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A Little Color Talk with

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(Photo via Elle Decor)

You know I love pink. I used a blush shade all over my new CR Laine collection and I’m planning Pink and Yellow in my new Dining Room. But not everyone can embrace this lovely hue. Can you?

Today I got to weigh in on pink and few other colors that often get a bad rap in this fun article at called “6 Paint Colors You Only Think You Hate“.

Enjoy and Happy Holiday Weekend! xo,

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Color Palettes You Won’t Want to Miss!

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Well I am happy to say that I returned to my own house just this morning after a week of being in San Fran and a red-eye flight. And boy am I happy to be home! I’ve earned a little R & R this weekend.


Three fantastic days of Function-Driven Interior Design with creativeLIVE are over and I have to say all three of my 3-day courses with CL in the last 6 months were amazing. But today while I get a little downtime and get caught up on a few things, I thought you might enjoy a colorful end to your week.


My friend Scot and my friend Cassandra have both highlighted some gorgeous and fresh color palettes on their blogs this week that you don’t need to miss. And be sure to follow the link on Scot’s blog to see the whole slew of fun, movie-inspired color combos.


So take a little visit over to Scot and Cassandra’s fabulous sites and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

TGIF y’all! xo,

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Velvet Love–Green or Blue?

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I’m starting to make some BIG decisions about my new home design. I’ll tell you more tomorrow but in the meantime I need you to weigh in on something…

Oh how I love velvet! Yet when it comes to sofas I just can’t decide. Which do you prefer–green velvet or blue? Here are some visuals to help you choose.


(design by Lily Bunn)


(design by James Michael Howard via House Beautiful)

So which one did you pick? Leave me a comment below and tell me the color you love most and why.

I can’t wait to hear what you think! You know how I love a good color competition and you just might influence my new home’s color palette with your answer.


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p.s.  Don’t miss tomorrow’s edition of  New House Diary. I’m going to answer a BIG question many of you have been asking. :)

Moody Hues: To trend or not to trend?

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After years of walls trending lighter and lighter, the pendulum is swinging. I am loving the gorgeous moody hues I am seeing on walls from Charcoal, to Navy, to Teal.

Here are a few of my favorites…







(image from House and Home)



(image from Architectural Digest)



(image from Rue Magazine)

So what do you think? I think it’s dreamy and with a pop of pink, orange or yellow…delicious!

Leave a comment and let me know if you can ditch lighter walls for this new rich and smokey trend. Are you on board for one room or your whole house? And why do you love it or hate it so much? Oh how I love a color debate…


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p.s. To see the other gorgeous images above, check out my Pinterest board called Moody Hues. And if you know the sources or designers of these rooms, please let us know so we can give a shout out about these gorgeous spaces!

Alex Papachristidis and Pantone’s Color of 2014

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Yes, I’m jumping into the 2014 Color of the Year buzz today.  In the design world we’ve all gotten accustomed in recent years to hearing about Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement for what HOT color to expect to see most in design and fashion for the coming year. And 2014’s color was announced today to be Radiant Orchid, a lovely and fresh pinky version of lavender. Which I, for one, think Pantone has gotten exactly right for next year. Purple has been coming on strong in the design world for a while, and I think it will hit its peak next year.


One designer who uses Orchid and other glorious shades of purple masterfully is the brilliant Alex Papachristidis who was our special guest yesterday at my Getting Published event along with Sandra Gilbert-Freidus, senior editor at Rizzoli books and Alex’s personal book editor. And, as you can see in his charming photo above, Alex even wears purple well.


Just yesterday I told you about my favorite design books of this holiday season, but don’t forget about Alex’s glorious book, The Age of Elegance, that came out last year, and I am thrilled to now add an autographed copy to my collection. It’s an exquisite monograph that includes plenty of purple inspiration on its glossy and colorful pages.


Here’s a fun photo of Alex and his partner Scott Nelson with me at our event this week. Our attendees and I were mesmerized by Alex’s presentation and his work along with his genuine, unpretentious and endearing personality. And if you don’t already, you MUST follow Alex on Instagram, his self-professed new obsession, where he is known as “Alex’s Viewpoint” to appreciate his attention to detail. His feed is truly eye candy!

But for now let’s take a look at how Alex helped set this trend of Radiant Orchid and other beautiful purples including on the pages of Elle Decor




I particularly love this room of Alex’s and though the purple here is richer than orchid, the layering of purple with rich teals and cobalts will be very strong next year and works beautifully as Alex shows us here. In my opinion, a close second to purple for the color of the year this coming season is cobalt blue. So if you are a blue lover like most people are, you are in luck!


And I enjoy seeing red starting to make a big comeback in Design. In the coming years, I predict we will see a red resurgence and here Alex has expertly mixed red with purple for a super chic result.

past pantones of the year

Just in case you were wondering about past colors of the year, here are the  last 6 years including last year’s Emerald Green. Oh you know how I love GREEN. And you can see other past colors of the year on Pantone’s site, here.

So…what do you think? Are you a purple lover? Can you jump on board with Radiant Orchid for your home or wardrobe? Well, like Alex Papachristidis, I’m 100% on-board.

Happy Decorating Y’all!


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