ve been busy in my workroom this week, and I’m so excited about new ideas for my new home that I am just about jumping up and down! But just because I’m in full-on inspiration mode, I didn’t want you to miss an exciting industry event that’s happening this week!

If you’re a design pro in the Los Angeles area (or needing an impromptu getaway!), definitely don’t miss the kick-off session of WestEdge, a design fair taking place October 3-6th in Santa Monica. My friends Keith Granet and Meg Touborg of The Leaders of Design Council are offering a series of exclusive business seminars that will elevate your business practices in our changing industry. The theme of the event is Taking Care of Business.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.52.07 AM (2) To register, CLICK HERE. To learn more about the entire WestEdge event, visit

Jeffrey Alan Marks will be there to set the tone for the evening, and the key presentation topics by Granet and Touborg will be:

“What’s Happening in the MarketPlace: Implications for Design Companies in 2014”

“The Business of Design: Business Insights and Lessons from Leading Designers”

and “So You Think You Want Your Own Product Line…”

I wish I could be there, but I’m excited that such a group of great minds are gathering to consider the major questions in the immediate future of the industry! I hope you can make it.


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Photostyling Before and After (and After): My Family Room

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IMG_1316Well my daughter successfully started the third grade today. Hard to believe she’s growing up so fast! Thanks for allowing me a day off yesterday while I got her ready. These moments are priceless.


Now I am back and excited to continue the photostyling tour through my home. Today’s stop…the Family Room (photos by Nancy Nolan).

Many of you have seen a few iterations of this space. And like my bedroom, it has an after and an “after” after.


Here is how this space looks now after sprucing it up for Ronda’s great book, Designers At Home.


Typically I think of my photostyling as editing a space. This time, it was about leaving my personality and favorite creature comforts in the space because Ronda’s book was all about living a well-lived life in my own home. So what do I surround myself with to make me most happy?

Well certainly design books. Lots and lots of them. And of course fresh flowers. Tulips are in my top 3 favorite varietals. And who could cozy up without my pups near by. There’s my sweet Harley again (a couple of photos above) cuddled up in the wing chair.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.08.56 PM-1

This image has been making the rounds internationally, recently featured in Canadian House and Home.


And British Homes and Gardens–there’s Ronda showing it off. How exciting!

IMG_1303The sofa seating area isn’t the only part of the room that I livened up. I also gave a punch of color to my bookcases.


Inspired by my favorite orange gourd lamps, I thought the white books needed a bit of pizazz!

Here is how this space looked in the Traditional Home spread in 2011 (photos by Werner Straube).

Family Room 6380

Covers 6798rt

Family Room book case

Family Room 6398

And here it is back in 2007 when it was featured in At Home in Arkansas sans all the orange.





So what do you think? Stacks of design books or no books? Orange lamps or white ones? All white bookshelves, or a punch of citrus to spice them up? Which photos are your favorites. I really do want to know.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you love. Now I’m off to help with some third grade homework.


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p.s. Did you hear my BIG announcement about the all-new Tobi’s Think Tank during High Point Market? Yep, that’s right–I am bringing a fast and furious version of my acclaimed Designer MBA course to High Point so you can get priceless business of design education while you are there for market. After years of requests, it’s the first time I am taking one of my fab events on the road. Want to know more about it? Check out all the details here and get signed up–there are fewer than 10 spots left.

Back-to-School Treats and a BIG Announcement…Tobi’s Think Tank

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022de559768f68f0d776de7614d371aeWell it’s back-to-school time! Hard to believe I know, but I just spent the afternoon meeting my daughter’s third grade teacher and getting ready for school to start later this week.

Boy did the summer ever fly by! But I have to admit that I do love getting back on a regular schedule and I love learning almost more than life itself, so the idea of school secretly excites me. And Fall makes me want to bake so I was searching all these ADORABLE back-to-school treats on Pinterest.


Speaking of learning and treats…I have a VERY exciting announcement today about an AWESOME learning experience I am bringing to the High Point area during the upcoming Furniture Market this October. And I think it is quite the treat.

If you are a designer, are you heading to market? Or have you been wanting to go and need an excuse to make it worth your while? Do you want to turn your trip to High Point Market into an opportunity to transform not just your designs by seeing the many amazing vendors that the market has to offer, but also transform your design business while you are there? If so, you don’t want to miss my all-new Tobi’s Think Tank!


On Friday, October 18th, I’m hosting a full day of intensive training in the business of design for a select group of designers who are attending High Point Market.  I’m bringing my business insights directly to YOU at an industry event! So cool, right? You will already be there for market and now you can spend a day immersed in learning with me.

For this high-powered session, I’m taking my signature Designer MBA training, stripping away the networking and socializing elements, and cutting it down to the core content that has been transforming design businesses all over North America for years now. It will be a fast and furious exposure to all of the MBA content in just half the usual amount of time! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!!


If you’ve Never heard of my Designer MBA course, here’s what you need to know…

My signature intensive course, Designer MBA, is a business education for design industry professionals. In it, I give you the scoop on the biggest lessons I have learned as a business owner in the interior design field for nearly 15 years. From fees to staffing to marketing, I bring my tried-and-true strategies to give designers the confidence they need to professionalize their processes and sell their services with conviction.

