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What’s Your Style?

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Yesterday, my creativeLIVE class was CRAZY fun! If you missed day one, that’s ok. You can totally join us for FREE over the next 2 days or even buy the whole course so you can watch at your leisure.

I think one of the highlights was definitely the “Know Your Style” quiz. There were many Aha moments from the in-studio and online audience with regard to learning how to describe their style.

Here’s just a taste of the quiz. So tell me do you most resonate with Room A?


(design by Frank de Biasi from Vogue)

Room B?


(Design by Demetrio Zanetti)

Room C?


(design by Katie Leede)

or Room D?


(design by Jamie Herzlinger)

Or maybe you love several of these and your style is a blend of the design details from some of each. I love the idea of defining your unique design personality and I’m even talking about how your entire personal brand–from the way you dress and present yourself to the world, all the way down to your home decor–is hopefully a unique and authentic reflection of you.

So how well do you think you know your design and personal style? Are you able to articulate it and interpret it with success in your interiors. Leave me a comment and let me know which photo above is most you and how you have been successful or challenged with creating your design style at home.

And by all means, join me for my FREE and lively discussion on how to define your design personality on creativeLIVE. Enroll here to watch at no charge through Sunday morning, or purchase the whole course to get the quiz and add this wealth of style information to your library.


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San Fran, here I come (again)!

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It’s less than a week now until my next creativeLIVE and House Beautiful course, What’s your Home Design Personality.  I’ll be making my way to San Francisco for the broadcast with my mama (how fun!), and you can join me for free from the comfort of your own home or office. Be sure to enroll, so that you can just tune-in directly on Jan. 23, the first day of the course. All of the information you need is HERE.

In celebration of this next course, I joined Newell Turner, Editor in Chief of House Beautiful, and creativeLIVE for a fun Google Chat yesterday afternoon. The chat was an hour long so you’ll likely have to carve out some time in your schedule to watch, but I’ve posted it below so you know just where to find it when you are ready.

Newell and I covered lots of ground including 2014 trends, how to identify your personal style, how to blend design styles and much more. There are tons of great take-aways so I hope you’ll give it a look. And if you want more on these great topics,  I will be covering these and many others in depth in my brand new and totally free course next week.

So just a reminder the topic for this free design course is: What’s Your Home Design Personality? 


It’s been so fun to prepare for this course while planning my own home remodel and thinking about how my style has evolved since I decorated my last home. And I know you will love my tips and techniques when defining or refining your own design style. The topics we are going to talk about are what’s trending NOW in home design, how to use trends, how to mix high and low, how your interiors should work with the architecture of your house and so much more!

So, if you want to be inspired to express your personal style creatively in your own home, or in your other design projects, join me for this exciting free broadcast.


I can’t wait to see you on creativeLIVE!


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Can “Traditional” Be a Trend?

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As I  gather more and more inspiration for my new home, I’m noticing what a major revival traditional style is experiencing in interiors right now! But it’s not the old stodgy traditional style, but rather a fresh take on it like this gorgeous design by Nick Olsen.


And here’s a view of the adjoining bedroom with a new take on a 4-poster traditional bed and a very classic floral wallpaper and Chinoiserie influences as seen on the pages of Veranda Magazine. But this isn’t your grandmother’s old floral…it’s so refreshing and I am crazy about it.

This trend back to traditional is still emerging, but it’s turning up in lots of places, from fabrics to architecture! That’s what I talked about on my latest segment for Good Morning Arkansas just before the new year.

Have a look:

Is Traditional a trend you would incorporate in your own home?

If you’re still not sure what it means for a design to be “Traditional” or “Modern” or “Eclectic,” and you’re not sure how to infuse your home with your personal style, consider joining me on creativeLIVE–in partnership with House Beautiful–for a free, three-day training called “What’s Your Design Personality?”  The course is live January 23-25th, and you can participate from anywhere there’s internet! To learn more or to enroll now, CLICK HERE!


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p.s. If you are looking for great antiques to spruce up your Traditional Look and you live in the Atlanta area, don’t forget about 1st Find at the Farm tomorrow ( Tuesday, January 7th). It may be cold, but we will still be there having a fabulous time in the heated tents shopping for fabulous finds. You can even buy a ticket to hear my talk on Mixing antiques into your interiors, have dinner with me, and go on a guided tour of the vendors to see what my fabulous things I spotted and may be bringing back to my new house!  To read more about it go here. I hope you’ll come out and join me!

Know Your Own Design Style! Another FREE creativeLIVE Course for YOU

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 CreativeLIVE_logoFree Design Style and Decor Course with Tobi Fairley creativeLIVE

Hi Friends. I hope you had the Merriest of Holiday Celebrations this week. And today, I have another gift for you that is TOTALLY FREE!

It’s almost time for #2 of my three online courses and I wanted you to know in plenty of time for you to enroll! This exciting collaboration with creativeLIVE and House Beautiful magazine gives you a chance to attend a training for FREE, on a topic that will change the way you think about your interiors!

On January 23-25, I’m talking about Design Style! This is a very fun topic, because personal design styles are so individual and unique. Getting in touch with your personal style can give you a whole new outlet for creative self-expression. And imagine living in a space that really reflects your values, goals, and personality!

Have you ever tried to verbalize your design style but end up using blanket statements like “my style is eclectic” because you didn’t know how to describe what you’re drawn to visually?

Knowing what your interior design style is — and being able to explain it — is as important as knowing what does and doesn’t go together in home decor. I’ll teach you the top design styles, including today’s latest trends as well as what styles are on their way out.  You’ll learn how to define your personal style, how to shop smart when buying a new piece of furniture or art, and how to blend two different styles to create a cohesive look. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have all the skills you need to create a stylish personal space that reflects exactly who you are.

Just like the last course–Using Color in Home Decor–this training is 100% free when you watch the live workshop.

So join me in January for this free workshop on creativeLIVE.  I’ll see you on the air soon!

AND! If you’re interested in joining me in the creativeLIVE studio audience during the taping, learn more about it HERE.


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