  • Have you been considering joining a Mastermind program,
    but don’t have the time or budget or haven’t found the right mentor?
  • Have you wanted to work with a forward-thinking expert in your field who has tested the market to learn what works and what doesn’t?
  • Are you unsure whether you should be charging hourly or fees for maximum profitability in your area?
  • Confused about what amount of your energy should be going toward developing an online presence?

Some of the hottest topics of my brand-new Tobi’s Think Tank are:

Charging What You’re Worth in the New Economy

Find Your Ideal Client: Who? Where? How?

Making Your Firm “Lean and Mean” to Maximize Profitability

Marketing Success Strategies in Print and Social Media

Tobi’s MegaGoal Setting Workshop

Tobi’s Top Time Management Tips for Maximizing Your Productivity

Space is limited to 15 participants for this training, because I can only move this quickly with a small, intimate group of participant, so reserve your seat TODAY!

The price for this power-packed training is $3,500. And if you sign up now you’ll also receive a bonus package (valued at $1000) absolutely FREE!:

1) Tobi’s Top Tips for Navigating High Point Market

2) A FREE Telecall on PR Strategy that Will Expose Your Brand

3) An All-New Action Map for Success, Tobi’s roadmap for your best year of business EVER!



So there you have it designers attending High Point market. I am so excited and hope you are too about my all-new Tobi’s Think Tank. And yes, it’s true. I only have 15 spots available and several are already gone, so if you want to TREAT yourself to one of the less than 10 seats left, hurry and sign up today. I can’t wait to spend time teaching you my top business insights right there near High Point at the fabulous O’Henry Hotel in Greensboro.


If you want to know whether investing in one of my events is worth it, Hear what others are saying about their experiences at my signature events!

“Since attending Tobi’s [events], I had a 500% increase in profits! What Tobi will spoon-feed is a roadmap to making money.”  – Mara

“If you are an interior designer who is struggling to grow your business, take my advice and follow Tobi.  She really will show you what to do.” – Rachel

“Tobi is so generous with her time and her knowledge. I walked in frightened about the future of my business. I walked out a confident designer! I have the tools to restructure, and am rebuilding for success.” – Alison

“Tobi Fairley & Associates helped me immensely. I’ve gone from being unhappy with my business and processes to now having more confidence, enjoying my projects, getting great “magazine worthy” full-room jobs and, most importantly, increasing my profits.” – Heather


Will you be joining me for this training, tailored to the all-action, no-nonsense designers of the world?! Join me, I promise your business will never be the same. It’ll be just like back-to-school for designers. But we’ll cram years of learning all into that one action-packed day!  Sign up for your spot here while you still can.

Happy Learning Y’all. I’m off to grocery shop for my third grader’s lunch and maybe I’ll bake a few apple cupcakes while I’m at it! :)


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p.s. To find all these adorable back to school treats, check out my Pinterest board here.



Tobi Fairley Events: Mastermind, Designer MBA and Design from A to Z

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d350ae0cefde11e281cb22000a1f9a0a_7We just wrapped an AMAZING session of my Designer MBA event where 30 women from around the country came on site in Little Rock, for 3 life and business-changing days with my team and me.


As much as I love inspiring people to create gorgeous designs in my A to Z course, I think Designer MBA is the one that gets me most excited. Knowing that these creative women will finally start charging what they are worth, working with their ideal clients, building dynamic brands, and creating the business of their dreams thrills me to no end.

If you are dying to come to Designer MBA, we will be announcing the dates early next week for the next session that is coming this November, so you will want to stay tuned to my blog and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for the big announcement!


And if it’s Design from A to Z you are interested in, so you can create gorgeous interiors for yourself or your clients, we are already selling tickets to that event here. And will be announcing our exciting guest speakers and partners for that event in the coming days as well. It’s definitely going to be an exciting Fall for our attendees, my team and me.

And before we even get to those big announcements, I have a free telecall this Monday, July 22nd at 1:00pm CST, to tell you all about several brand-new additions to my Mastermind Consulting Group, which is my year-long coaching and mentoring program for designers, manufacturers, and creatives that want to take their businesses to the next level. To join me on the FREE informational call, register here and we will send you the call-in information.

We are moving into our 4th year of mastermind in just a few months and the program just keeps getting better and better. So if you are thinking about joining Mastermind, hop on the call Monday and hear all the details and exciting new additions. I can hardly wait until then to spill the beans!


We have listened to our members and we are upping the ante on content, speakers, milestones and accountability features and much, much more. And if you join Mastermind, you get to come to my Designer MBA event for FREE! What a great value that is!!

And just for being on my FREE call on Monday, I will give you my “Tobi’s Top 5 Authentic Sales Strategies” during the call. These are tried and true tips that are helping creatives be more profitable by selling their services without being sales-y. Plus as an added bonus, I will email you following the call with my 3 Biggest Business Boosters that every small business needs to know to stay relevant and profitable in this new economy.

So lots of ways for you to join me in the coming days, weeks, and months in our events beginning with my totally FREE telecall this Monday at 1:00pm CST. So again, to register for the call, sign up here.

And I can’t wait to see you on that call or at a Tobi Fairley signature event really soon!


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